Monday, July 27, 2020

Du'ah: Invocations to Allah- III

Alhamdulillah Summa Alhamdulillah, Allah (swt) gives me the Tawfiq to continue my sermons on the subject of duahs.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful

O Allah, You Who are the Remedy of my wounds, help my ailing heart.

O my Allah, without You my life means absolutely nothing. With such a life, it is better to die than to remain in this world without You.

O Allah, give me the will and the courage so that You will be pleased with me for the great work and responsibility that You have placed on my shoulders. If You are happy with me and the work that I am doing, even though people say that I am a madman, an impostor, and ridicule me, blame me and abase my honour and my dignity, all this does not affect me because it is You Who give honour, dignity to whomever You want. My life, my honour, my food, everything comes from You, and not from these fools.

O Allah! Set on fire, put the flame that comes from the heavens in my heart to allow me to bring back “thousands of lost souls in the fold of Sahih al Islam”, Insha-Allah.

O Allah, all my parts are sacrificed for You. I don’t know anything about Your religion; I am an Ummi (illiterate person). So as not to say that I am very weak in matters of Your Deen (Your religion), I am rather a zero. Give me knowledge, put the light of knowledge in my mind and my heart and give me the strength, courage, energy to distribute this knowledge to humanity in general and especially with the brothers and sisters of the Islamic faith.

O Allah! Work a miracle and send people to the Quran, Your book in which there is no doubt and which is a guide for those who want to take the right path. Remove this veil from their eyes and make them understand Your Sacred Book which You have revealed to Your beloved prophet (pbuh).

O Allah! The garden (of Islam) is dried up; all the fruits harvested in the past century by the Messiah whom You sent have fallen in this century. You raised me to clean this garden and to give life again to this dry garden by Your grace so that new fruits are harvested and where everything becomes green again and not dry, and where each eye will be attracted to the beauties that are found therein [i.e., in the garden of Islam].

O Allah! Give me medicine to distribute to all countries so that they can be delivered from evil.

O Allah! Nowadays, by the hand of the people, religion is suffering and Islam is in a deplorable state. Have these problems not come to You, to Your Throne?

O my Allah, will the pretty face of Your religion, the religion You have perfected, remain hidden?

O Allah! In this century there is a great spiritual battle between this humble servant and Satan.

O Allah! My heart is racing because of this battlefield. All the prophets of all ages had given the news of this war and they continued to pray about this matter [this battle].

O Allah! Give me the victory over Satan by Your grace, for he is gathering all his army.

O Allah! We (all those who have believed in Your Caliph - Khalifatullah - and who are in the ark/ boat of Sahih al Islam) have had faith [believed] in You and we are all present before You. Save us all from the troubles of this world and what lies ahead in the hereafter as well. Save us from the calamities of the hereafter and grant us eternal peace and Your infinite mercy.

Since we have recognized You, our hearts are overjoyed and by Your grace we do not depend on strangers. Make Sahih al Islam become a source of blessing for us, and where it is free from all bad things and all temptation that awaits us, for all eyes are on us.

O Allah, my Beloved, do not lead us away from the Hereafter [good eternal life]. Make us sacrifice a lot for You in this world in order to receive a nice reward in the Hereafter. To endure the sorrows for You is better than all the joys.

O Allah! Make Sahih al Islam become a source of blessing that will bring peace, tranquillity, and that we become Dai-Illallah, in order to lead others also to this boat/ ark/ ship, to bring them to You, O my Allah!

O my Allah! All those who enter this boat (Sahih al Islam) are my spiritual children. Protect them, increase their knowledge in religion and their wealth as well so that they can spend it in Your path. Put Your grace, Your blessing in their efforts/ works, in their businesses; cause Your grace to fall on them like a rain, and increase their wealth by the powers that You have and guide them always on the right path. Make them honest in their work, do not make them feel jealousy or hatred for others, even [for] their own enemies.

O Allah! Make them always live in peace and harmony; and do not let there be arguments, and fights among them.

O Allah! You know very well how this can affect me, and give me pain and at that moment You will not be able to watch Your chosen servant suffer like this, and then, in return Your anger can come down upon them quickly.

O Allah! They are my spiritual children. You know well how much I am worried for my children, and especially those who are in pain, who are suffering, who are sick, who do not have peace and tranquillity in their home, those who like to hold discussions, futile arguments, those who are not attached with their canonical prayers, meditation, reading of the Quran, who do not make financial sacrifices in Your path, who do not observe the fast, and [I am also worried] for the girls and women who do not observe the Pardah, who chat with men as if they are their comrades, without any respect.

O Allah! You Who are my Witness, I take You as my Witness. How many times You have shown me through my visions, dreams and even by revelations the very bad behaviour of so and so, and then I had to turn silently [without anyone knowing anything] to You to ask You forgiveness in their favour? How ugly are the things that You show me on so and so, be it for the boys and girls, about their behaviour on WhatsApp, on mobile phones with indecent messages. You know very well how this affects me, my health terribly. This gives me great fear about their consequences in the future. It is better for me to be prey of the foul words and talks of an enemy day and night rather than – this would not affect me as much as – seeing all the things that is going on through mobiles and WhatsApp.

O Allah! You witness how many times a day I ask for their forgiveness. 

O Allah! Everyone who has entered his boat inhales the scent of the heavens, such a scent that no one among us has ever experienced before, but now we do not want those with bad intentions in the head to enter this boat, where they transform this perfume of the heavens into bad odour.

O Allah! If there is this type of person in this boat, please remove him from among us. We don’t want quantity, but quality [believers]; those who are pious, who have Taqwa, who respect each other and show total obedience to the Chosen Servant (this Humble Servant).

O Allah! You Who know everyone’s heart, their Niyyat (intentions); do not let it be that there are people among them who are arrogant because of their wealth or education, or their beauties, or families.

O Allah! Make everyone humble, have much humility, bending down and touching the earth completely. You have given us the example of a tree where the more it bears fruits, the more it curbs, but on the other hand a tree which has no fruit, it remains straight, and makes a lot of noise.

O Allah! You have set an example in all that You have created.

O Allah! You Who help me, You Who show me all things; I beg You for the sake of my spiritual children. Make them good, with good manners and speech. Make the women and girls behave themselves properly and to not talk and laugh aloud. We very well know what You have made us understood from the Quran and from the sayings of Your prophet (pbuh). Make the women live in harmony with their husbands, and vice versa. So that there are no futile arguments in the home, whether over small issues or over serious matters. Enable husband and wife to forgive each other. See to it that they do not pronounce or seek a divorce if there are some problems in the household. Keep the women off speaking out against their husbands if the husband is at fault. They should not “scream over the roof” [let everyone know] how much they are suffering.

O my Allah! My Beloved ! Make all those who are sincere, who have entered this boat, make them become good [spiritual] children. 

O Allah! You have given me this revelation several times: If I am happy with them, then You too will be happy with them and You will tell the angels and the pious  also to love them. As a result, they will bear witness to extraordinary divine signs that they would never have seen or witnessed in the past.

O my Allah! Accept the duahs that I address you. Give each of them good health and a long life to continue to serve Your Deen and lead many other people, the seekers of truth to this boat.

O my Allah! Make them become good; make them good, O Allah, so that they can help others. You are our Master and there is no one to be worshiped except You.

O Allah! You have no partner in Your worship. Keep them away from Satan, and preserve them in Your refuge, and pour down all light and joy into their hearts, and send Your mercy upon them.

O my Master, accept all my duahs. I am ready to sacrifice my life for You. Help me and all of my spiritual children who come before You with great hope. Make the Sahih al Islam a blessing to all of us; by Your grace, it is a Jamaat pure from all the misfortunes that await us; do not let Satan approach us.

O Allah! All our children who have been born in this boat/ ship/ ark, give them good health, long life, keep them away from all kinds of darkness; enlighten them with Your light, save them from all kinds of illnesses and troubles, send Your grace upon them, cause them to become good children, and grow up like good children too, in Deen. Keep them away from the temptations of the Satan. Make them not get attached with their cell phones, TV, WhatsApp, Youtube, or other Social Networks and gambling. Make them bond with their prayers from the age of seven. Make them read the Holy Quran, practice the Zikr of Allah [Your Remembrance] and read the attributes of Allah and show great respect to their parents. Keep them out of the vicious cycle of smoking and hinder them from smoking.

O my Master of the universe, listen to my prayers and supplications. Ameen, Summa Ameen.

May Allah (swt) give me the Tawfiq to continue my sermon on the same subject [Duahs] next week. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

---Friday Sermon of 24 July 2020~02 Dhul-Hijjah 1441 AH delivered by Imam- Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim (aba) of Mauritius.