Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Du'ah: Invocation to Allah- II

Alhamdulillah, all glory, greatness and praise are for Allah (swt), Master of the universe Who gave me, this humble servant the Tawfiq to continue the subject of my Friday Sermon today on the invocations (duahs) that He taught me.

So, whoever hears these duahs and those who bear witness to how these duahs come down from the heavens are very lucky and fortunate among the billions of creatures who inhabit this world....

So listen carefully to these spiritual treasures, these duahs that come directly from my Lord, Allah (swt): -

O My Lord (Rab)! I am a victim of the atrocities of my opponents and the water in my eyes [i.e., my tears] are witnesses to it. It is these tears that know this oppression better.

O Allah! My tears know these atrocities better. How should I console my heart? What to tell it? With whom will I share this pain, because it is a war of pain and suffering and that is my very ordeal! Suffering for religion has killed me and my heart is shattered to pieces. If I had not received the support of my Beloved, then this is the same death that I would have acquired.

O My Master! This favour is certainly Yours and at every moment it is this same hope that I conceive that all my difficulties will be erased.

O my Master! This burden of pain is very heavy.

O my Beloved! Do not hide Your face; that’s my remedy.

O my Master! Treat us with mercy. We have hope and trust in You.

O my Beloved! We are faithful to You; we trust You, and all of Your promises are true. We have come to the brink of peril [dangers] and it is from this very place that we must call You.

O Remedy of my heart! Your distance gives me pain, anguish; I can’t even sleep. I ask You to erase all the falsehoods that there are about me - these are my very pleas. I have no connection with verses and poems.

O my Beloved! Day and night, my pleas are focused only on being under Your refuge in difficult days.

O my Beloved! I am not an extraordinary being, but I am an earthworm; give us to drink of the water of Your grace in the days of fire.

O my Beloved! Show us the strength of religion; How long will we look at the influential days of deceptive people? The enemies of religion are enlightened while we are in the darkness of the night.

O my Allah! Make these days become enlightened days. The heart beats, and the state of life deteriorates day by day. Take a look here, so that the days of Your grace may come quickly. Show me Your face and deliver me from this pain; How long will these days of suffering continue?

O my Allah, I am in so much pain that my body is crushed with pain (as if someone is beating me) and anguish; such a palpitation [of the heart] as if my soul is being uprooted from my body.

O my Allah, hear my call to You. Look at a little at whom is calling You.

O my Beloved! Will it only be when I become a corpse that my call to You will have any effect?

O Allah! You Who chose me in this century to revive the true teachings of Islam that Your beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had brought.

O Allah! Show a sign because people have left religion, [have abandoned] one God, where they believe in a religion that promotes belief in several gods; such [false] gods which have neither the ability to hear nor the ability to see.

O Allah! The situation is such that people are praying creatures that You have created Yourself. They have no sign of a religion of truth.

O Allah, when I look at all this, I feel my heart leave my body and go away, and I do not know how to bring them back to You.

O Allah! Show one more sign with Your power with which their necks will bow down and they will be humbled.

O Allah, all things that happen on earth, I know You are sending them. Was it not Yourself Who said that a leaf does not fall without Your permission? I believe in all of Your signs that You sent. Those who don’t believe in Your signs and have doubt on what You sent will not believe; they are those who say these come from nature [of natural cause]. Only the Servant that You have chosen [Your servant] and those who believe in You and Your servant will say that it all comes from You.

O Allah! Show yet another sign of Your might, with which their necks will bow down and they will be humbled.

O Qadir! Show a miracle of Your power so that the neglectful find Your face. Those who do not accept Your strength, show them Your signs and turn this jungle filled with thorn into a garden of flowers.

O Allah! Have mercy; religion and the fear of Allah are steadily diminishing. We have no power, no might to do anything. My tears do not stop with this pain [seeing] that the house of religion is becoming deserted and that the house of the world is getting bigger. For them, the importance of religion is reduced to nothing. And the people who own property, money, honour and prestige, all they see are the concerns of this world.

No matter where I look, there is interest in the affairs of this world; there is an interest in atheism [where people do not believe in the existence of God]. People don’t take religion into consideration; they only consider it a ridiculous thing, and they regard canonical [obligatory] prayers and fasting as a formality. Their worldly possessions and money imprisoned them, and a burst in the form of arrogance entered their hearts. If they feel powerful and high [in status], this greatness is only temporary just like the goods of this world.

O my Beloved! Deliver me from this pain, otherwise my life will come out because of it.

O Allah! O the One Who does all the work, Who sends messengers to give good news and to warn people of dangers to come, Who gives divine warnings and punishments ; such punishments which come from He Who covers the weaknesses of all people and Who is Wise, Who is good to His creatures whereby He [Allah] gives them companions and from then on, there are births to make their lives on earth happy.

O my Beloved! O my Master! O the One Who does favours! How to thank You? Where can I look for a tongue that can deliver these praises? Those who work in Your Path earn great rewards. What do you find in me that every time You do me favours? It is by Your grace and Your favours that You love me, otherwise there is no dearth of people who can work for You.

O my Comrade! O Refuge of my life! I have only You and besides You, I have no other support. If it weren’t for Your favours, I would be long dead and turned to dust. Afterwards it’s Allah Himself Who knows where to throw this dust. My body and my life and my heart are sacrificed for You. You know that my heart holds [and knows] no other beloved like You. There are many enemies of Your religion; the darkness of the night is upon us.

O Allah! Come outside. I am very impatient, O my Beloved. All parts of me are sacrificed for You. 

O Master, send all the wealth of the era to me. Heed the voice of the one who calls out to You. Had You not come as my Friend, then this head would have become dust. With the hand of Your grace, help me so that I may save this boat of Islam from this cyclone. Forgive my sins so that the enemies of Your religion Who were cursed do not gain the upper hand over me.

O Allah! Put a cure upon my wounds;  I am plunged into grief. Listen to my pleas; I have become weak and helpless. I cannot even look at the weaknesses of the religion of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh).

O my King, grant me victory. Will You put me to sleep without [beforehand] reaching my goal?

O Allah, send Your grace upon Islam, Sahih al Islam and listen to the pleas of those who are in this ship. Many people are only doing bad deeds, and from all sides there is sadness and discouragement. And it is a very dark night; Without Your water, a world has died.

O Allah there are many problems and many have lost their state of mind. So take pity and have mercy on Your sincere servants who find themselves in this boat of Sahih al Islam. 

O my Allah, You have raised the Sahih al Islam to save this boat of Islam which was about to sink by the fault of the so-called great defenders of Islam.

O Allah! Save this people. The time of spring has changed into autumn.

O Allah! There is no way out without [except] You; that garden of Taqwa was burnt down and religion became a mockery. 

O my Beloved, if something happens, it is with Your very hand that this can happen, otherwise evil is spreading everywhere with great speed. Show one of Your signs, because religion no longer has signs. Take a look here so that someone can show the sign of spring.

O Allah, change these days for You are the Master of the universe, and the King of all. It is not impossible for You to kill someone or to keep him alive. You have the Power to make things happen. It is only through Your grace that all incomplete works are completed. And You have the power, after the completion of these works to break them into pieces.

O my Allah! Send the fruits of Your paradise to me now.

O my Allah! Save Your sincere servants who are in the boat of Sahih al Islam from the hardships, the problems they face. Heal the sick; gives them strength, health, a long life. Send Your breath on them. Your breath is like a remedy that heals all chronic, fatal, virulent diseases. Purify their hearts; make their hearts become like a mirror that reflects only Your light.

O Allah! Let it be that in every house of those who are in the ship of Sahih al Islam there is peace, tranquillity, and Your praises being recited. Let Your light enter every house, and that they receive visions, good dreams and revelations, whether they be the men, women and children as well.

O Allah! They sacrificed everything for You and believed in Your Servant whom You sent; make them become living signs, enlightened wherever they are, so that they prove the veracity of this humble servant.

O Allah! Bless all the Amirs, Naib Amir, the Sadrs and Naib Sadrs and all the members of the [administrative] office, and all the members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam who work hard night and day. Make them fall in love with You, and bless all our children and also those of them who were [are] born in Sahih Al Islam. Let Your light shine on them; increase their knowledge of religion [Islam] and their academic knowledge. 

Fortunate are the children who are born in the Jamaat of Allah in the presence of a Messenger of Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

Unfortunate is the one who has turned his back and left. O Allah! You, Who know everything, You Who know the heart of each of Your creatures; If there is someone among us who is not sincere or who is hypocritical, make him go and replace him with those who are better than him, who have Taqwa and will work for Your Deen [Your religion].

O Allah! There are many in this boat who have no work, as well as those who suffer from misery. Solve all their problems; transform their misery / poverty / suffering into prosperity. Ameen, Summa Ameen, Ya Rabbul Aalameen.

---Extracts from the Friday Sermon of 17 July 2020~ 25 Dhul-Qaddah 1441 AH delivered by Imam- Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim (aba) of Mauritius.