Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Faith and Marriage in the Jamaat

Guidelines for disciples and members 

'...[I]n the aftermath of a question which I received from our Amir Sahib from Tamil Nadu on the subject of marriage, I am giving you – all my disciples and members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam – an explanation and clear guidelines on this matter so that you may all tread on the right path and be enlightened on the subject.

Allah (swt) says in the Quran: 

'Wa laa tankihul-mushri-kaati hattaa yu’-minn: wa la ‘amatum mu’ minatun khayrum-mim mushrikatiww wa law ‘a’-jabat-kum. Wa laa tunkihul mushrikiina hatta yu’ minuu: wa la-‘abdun mu’-minun-khayrum-mim mushrikiww wa law ‘a’-jabakum. ‘ulaaa ‘ika yad-‘uuna ‘ilan-Naar. Wallaahuu yad-‘uuu ‘ilal-Jannati wal-maghfirati bi-‘iznih, wa yu-bayyinu ‘aayatihii lin naasi la-‘al-lahum yatazakkaruun.'

Do not marry polytheistic women (idolaters), until they believe: A slave woman who believes is better than an idolatress, even though she allures [pleases/ is attractive to] you. Nor marry (your girls) to polytheistic men until they believe: A man slave who believes is better than an idolater, even though he allures you. Such people do (but) beckon you to the Fire. But Allah beckons by His Grace to the Garden (of bliss) and forgiveness, and He makes clear His verses to mankind that perhaps they may remember [reflect]. (Al-Baqara 2: 222).

So, Allah says: “Wa  laa tankihul mushri-kaati hattaa yu-minn.” - Do not marry polytheistic women (idolaters), and Allah has given a solution [opened a way] also. Allah says until they believe like you believe. Here Allah is talking about faith, that they should have the same faith as you.

So, for those members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam who have believed in the Caliph of Allah (Khalifatullah), who have testified to divine revelations, who have believed in the Divine Manifestation, [bear in mind that] you are in a Jamaat that Allah (swt) has raised in this century in which your job is to let others know about this Divine Manifestation and to believe in the one whom Allah has raised Himself. HOW CAN YOU NOW - because of a marriage, because of someone who is not in this Jamaat and did not recognize the Imam of the time – go to marry this type of person? This is tantamount to having yourselves trampled these true teachings of the Quran established by Allah in this Book for you.

Do you know what Allah (swt) says in the Quran ? A slave girl/ woman who has faith is better than an idolatress even if the latter is attractive to you.

For the believing ladies, Allah (swt) says not to marry idolaters (men who pray idols, who worship others than Allah, who associates others with Allah; not just this but the word “idolaters” here also means those men who rejects all commandments or instructions which come from Allah, who trample the commandments of Islam which Allah has commanded us to do, and to avoid. And these men turn their backs to the divine instructions, as well as to the Envoy of Allah etc.)

And Allah says, [not to marry them] till these men acquire the [true] faith and Allah (swt) says that an idolater, even if that man is attractive to the Muslim lady/ girl, even then, those women/ girls should not go with them [i.e. marry them] till they acquire the same faith that you have [i.e. as a Muslim, and in the case of the present Divine Manifestation, who believe in the Envoy/ Caliph of Allah]. And Allah further says in this verse that those kinds of people who worship others than Allah, and who reject the signs and manifestations of Allah as well, they invite you to the Fire [Hell-fire] but Allah calls you to Paradise and to forgiveness by His grace. He explains people His verses so that they may reflect.

So it’s very clear. When Allah (swt) raises His prophet, along with this, these conditions are attached. Your belief in Allah and His Prophet must be complete and perfect. Now you cannot say you believe in the Divine Manifestation and the chosen servant of Allah and you marry someone who has not believed in the Divine Manifestation, nor in the chosen servant of Allah. So as Allah (swt) made it clear to us, we have to - you have to give him the message until he has faith like you and give him time too and watch out if he comes forward or believe sincerely in the Chosen Servant of Allah and the Divine Manifestation, or it may be that such types of people are only pretending and they seek to deceive Allah and those who have faith [the believers], but if they do this, they are only cheating themselves; they are in fact deceiving themselves without realizing the consequences of what they are doing.

So in Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam we too act according to the Holy Quran. What Allah and His Messenger (pbuh) has told us to do, we will do it.

You belonged to another Jamaat when Allah gave you the favour to perceive where the truth is, and you have thus left that Jamaat behind to join the truth. Now will you encourage your near and dear to marry someone who is not found in the Jamaat of Allah, in the Jamaat which Allah (swt) has raised to revive the true divine teachings? The Jamaat of Allah has opened the path leading you to paradise, but will you prefer to leave this path and tread on the thorny path leading you to hell?

If it happens that one of my disciple proceed to marry someone who is not found in the Jamaat which Allah (swt) has chosen in this era, i.e. Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, he is disassociating himself – on his own – from this humble servant of Allah and the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. He does not form part – he is not a member – of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam.

And at any time I will not give the permission (authorization) to an Amir or Naib Amir, or one of our Molvis (Muballighs) or even a member of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam to celebrate/ perform the Nikah of that person and if someone do so without my permission, then I would have to act as per the divine guidance.

By the grace of Allah, the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam has its Managing Committee where we have an Amir, Naib Amir and several office-bearers and among there is a secretary who takes care of marriage affairs with the collaboration of the Amir and Naib Amir or be if there are problems in a household, it is their job to know what to do in these situations.

So in our Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, we have a lot of unmarried young people (boys and girls) and it is the duty of each Amir, Naib Amir and Umur-e-Ama Secretary to judge the situation and encourage young people to get married in our Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. We must encourage our young people to marry in the Jamaat of the Divine Manifestation where there is a Chosen One of Allah among you, and it is Allah (swt) who raised him with the Holy Spirit and our work is to bring everyone to the truth of the Divine Manifestation.

Now a question can be raised too, if it happens that someone [who is not a member of the Jamaat of Allah] is interested in marrying someone who belongs to the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam? Before accepting this marriage proposal, you must explain him in detail about your Jamaat and the belief that you support and you also give him the message. You should not get carried away and celebrate the wedding quickly - observe him and watch carefully and perform duahs (prayers) in order to know if he is really sincere towards the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam; you have to look carefully if he has really believed and make him understand that his Nikah shall be pronounced in the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, and you must make sure that he has already taken his Bai’at - a sincere Bai’at and not only on paper; such Bai’at which has no connection with any marriage but which is made out of true comprehension of the truth of the Divine Manifestation, the truth of Islam, Sahih al Islam - and send me [the humble servant of Allah] all the reports. [That person’s oath of allegiance should be out of his free will, in full conscience and not done just for marriage’s sake. If a person has studies the truth of the Divine Manifestation and accepted and integrated the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam with full sincerity, then when the subject of marriage is broached, then he is of course encouraged to marry someone within the Jamaat, for his Bai’at was not for the sake of a girl/ woman but for Allah.]

All my disciples must encourage their children to marry in the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. So I ask parents and young people of marriage age to marry those who are in the Jamaat of Divine Manifestation. Do not make the mistake of getting married outside of the Jamaat of Allah as you could lose all divine blessings and favours. 

Remember that it is Allah (swt) who will judge you on the Day of Judgement. It is not possible that Allah gives to those who turn their backs on the Divine Manifestation and who rejects the Messenger of Allah a way out and to become more superior to those who accepted the servant of Allah and the Divine Manifestation. If you say that you believe in the Divine Manifestation, be aware that Allah (swt) will put you through various trials. You must have this fear, and think about the punishment in the future life. Do not let yourself be bothered with the evils and temptations of this temporary world, otherwise the fire of hell will overtake you. So apart from Allah you have no protection, or even any help. Do good deeds because good deeds repel the bad ones. 

Finally I will tell you : 

Wasbir fa-innallaaha laa yuziii-u’ ajral-Muhsiniin. “And be steadfast in patience; for verily Allah will not suffer the reward of the righteous to perish.” (Hud, 11:116)

Therefore, be steadfast in patience so that you may reap beautiful rewards. Insha-Allah, Ameen, Summa Ameen.


---Extracts from the Friday Sermon of 07 February 2020 ~12 Jamadi’ul Aakhir 1441 AH delivered by Imam- Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam Hadhrat Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) of Mauritius.