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'Wahyu': A Challenge to the 'Nizam-e-Jamaat'

The 'mainstream' Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya, in its institutionalized ‘Khilafat’-system, today represents only an empty 'shell' devoid of the 'kernel' of True Islam. Over the century after the death and departure of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian, the Ahmadiyya establishment or the 'Nizam-e-Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya' as it is known, has corroded the very idea and essence of ‘Ahmadiyyat’ as taught by the Promised Massih (as). For at the heart of the claims and teachings of the Holy Founder of the Jamaat-e- Ahmadiyya in the last century stands the continuity of Divine revelations in the Muslim Ummah till the Day of Judgement and the arrival of righteous servants as Elects of God who speak with the help of Roohul Qudus. Yet today, in an  age of wealth and affluence within the community; the Nizam-e-Jamaat is more concerned about ‘power’ and ‘authority’ over the mundane riches than with the profound spiritual questions pertaining to the continuity of Divine revelations and the appearance of Divine servants in a new century of Islam. 

Trappings of ‘power’ within the Nizam-e-Jamaat, the growing institutionalization and the consequent need for greater coherence and integration has meant that the role and status of the assembly-elected leader, the ‘Khalifatul Massih’, is carefully ‘calibrated’ so much so that the Caliph is equated to the ‘shadow of God on earth’. Foundational values and basic principles of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya had been 'tweaked' and adjusted to suit the rulers that be- to the extent that the position of the Caliph is elevated to the Elects of God, even when he is not a recipient of Divine guidance. Thanks to the ongoing 'doctrinal' brainwashing by the Mullahs under the Nizam-e-Jamaat in their quest for the elusive 'victory' of Ahmadiyyat,  most Ahmadis today are critically unaware of their own community’s history and its spiritual moorings and are more or less become 'frogs in the well', as it were- completely  oblivious of their own ignorance of the oceans beyond. And the Nizam-e-Jamaat  and the Ahmadi Mullahs in India and elsewhere, in their vanity and false pride over the continuation of their man-elected ‘Khilafat' system, arrogantly and defiantly doubt and dispute the very descent of Divine revelations in this era outside of their 'charmed circle' and seek to negate the truth about the spiritual titles being vouchsafed to Divine servants in our times. 

It is against this dismal social and religious backdrop that one should view the ongoing ‘churning’ within the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya. Consider the Divine Manifestation in Mauritius: a born Ahmadi- soldier of Islam and a recipient of Divine revelations, Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius has been Divinely-blessed with almost all the spiritual titles that, throughout history, were vouchsafed to the great savants of Islam- the people whom devout Muslims over the millennium revere as no less than the spiritual heirs of the Holy Prophet (sa), Alhamdulillah, Soumma Alhamdulillah. If anyone today is truly interested in the sublime world of seeking proximity to the Lord Almighty through Islamic teachings and is on the quest for a Living Exemplar of that great spiritual path, s/he need not look further than the Sheikh-ul-Islam Hadhrat Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.

In his Friday Sermon of 29 June 2018 (14 Shawwal 1439 AH),  Hadhrat Khalifatullah (atba) provides a fascinating account of the Divine revelations recieved in the last couple of weeks, Alhamdulillah, Allah-u-Akbar. These Divine Messages are compulsory reading for all those who are interested in a Living  God who speaks to His blessed servant on  a range of issues and concerns pertaining to spiritual guidance on the true path. We also hope that the Divine messages and the Discourse in general would be of special interest to all Ahmadis- of every denominational group in existence today-, considering that the entire leadership of the Nizam-e-Jamaat- from the local Ahmadi Mullahs, Amirs in between,  down to the Caliph- stand challenged for a spiritual duel if they truly stand by their baseless assertions/ wild allegations on the nature and character of the present Divine Manifestation in Mauritius.  

Read the Extracts from the Friday Sermon Below: 

The Divine Messages of 19 & 20 June 2018

For today’s sermon (Friday Sermon), I put before all my disciples the divine messages which came down on 19 and 20 June 2018 as a continuation of the messages received (on the previous night), and I pray that you always adopt the right path and remain loyal to Allah and His Messenger and Khalifatullah till your last breath on earth. It is easy for one to say “I believe”, but really difficult to remain loyal and to abide to the faith that you have received. This is an exceptional treasure bestowed to you by Allah in this era. 

And therefore, you should not at any moment listen to the troublemakers, the Mullahs who seek to deviate your mind and heart from true faith and who seek to instill doubts in your head concerning the proclamation of “Rassool” and “Nabi” which Allah has bestowed upon this humble servant who is amidst you today. They seek to create disorder, but Allah continues to honour His Messenger, His Rassool. These people tell you: “But if he is a true Messenger, he needs to make the oath on Allah that he is what he proclaims to be.” But who are they to give orders to Allah and His Messenger?

Do people take oaths on the name of Allah as a pastime, a fun game? Do people think that each time they come forward to say: “Make an oath on Allah if you are true”, do they think that a Messenger of Allah needs to obey them or that his obeisance is only to Allah? Does the Messenger needs to fear that people are not having faith in him, or should he have the fear of Allah and strive to spread the messages and instructions which Allah has given him?

Those Ahmadi Mullahs who are creating disorders in India, they are worst than the Mullahs in the times of Hazrat Massih Ma’ud Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as). It is with the Divine Manifestation (of this era) that the real faces of those Mullahs in the Jamaat of Hazrat Massih Ma’ud (as) have become manifest. I tell those Mullahs who are creating disorder to take the name of Allah and to say that the revelations that I receive from Allah are false and that I also am false as a Messenger of Allah (Rassool) of this era. Publish this extensively throughout the world and talk about it publicly. Send those messages throughout the world as a whole and then we shall see the result of it all from Allah. Insha-Allah.

The world can reject a true Messenger of Allah, but this does not mean that Allah is not with him. When Allah is with him, all can leave him, but his mission as a Man of God, a Servant and Messenger of Allah remain the same (He is a Messenger of Allah, always a Messenger of Allah). 

Allah has given me these titles, Allah has elevated me, and it is Allah who has poured down divine revelations on me to remove from me all blames and to resolve all doubts which people have in their minds concerning my advent in this world as an Elect of Allah.

If like they (i.e. these Mullahs) say, then from what their caliph (Khalifa) is talking and is making people believe that he is the Mujaddid of this era and that he is the Khalifa of Islam, has he ever taken the name of Allah and proclaimed to all Ahmadis that Allah has told him that he is the Mujaddid of this era? Has he ever received the least divine revelation which proves that Allah is with him, in the capacity of leader like his predecessors received?

I challenge you to come forward and prove it to the world, and I, the Khalifatullah has no objection whatsoever if ever you (the fifth Khalifa-tul-Massih) truly receive divine revelations from Allah, if you say, taking the oath on the name of Allah that you are indeed a Mujaddid and Khalifatullah (Caliph directly elected by Allah). 

Considering the deep darkness which the world is prey to today, it should be no surprise if Allah elevates more than one Messenger. And I have no objection if Allah does create such situation where there are many Messengers to do His work. But if you are true and indeed comes from Allah, is appointed by Allah directly, then you should proclaim so taking the name of Allah (like I did). Like I said, I have no objection. Allah gives revelations to whomsoever He wants. If someone says that he receive revelations from Allah, I do not make any comment. It is between him and Allah. Anyways, I hold no enmity towards anyone. We should all respect one another. I have even at many times invited you and the other religious leaders around the world to unite (unity of Muslims) and I have even come to your doorsteps (a way of speaking) in the U.K in 2014 seeking a Mulaakat (meeting) with you, but to no avail.

By the grace of Allah, lots of Ahmadis and other Muslims received millions of signs and favours from Allah. Allah definitely does not abandon His sincere servants, but whenever the truth comes to them concerning the advent/ existence of His Khalifatullah and Messenger of Allah of their era and they reject him, it is then that their consequences shall be grievous.

May Allah guide the true seekers of truth (those who sincerely and truly want to know the truth and accept it), those whose hearts are truly pure to be immersed in the spiritual bath of the Divine Manifestation to purify themselves completely. Allah and His Messenger (Rassool), His Caliph (Khalifatullah) do not want quantity (i.e. masses of people coming in great numbers) but only quality, quality believers, those who have good qualities to enter the fold of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. The one who believes and gains faith, most fortunate he is, but the one who turns his back and ridicule the Divine Manifestation, the signs of Allah, therefore his consequences shall be grievous.

We have seen since last week, when I put forward before you the messages of Allah, the good news which Allah has given to the true believers and also the warnings He gave for you so that you may not fall prey to Satan (Satan’s traps).

The Divine Messages of 19 & 20 June 2018 are as follows:


Ya Khalifatullah, qul inna hudallaahi huwal hudaa
O Khalifatullah, tell them, Allah’s guidance is the true guidance.

It is most unfortunate that a Jamaat which had strived to make people believe in the continuity of revelations, that it existed in the past, exist today and shall continue to exist till the Day of Resurrection, today that same Jamaat rejects My Khalifatullah and divine revelations despite that it is the truth. Such divine grace does not descend all the time [i.e., there is a specific and designated time for it]. It is only with the advent of a Messenger of Allah that the messages of Allah come down for a limited time.

His (Allah’s) Word is true.

But you reject it. We try in this way some people through others and this make them exclaim: “Has Allah sent down His revelations on this kind of man?” 

Allah replies them:

Alaysallaahu bi-a-lama bish-Shaakiriin.
Is not Allah most knowing of those who are grateful?

As for those who accept Our signs and My Messenger, tell them that Allah (swt) has designated for Himself the task to forgive. One among you who commits a wrong unknowingly, but then afterwards turns to Allah and reforms his conduct, therefore Allah forgives him and has mercy upon him. We send Messengers to give glad tidings and also to warn people, but despite this, people turn their backs to them and they attach themselves to this temporal life. Life on earth is nothing but a sport and pastime, if only they knew! They forget the afterlife and if only they knew, the afterlife is best for those who follow the path of Allah. Despite all this, the message keeps on coming through Our Messenger to explain to them the divine messages, messages coming from Allah (swt). But alas they keep on turning their backs and reject the message and they say to others: “All these are only tales of the ancients!”

They repel others from this divine message and they also put pressures on them so that they may not believe in My Messenger. They create disorder whereby they destroy their own souls, without realising what they are doing.

Innal-laaha laa yahdil qawmal-kaafiriin.

And Allah does not guide the disbelieving people.

O Khalifatullah, spread the message which has descended upon you from Your Master (Lord). If you do not give My Message, you would not have obeyed My instruction. Verily the message which has been revealed you from your Lord only increase many among them in transgression and disbelief, and their leaders, their Mullahs bite the tips of their fingers in rage. And you should not be sad and cry for those who reject the message which comes from your Creator. Ever since the creation of the heavens and earth, it has been like this, that each time a prophet comes to them with something which does not please them, they reject him and strive to kill him and persecute those who have believed in him.

You see many of them hastening to commit sins and create enmity. They use their energy to commit wrongs, disorder on earth and create hatred, enmity and to light up the fire of war. However, they make great declarations that they do not have hatred for anyone. What they say on their lips does not reflect at all in their hearts. Why don’t their chiefs, their Mullahs stop them from acting like malefactors, criminals? This is because they are people without intelligence. Those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and use their energy to commit wrong on earth, the punishment of Allah shall be severe on them, except for those who repent before the divine wrath overcomes them.....

The Divine Messages of 28-29 June 2018 

Qul Ya Khalifatullah, stand up and tell them My truth. The truth is coming from your Lord. It is your duty to tell them the truth. Don’t be afraid. Whatever will come out endure it patiently. O Khalifatullah, if you do not deliver My message it will be a sin on your part. Stand up and say My truth.

What the ex so-called Amir (Amine Jowaheer) has done, very critical. He forges lies against the Lord of Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha (saw), the Eternal God. The Actual Amir is going on the same way to create Hate in the hearts of people in Jamaat Ahmadiyya and they have rejected all My signs and do not want to listen to Divine revelations. Severe punishment will befall them and also all those who have turned their backs after accepting and witnessing Divine Signs.

Say unto them: That these words are not yours. It comes from the Lord of Heaven and Earth. Say unto them: That Ahmadiyyat has a Khalifa elected by men, where Allah (God) has already appointed His Khalifatullah in their era, just after the death of the fourth Khalifa (late Mirza Tahir Ahmad). On the same day a group had taken the Bai’at in his hand. Fulfill the covenant of Allah when you have made one and break not your oaths after making them firm, while you have made Allah your surety.

O Khalifatullah, warn them and give them this message that the heritage of paradise has been transferred to another people, whom God will love and will give His help. Whosoever acts righteously whether male or female and is a believer, we will grant him a pure life; and we will surely bestow on such their reward according to the best of their work.

The Spirit of Holiness has brought it down from thy Lord with truth, that He may strengthen in their faith those who believe and as a guidance and glad tidings for Sahih al Islam believers.....(Divine Message begins at 11.45 pm on Thursday night, 28 June 2018 and ends at 01.55 am, Friday, 29 June 2018).

May Allah help you all to follow His instructions and preserve your faith for the existing members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and to come towards the truth of Allah and His Khalifatullah for the Truth-Seekers, whether you are pious or are filled with sins as high as a mountain, because Allah is Ever Forgiving, Filled with Mercy and Compassion. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

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