Thursday, August 6, 2020

'Duah': Invocations to Allah- IV

It is purely by the grace of Allah that I continue my sermon on the subject of duahs today. Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah. And it is purely by His grace that He confirms my truthfulness and consolidates the faith (Iman) of my disciples whereby He gives them inspirations, dreams, visions and revelations.

Alhamdulillah, within the framework of these series of Friday Sermons that I have been presenting on the subject of duahs, Allah has manifested in many ways to my disciples to show them the value of duahs and also to strengthen their faith in the Divine Manifestation of this century. 

Last Friday July 24, 2020, a very important spiritual event took place when my dear disciple Naib Amir Saleem Sahib from Tamil Nadu was reciting the Friday Sermon and he was reading the Friday Sermon that I had given on July 17, 2020 on the subject of duahs.

During the Friday Sermon, his wife Fatima Jasmine Sahiba saw in a state of vision (Kashaf) an imposing figure who was standing exactly behind Saleem Sahib. He was very tall with a lot of hair on his head. Jasmine Sahiba was very surprised to see him, but this being was very pleasant. Then she felt her soul (Ruh) asking this being: “Who are you?” He replied to her: “Allah sent me. I am a Malaq (angel) whom Allah sent to protect you all.”

So she was very amazed by this and her son shook her and then she no longer saw the angel. She believed that was her imagination. But after that, she heard that voice once more saying the same thing to her. So, she was reassured that all that she experienced was not her imagination. Afterwards, her children also reported that they too saw the angel. Alhamdulillah. It was a very great spiritual experience that they had. Masha-Allah. Allahu Akbar…

In truth, Allah’s promise is always true. I have always pleaded with Allah to grant His protection to all my sincere followers, who have strong faith (Iman) in Allah and His Khalifatullah of this century. May Allah continue to manifest Himself to give courage and strengthen the faith of my dear disciples and ensure that they do not lose heart in difficult times, and that they always thank Him, whether in times of difficulty, and moments of joy too.

Turbulent Times in the World

The world is facing a lot of problems. O my Allah! It is through the love You have for me that You have shown me through revelations, the great difficulties, problems, such as the world economic problems, the loss of jobs which will make many unemployed, crimes, theft and rapes that will wreak havoc in the four corners of the world. Young people will kill their parents for money or wealth to spend on drugs. There will be all kinds of calamities: the war for power, blood will be shed like rivers of water. There will be countries [where people] die from a shortage of food and drink; medicines on the market will not be enough [there will be the sale of medicines on the black market], where many will die from diseases.

The so-called big countries will continue to impose themselves and crush the small countries, the weak countries. There will be other viruses that will attack animals; not only animals, but men as well. There will even be a virus that will attack young children. Enemies of Islam - Islamophobic countries will make Muslims their targets. They will persecute and torture them. Everywhere there will be great floods where thousands will die and great earthquakes where thousands and thousands will die. There will also be plane crashes, and ship / boat wrecks. Many lives will be lost! There will be fraud, corruption, the war for power, elections where there will be a lot of wrongdoings/ frauds.

O my Allah! When You revealed all of this to me, and much more that You showed me in my visions and dreams, my heart is pained by these problems. My life is about to end because of this suffering. This strength I had is gone. I have no strength. You Who is the Master of the universe, move us away from all these calamities and these great sorrows that are going to befall.

O Allah! You also showed me that with these events that will happen, there will be few men on earth. There will be more women and girls and You have taught how to mentor these women and girls and protect their honour and dignity. Without Your help, this will be hard work.

O Allah! Nowadays statistics show that there are more women than men.

O Allah! With what will happen very soon where this event can break out, then only You know how this third world war will be more violent. Grinding poverty will take hold of the world. So, those who have the means, let them get supplies [stockpile food and basic products] because with this war, basic goods will not be available because neither ships nor planes will be able to bring goods. Stock up [the basics] because in difficult times you will be able to help and supply those who do not have it. Many men will die and there will be many widows and orphaned children etc.

O Allah! You have shown me that this century is such a century whose beginning is suffering and it will continue until its end. It’s a century harder for humanity in general.

O Allah! How many people around the world will believe what I tell them? How many will turn their backs on these messages?

O Allah! It is true that You have given me permission to do certain things, but how many will believe in me [in what I do] and how many will humiliate and blame me and put gratuitous accusations on me?

O Allah! Increase the acceptance of my invocations and grant me Your grace and save me and all who are with me from all this pain and suffering.

O Allah! Help me with my work and don’t impose hardship on me.

O my Allah! I beg You to make me submit to You; grant me all that my heart contains and that the tongue cannot express, because of modesty and shame.

O Allah, there is nothing before Your power.

O Allah! Deliver all who are with me from all kinds of impurities and from the slavery of other people.

O Allah! Make everyone live happy all the time and save them from a bad life and make them all listen to me and cooperate with me to do the work of religion.

O Allah! Save their houses from Dajjal, save them from pain and do not make them suffer.

O Allah! I pray that this hour does not come; may they never leave Your path, the path You have placed them. Whatever happens, always keep them steadfast in Your path and always abide [remain firm] in the Divine Manifestation.

O Allah! Maybe they don’t take this into consideration enough and reflect on it that there is no dearth of people in this world that You created, and You chose them and put them in this boat / ship / ark that will bring them directly to You. And if ever they do not show any gratitude for this great favour that You have done them in this century, if they don’t know its importance and how they are different from the others, but then O Allah, I know that You have all the power and You are Mighty. You can take this grace away from them and replace them with other more humble, grateful people, who will sacrifice their lives, honours and wealth for the propagation of the message of the Divine Manifestation in the four corners of the world and also to work night and day for Your religion (Deen).

O Allah! This is the very hope that I have in You. Pure is the One Who deceived my enemies.

O Allah! It is certainly a very great favour that You have done me.

O my King; how can I thank You? You were always there with me. Every part of my body is sacrificed for You; from head to toe are Your favours on me. All the time Your favours from heaven have fallen on me like rain. You have done a lot of favours on me and installed me on the throne. You have done me favours in Deen (religion) and Duniya (material things) too; where can I get a tongue to thank You with? I am nothing at all and Your mercies are great by Your grace; save me from all kinds of hardship, me and all those who are with me who have caught You with sincerity of heart.

O my Beloved! Let all who are sincere with me see with their eyes Your illuminated face. Don’t show me their difficulties; I will be too saddened by this, because all this will pain me. Forgive their sins and any disobedience they commit [or have in them]; Spread Your grace on them so that they do not become worms, germs of this temporal world. Let each of them be known to be obedient to You.

O Allah! This desire that I keep cannot be fulfilled by myself. It will only be possible when everything comes from You. The Kingdom of heaven and earth belongs to You and It is You Who rules everything.

O my Beloved! The patience I had before is now exhausted; I lose patience too quickly.
O Allah the Gracious! Your name is Rahman; so save me from trouble.

O my Master! Save me all the time from all trials, miseries, illnesses. Give me strength, energy and life so that I can continue Your work until the [established] end [my time] comes [when I shall return to You].

O Allah! Your order reigns everywhere; this life is also Yours and time is Yours.

O Allah! Wash away from me all impurity and keep me away from all impure practice; give me strength, courage, and determination in the Divine Manifestation. Guide me to piety through Your support, O You Who is the apple [coolness] of the eyes of the poor.

O Allah, grant me sincerity, enlarge my chest with sincere repentance.

Yaa Amaanal khaa-ifeen, O Refuge of those who are afraid. O Allah! Give me the strength to observe Your orders, encourage me by Your generosity and that I can always remain grateful to You and thank You; don’t make me ungrateful. Keep me under Your protection and under Your veil.

O Allah! Do me a favour that comes from You so that I can be kind to the orphans and give me the opportunity to help them within my means and make me also be generous to the hungry and grant me the capacity to establish peace everywhere and make everyone live in harmony and tranquillity.

O Allah, reserve for me part of Your great mercy; guide me to Your shining proofs and direct me to Your great satisfaction, through Your love that You show for Your chosen servants. 

And to end I recite this invocation: “Allahumma inni asalukal jannata wa maa qarraba ilayha min qawlin aw’aamalin wa a’udhu bika minan-naari wa maa qarraba ilayha min qawlin aw’ aamalin wa asaluka an taj’aala kulla qadain qaday-tahu li khayran.” 

[O Allah! I ask You for heaven and all that will bring me closer to it in terms of words or actions. I seek protection from You against hell and anything that will bring me closer to it in terms of words or actions. And I ask You, O Allah, that whatever You have decided for me be beneficial [for me].] Ameen, Summa Ameen.

Insha-Allah, may Allah (swt) give me the Tawfiq to continue my sermon on the duahs next week.

As part of Eid-ul-Adha, I would like to wish all my Muslim brothers, sisters, and children around the world, as well as all my followers, an EID-UL-ADHA MUBARAK !  

I want to thank all my followers who sent their money / contribution for the Qurbani to Comoros and Madagascar. Alhamdulillah, our brothers and sisters from Madagascar and Comoros have phoned me to thank all those who sent their contribution for the sacrifice (Qurbani / Udhiya) and pray for them. 

May Allah accept all your sacrifices, and keep you in good health and give you long lives to serve His cause. May Allah imbibe in each of us the spirit of sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (as), as well as the spirit of sacrifice of Hazrat Ismail (as) and that of Hazrat Hajra (ra). Insha-Allah, tomorrow August 01, 2020 I will address you on the subject during my Eid-ul-Adha Sermon. EID-UL-ADHA MUBARAK ! 

----Friday Sermon of 31 July 2020~ 09 Dhul-Hijjah 1441 AH delivered by Hazrat Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim (atba) of Mauritius.