Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Revelations in Corona Times

'When the sentence of doom is given against them, We shall bring a creature out of the earth, which will speak to them: people had no faith in Our revelations'. (27:83)

'...It was not God who wronged them, they wronged themselves. Those who take protectors other than God can be compared to spiders building themselves houses- the spider's is the frailest of all houses- if only they could understand'. (29:41-2)

Novel Coronavirus. The global pandemic is an occasion to reflect on the dire state of our world: how precarious our calculations are, how deeply vulnerable we are. The hidden forces of nature can suddenly emerge to shatter our lives at any moment in time. Since the new virus was first identified in China last year, it has caused considerable international concern as it is spreading fast across regions, races and religions- Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, the United States, etc. The death-toll from the disease- that jumped from animals to humanshas crossed 7000 as of today, just as infection rates have surged in recent days. Now there are more reported cases outside of mainland China than inside, pointing to the evolving nature of this pandemic. [Inset: As part of a long-running effort to see what viruses bats harbor, researchers in China examine one temporarily captured in a cave in Guandong(c) ECOHEALTH ALLIANCE].

Media reports show that countries around the world are rushing to implement emergency measures in an effort to contain the virus and enforce social distancing, including nationwide lock-downs, imposing border and travel restrictions, school closures and ordering restaurants, cafes and bars to close or reduce services. 'We have never lived through anything like this. And our society, which had grown used to changes that expand our possibilities of knowledge, health and life, now finds itself in a war to defend all we have taken for granted', Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told Parliament. "This is a once-in-a- hundred-year type event," said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, warning the crisis could last six months as his nation gears up for changes in life, as it is changing all around the world. The global pandemic is amongst the several disasters striking humanity today. As humanity stands humbled by the emergence of a microorganism, and the outbreak of a pandemic consuming thousands, we need to pause and it should also occasion an intense and thoroughgoing soul-searching amongst us on what is wrong with our world that is turning upside down on all fronts. The microorganism is literally 'speaking'/ asking us to reclaim the values of global inter-dependence and solidarity,  collective security, and shared progress. In a world riven by arrogant conceptions of 'national interest' and 'nation first' where 'leader' after 'leader' is speaking the language of racist intolerance and xenophobia, the reach of the epidemic is shaking the existing order to its core, bringing 'tall' icons down to their crumpling fate

Throughout history, Divine messengers brought sublime guidance on righteous living; they called their people to an exalted, heavenly destiny of inner peace, by recognizing the higher values of life and  respecting the restraints of Divine Law. Most people, however, are often dominated by a materialistic, 'earthly'-outlook on life, and they choose their fate by turning their backs to the pure messages on offer: the materialist outlook that these people embrace trigger evil impulses in its own way to destroy human soul, public health and the social order. We can reclaim our world only by reverting our preoccupations and lifestyles back to the path of moderation and balance as ordained by the Creator and Sustainer of the worlds, and by following the Divine Elects of our times who are there to lead us in the correct and straight path. In a Special Address delivered on 11 March 2020 ~ 16 Rajab 1441 AH, Imam- Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam Hadhrat Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim (atba) of Mauritius spoke about recent Divine revelations vouchsafed to him against the backdrop of the global pandemic: a message that contains perennial truths on the mission of the savants of Faith; good news for those who keep to the middle course in life; and for those drunk on pelf and power, severe warnings about the Days of God. 

Read the Special Address Below:


My dear brothers, sisters and children,

Assalamoualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuhu 
(May the peace, mercy and God’s blessings be upon you)

Alhamdulillah, on 08 March 2020 after the Zuhr and Asr Salat (prayers), and after many duahs with my Creator, Allah (twa) has given me several revelations. These revelations came after many very hard trials that upset me and affected my health. Thinking about all this, tears in my eyes I invoked Allah and sought His precious help, and I fell into a weakness, and it is in this state that Alhamdulillah Summa Alhamdulillah, God the Almighty gave me courage by manifesting an extraordinary fragrance and revealing words to me in Sanskrit. As this fragrance manifested, I also saw smoke and it was only then that these revelations in Sanskrit appeared before me:

(1) Yavat sthasyanti girayah saritash chaa mahitale tavad ravad Bhagwaan katha lokeshu pracharishyati.

As long as there are mountains and lakes on earth, 
God the Almighty will continue to illuminate this world.

(2) Asato ma sad gamaya, tamaso ma jyotir gamaya, mrityarma amritam gamaya.

From the unreal guide me to the truth, 
from darkness guide me to light,
and from death guide me to eternity.

Then Allah revealed to me: 

“It is Allah alone Who chooses His Khalifa, it is not man. It is a favour from Allah for him who deserves it. The Khalifa chosen by Allah (twa) is for life. The question of mandate does not even arise.”

“Corruption has appeared on land as a result of people’s actions and He will make them taste the consequences of some of their own actions so that they abandon evil.” (Holy Quran; Surah Ar-Rum- Chapter 30, Verse 42).


At the beginning of this century, Allah (swt) revealed several times that humanity is in danger, that a deadly virus will fall on humanity in general. From the year 2002 to 2003, the revelation came repeatedly to the Khalifatullah (i.e. this humble self) to warn humanity and especially to those who persecuted the believers. The world as we know it today is very different from the world of the past century. The world has evolved and developed so much in all sectors and people have deviated from the path that leads to the pleasure of God. They have overstepped the limits of purity and virtue, violated sanctified laws, and have led a life of vanity and personal satisfaction to this day with a pronounced fondness for the goods of this world. All this by disregarding the divine commandments, by committing enormities [i.e. serious offences] under His gaze and by offending Him by an open revolt and a shameless villainy.

God’s just retribution is imposed on people who disobey the leaders whom God sends them to govern their material and religious well-being. These people rebel and destroy authority. They act in an illegal, unjust and haughty manner by slowing down progress by opposition and antagonism. In doing so, they cut off any connection that God has established and reject what the Almighty has brought with His infinite Wisdom.

The wrath of God falls on those who reject the Divine Messenger who must appear at the beginning of each century with clear and unshakeable arguments attesting to his veracity. They deny his signs by their own small-mindedness; they insult him, prosecute him, abuse him, declare him heretic and plan his death.

The Coronavirus is one such virus that has brought many great countries and also the most powerful countries in the world to their knees, helpless before the wrath of God. O you who claim to be powerful in the world, as you would say you are gods on earth, think again. If you are really powerful, why so much panic? Why close schools, stores, supermarkets, shops and even offices? You consider yourselves powerful and wealthy, so why so much fear? The international airlines are now down on bookings. There is a certain fear. Reservations are slowing down. People hesitate before travelling and some prefer to delay their trips.

Thousands are affected by the Coronavirus in several countries and also several deaths have been recorded in China, Italy and many other countries. There are countries where governments do not reveal the truth about the number of deaths in their countries caused by Coronavirus. There is a fear in the heart of every person, every family and every country around the world [big countries, small countries and even islands].

God the Almighty sends an epidemic of Coronavirus to all people in different countries. This virus came with a complete absence of any feeling of sympathy and grace within it. People then become beasts that feed on the corpses of their fellow humans and recognize no social distinction.

So, I’m speaking to all of humanity! You are aware that Coronavirus has installed and is spreading worldwide. Its virulent attacks certainly did not spare your loved ones and they caused you great pain. You should know, however, that by putting you through this ordeal, God, The Gracious and The Wise, put you to the test and visited you with anger and revenge.

It should be remembered that the deadly epidemic in the days of a Messenger of God was predicted in the Holy Quran (27: 83) as well as in the Bible; for example, Zechariah (14: 12) and Matthew (24: 7). No one can dispute the veracity of these prophecies and it is my duty as well as that of my faithful disciples not to have recourse to any material resource to protect themselves from it.

I do not declare that it is illegal to use medication or prevention methods in the case of Coronavirus or any other disease. The Holy Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) said that there is no disease that God has not provided the remedy (for it). But I consider it a sin to conceal by vaccination the heavenly sign with which God has given me and my faithful disciples and by which He wants to show His selective favour to those who sincerely accept me. I cannot therefore insult and discredit this sign of divine grace by submitting to vaccination and thus be guilty of not having faith in the promise of God.

I know that government policy in general is to protect people from this scourge and that they would gladly accept any better remedy than vaccination. Considering this my decision is not contradictory to government action. For God the Almighty has revealed to me that the people of my community, who are sincere with the Divine Manifestation, who sincerely believe in this humble servant of God in this century, who obey me completely and do not speak out against the Chosen Servant of Allah and don’t quarrel with me, so all of these people regardless of their number will be relatively safe from Coronavirus. Insha-Allah, my faithful followers will be further protected with the help of God against this Coronavirus.

If some will laugh at what I say and others will call me crazy, Allah (swt) has revealed to me that He will punish the person who tries to ridicule me and that His anger, which has already been awakened, will destroy him. Many lives will be destroyed. But, as He told me: 

“O My Chosen Servant, for those who sincerely believe in you, do not break your heart, they will be spared and they will live in peace. Do not believe that criminals are safe [Those criminals who persecuted believers because of their belief in the oneness of God]. We are approaching their homes. I prepare My armies by multiplying the bacilli of Coronavirus. People will be found lifeless in their homes like dead animals. It will then be the day of God’s victory.”

Allah (swt) continues:

“From the beginning of this century [since the year 2001] I am the Merciful Who takes away your trials and it is certainly I Who raised you as the Khalifatullah, the Mohyiuddin. Certainly, My Messengers do not fear My presence. I am your Protector and I will support you. It was I who sent you and you demonstrated My truth to the world. The time will come when I will exalt you to a position so high that the world will sing your praises. Do not shed your tears because these tears will become a flood to drown your enemies. People who caused you difficulties [literally: who caused much disorder for you] and want to witness your fearful end, let Me take care of these people. Place your trust only in Me. Worldly trials will continue, but do not forget and rest assured O My Khalifatullah that success is with you and failure is with your enemies. Wait patiently for the manifestation of this day. This is the revelation from your Creator.”

O humanity! God the Almighty has revealed to me that if people accept God’s Messenger (His Khalifatullah) or if they do no harm to him, then divine mercy will be granted to them. The truth is that a simple rejection of a prophet of God does not result in severe punishment on this earth. On the other hand, excesses, abuses and persecutions are also punished on this earth by death and destruction. If people now sincerely repent for all evil deeds, God will remove this deadly epidemic: The Coronavirus.

Therefore, we should pray to God that through His infinite grace He protects us and our friends from this deadly evil. But only the wise and the farsighted can understand. So fear God and stay away from actions that bring disorder and destruction so that you are spared. It is my duty to repeat it to you so that I will not be accused of negligence in my task.

Seek deliverance from this evil, with selflessness, prayer and charity. God will forgive you your iniquities and deliver you. Freed from your shortcomings, you will then testify to divine mercy. I have spoken to you by the inspirations of the divine word and you will soon attest the truth of my words.

As I told you, at the beginning of the Divine Manifestation, Allah (swt) repeatedly revealed to me regarding the deadly epidemic. But alas for those who turn their backs and do not recognize the veracity of these revelations. And a pity for those who qualified these divine words as old fables. And Alhamdulillah, during my trip to India, more precisely to Kerala in the Noor’ul Islam Mosque, in front of all the faithful of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, Allah (swt) revealed to me in Mandarin among other things about the calamities that would destroy this world.

Nothing can happen to us except what God has decreed for us. He is our Sovereign and our Protector. God alone deserves our trust. So put your trust in God, the One God, the Unique God. God-willing, if you submit to Him, everything will work out. So, “Fasbir Sabran Jamila.” - Take a beautiful patience. Insha-Allah.

Alhamdulillah, it’s been twelve years since our Jamaat was officially registered (10 March 2008-2020) and tomorrow Mauritius will celebrate its 52nd Independence Day (and 28 years of Republic). Let us each pray for our respective motherland, and may Allah open the hearts of people toward the truth of His signs and His Oneness and may He always protect us under His shadow. Ameen, Summa Ameen.

Thank you for your attention. 

Assalamoualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuhu.