Tuesday, July 10, 2018

President Trump: 'The beginning of his end'

"Surely, Allah is All Knowing, All- Aware"
, declares the Holy Qur'an (31:34). In the words of a well known scholar of the Qur'an, it means that God is both "Self-Knowing and fully aware of everything besides Him. He Himself knows everything and also informs him whom He likes". Hence, one of the principal functions of a Divine Servant is to pass on the Messages being vouchsafed to him by Allah (swt) for the attention of all humans who wish to listen and profit by. Often these messages contain glad tidings for the truly humble who believe in God and do good deeds in service of His creatures. Likewise, 
in equal measure, the messages may also contain dire warnings for despots who remain arrogant on earth without any right, and exceed all limits, seeking to oppress the people. Thus, speaking truth to power is a function of the Prophets. Indeed, the Qur'an preserves in its pure pages of Holy revelation several accounts from history where the Divine Elects spoke the daring truth to the reigning Pharaohs of their times. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) famously said: "Indeed, the best 'Jihad' is a Just Word in the presence of an Unjust Ruler". 

Consider our own times, the Fifteenth Century of the Islamic Era. The world of Islam today faces enormous challenges, both internally and externally. Powerful adversaries have conquered and destroyed the Muslim lands and peoples in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. The bombings, senseless killings and the hardships of war and terror have afflicted the Muslim psyche with feelings of helplessness and agony. The events of the last two decades- Ariel Sharon laying siege on the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Bush-Blair combine unleashing the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, the civil wars in Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, etc.- powerfully underscore the tragic situation of the Muslim Ummah. Due  to the 'internal' conflicts in many Muslim nations, and also the oppression of the Muslim minorities in several nations- Bosnia, Central African Republic, Myanmar, China, etc.- millions of people had been forced to flee their home and hearths and seek refuge and dignity in exile. Finding Islam under siege in our times from both the enemies of the Faith and its misguided adherents, Allah (swt) has raised a humble man amongst us with His holy words to be a practical exemplar and defender of the Faith in the person of Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim (aba) of Mauritius. 

In the beginning years of the Divine Manifestation, in the year 2003, Allah the Most High directed His Chosen Messenger, Hadhrat Khalifatullah (aba) and his band of humble believers to observe Safar Zikrullah, a spiritual retreat to devout time for fervent prayers for the destruction of the arch-enemies of Islam. It is no wonder then that just like the great prophets of history, Hadhrat Saheb (atba) invokes the armament of prayer to take down the greatest despots of our times. One of the prayers made on the occasion was as follows: "Oh Allah, help us Muslims around the world and destroy our enemies in this constant war so that the truth prevails and that the enemies of Islam perish, Ameen Summa Ameen Ya Rabbul Aalameen". We  have chronicled elsewhere in the Blog the profound impact of these prayers of the Divine Elect at the Throne of Allah (swt), when the world witnessed the eventual fate/ end of that war-criminal from Israel Ariel Sharon (1928-2014). Sharon who presided over the gross human rights violations of the Palestinian people over several decades and enjoyed impunity for his despicable crimes, had slipped into a coma in 2006, only to die remaining in that state after eight years. No power on earth, nor any amount of access to the most sophisticated medical technologies could save him from his Divinely-decreed fate in this very world!  

A Revelation concerning the US President Donald Trump

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, is arguably the most powerful man on earth today. Astute commentators of the American political scenario are convinced that Mr. Trump as President is possibly the most divisive figure ever to be on that influential post in modern times. Some view him as a bigoted billionaire out to protect the economic interests of the rich at the cost the people and the natural environment. His incendiary racism against the Muslims and the migrants was evident right from the days of his election campaign and even later while in power through his controversial policies- the promulgation of executive orders targeting these already discriminated groups. In the name of "Making America Great Again", Mr. Trump is pursuing inhumane and high-handed policies that seek to establish American supremacy over the world by trampling upon international law and the  multilateral institutional processes. By unilaterally imposing trade sanctions on nations that offer resistance to his policies, Mr. Trump is virtually declaring economic warfare on them, chasing the mirage of American prosperity by impoverishing other nations. On the global policy arena- be it climate change negotiations under the Paris Agreement; the trade war being unleashed on China and Europe and India; the behind-the scene- role in the Qatar embargo; the decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital; the scuttling of the Nuclear Deal with Iran; the disgraceful attitude towards the refugees and the migrants, etc.- Mr. Trump is seeking to rip up international law in favour of the rule of the bully- striking at the foundational principles of the current global order.  

The American people in general, and Mr. Trump as their President in particular, needs to be aware of the eternal Divine Law on the decline and fall of nations in the world. Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil is a collective responsibility of every nation and the failure to do so will invite tribulations of all kinds on the people at large. The Holy Prophet of Islam (sa) famously pointed to this vital duty of the peoples everywhere, when he said: "You must surely enjoin the good  and forbid the evil, otherwise God will cause the evil ones in your midst to gain authority over you, and then the best of you will supplicate but you will not be answered". With great power comes even greater responsibility to be good and to do good with all nations and peoples. If tectonic shifts are taking place in international affairs today and the American state feels increasingly threatened by the 'Rise of the Rest' in the global power matrix, the responsibility for the decline of American power lies squarely with the type of brutal and imperialist policies pursued by the nation in the past. Those who have eyes can see a harsh lesson of history in this episode (the declining US prestige on the world stage): when a reigning leader abuses his position in the land to oppress fellow beings and other nations, the long arm of Divine vengeance humiliates the despot on his tracks.

It is in this context that one can view the Divine Message of 29 June 2018 recieved by our Imam Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim (aba) of Mauritius concerning the US President: “What the president Donald Trump is doing. Very very bad. Violent hate crimes against the great number of Muslims. This is the beginning of his end. The great battle of prayer of the Khalifatullah and his followers will make Donald Trump get great humiliation around the world.” And in his Friday Sermon of 06 July 2018 (21 Shawwal 1439 AH), Hadhrat Saheb (aba) offers an insightful commentary on the Revelation he recieved. 

Read the Commentary Below: 

In the US, the unfortunate trend of rising Islamophobia is leading to violent hate crimes against Muslims. While campaigning, Trump had suggested that admitting Muslim refugees increases the risk of terrorist attacks in the US, and that Muslim immigrants must be banned or face ‘extreme vetting’, even though there has been no terrorist attack in the US by first-generation refugees. The US already applies an extremely rigorous verification procedure, and has taken in only a small number of immigrants from Syria and Iraq.

From the divine message received, it is evident that worse scenarios are looming ahead for future asylum-seekers and for the majority of Muslims, whether US-residents and non-US residents during the Trump administration.

Against the backdrop of uneasiness and uncertainty awakened through the rise of Islamophobia, the world is marked by growing indifference and insensitivity to human sufferings, especially those of Muslims. The world has grown numb to the horrors of the greater Middle East. Palestine, Syria, and the Muslim minorities such as the Royingya Muslims are facing dire situations and are banned from holding civil rights and the right to live their lives and practice their religious beliefs freely. 

Entire cities and communities have been ravaged by indiscriminate bombing, violence, destruction, as more and more people abandoned their lives for the unknown. Nowhere is more evident than in Syria. Helped by Russia, Iran and various militias, the Assad regime destroyed much of the country under the pretext of fighting terrorism. But the international community did little more than bicker, complain or perhaps condemn. The year 2016 had been a painful year for the world. And the massacre and harsh lives continue to be borne by the poor victims till this day.

Paralyzed by global terrorism, civil wars, the refugee crisis, sectarian conflicts, geopolitical muscling, growing economic inequality and the failure of the international community to stop the global bleeding, it has seen the destruction of innocent lives and the abandonment of the poor and the oppressed. If the years to come are going to be any different, we have to start with protecting human dignity – that one quality that binds us all together regardless of our faith, culture or nationality. But the general mood of uneasiness and uncertainty persists.

The election of Trump as the US president is the most manifest shock-wave of this uneasiness. With his controversial views on Islam and Muslims and the way Islam is being linked with terrorism, Trump is doing nothing concrete to dispel the harsh blames heaped on Islam and its Founder and the followers thereof. The violent hate crimes, and at the same time his so-called tolerance of Islam and Muslims are revealed by Allah, putting his true intentions to light.

Now it is for this humble self, the Khalifatullah and all members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam to stand up as a united front and pray for the destruction of the US president Donald Trump. Remember, prayer is a powerful armament. If all Muslims, whether powerful or helpless, turn sincerely to Allah, then a new dawn shall rise for the world.

The contribution of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam in this respect is unparalleled. All true religions propound the existence of one Supreme God and the universal brotherhood of man. When Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam was founded in this era, it also propounded this golden truth (and I claim a distinction and the superiority of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam especially in this respect, and this claim is not being made out of arrogance or fanaticism but it is rather divinely inspired and confirmed by Allah). The test of the pudding is in the eating. The superiority of any doctrine does not lie only in the beautiful wording of it but rather as to how it actually realizes the ideal in the actual life and action of human society. When someone or a Jamaat (Community) has the help of Allah with him/ it, then nobody can ever stop him/ it from being victorious.

Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam came at a time when even in Muslim countries race distinction and colour prejudice loomed large. See how the rain of Divine revelation channelled Islam into a mighty river through the person of the Holy Prophet of Islam. Through the same rain, Islam has now been revived through the person of the Khalifatullah Muhyi-ud-Din of this era. Alhamdulillah Summa Alhamdulillah.

May Allah be pleased with us and help us to help the cause of Islam and the larger cause of humanity, preaching universal brotherhood and re-establishing Allah’s rightful supremacy in the heart of humanity, as the Sole God and Mighty Help. Call upon Him solely, devoid of any arrogance and seek Him with humility and seek His help for the pains that the Muslims and the rest of the human race are facing for a golden tomorrow, Insha-Allah. Ameen.