Friday, June 22, 2018

A Divine Message for the 'Jamaat'

The Divine Messages of 18-19 June 2018

Today’s sermon was to be on the believers who had maximized completely the benefits and blessings of the month of Ramadan, and I deeply wish and pray that Allah (swt) accept all their efforts on the day that they shall present themselves before Him. Insha-Allah. Alhamdulillah many among our brothers and sisters, after Eid-ul-Fitr have observed the six supererogatory (Nafl) fasting. Alhamdulillah, may Allah (swt) reward them for all the love which they have for Him alone. Ameen

I need to tell all my dear disciples in the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam throughout the world that what I shall deliver to them today was not initially the subject of the Friday Sermon which I wanted to present before you today. But as it is a message which comes directly from Allah (swt), it is my duty to inform you about it as the Khalifatullah of the age. 

On Monday 18 June after the Esha prayers, and after reading the Holy Quran – I was reading the Chapter 3 Al-Imran – and the Attributes of Allah, Rabbanas and other duahs, I went to bed to sleep around 11.00 pm and I was not feeling well at all. All the members of my household were profoundly asleep and as for me, I was awake and not feeling well at all. I was sweating greatly, shaking and having heart palpitation and anxiety. And in that same condition, I felt a heavy weight on my head and I heard a very fine and beautiful voice talking and I at once understood that revelation was coming. I heard:

Auzubillahi minash Shaytaan-ir-Rajeem, Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim. 

Yaaa ‘ayyuhan-naasu ‘inna wa’ dallaahi haqqun - falaa taghurran-nakumul-hayaatud-dunyaa: wa laa yaghurrannakum billaahil Gharuur. (This verse is found in Surah Fatir, Chapter 35).

Translation: O mankind, indeed the promise of Allah is truth, so let not the worldly life delude you and do not let the Chief Deceiver deceive you about Allah.

After the revelation of this verse , Allah (swt) then informed me about various matters (Revelation in Creole Language).

O Munir Ahmad Azim, I have bestowed a great favour upon you when I gave you the title of Amir-ul-Mumineen and afterwards I gave you the title of Muhyi-ud-Din (Reviver of Faith of this era) whereby many [people] put their hands in your hand – indeed it was not your hand but the Hand of Allah – to unite them all on the unity of Allah. In other words, all of them took the oath of allegiance (Bai’at) in your hand and believed in you as the Muhyi-ud-Din of this era.

O Munir Ahmad Azim, look how your Rab (Lord) does His work, without man understanding [i.e., any of it]. They all expect another proclamation, whereas Allah (swt) in His Majesty (Grandeur) has already manifested Himself as from the start itself with the title of Amir-ul-Mu'mineen and afterwards Muhyi-ud-Din and then I gave and revealed you many other titles such as Muslih-ud-din, Muslih Ma’ud till I elevated you as Khalifatullah and after Khalifatullah, as Massih Maud, Mujaddid, Nabiullah, and Rasulullah.

Man is making his plans and Allah also is planning and the plans of Allah are the best. These people are in torment, and they do not know what is falling upon them and [on the other hand] Allah is elevating His [Chosen] Servant and all those who follows him [i.e., his followers] to a high peak [i.e. station/ rank/ honour]. What your Rab has decreed, nobody can ever restrict (prevent) it. Your Lord shall cause the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and the Divine Manifestation to be known throughout the whole world without human intervention (effort), Insha-Allah. Do not despair, for Allah is with those who are steadfast (patient).”

I seize this opportunity to tell you all – and this is not a part of the divine message – but only to make all my disciples understand that today, the work of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam is getting greater day by day by the grace of Allah throughout the world. Indeed, throughout the world many people are sending emails, phone/ mobile messages, with questions and answers on Whats App. There are a lot of my disciples who send me many emails, mobile messages and who call me on the phone also. Do not despair - lose hope - and be discouraged. I am reading all your emails and messages etc., but I shall take a little more time to reply you. As for you, continue to send your emails and messages etc. Upon reception of them all, I read those messages and pray a lot too. There is a great spiritual revolution happening whereby the other nations, our other Muslim brothers and sisters are thirsty of this spiritual treasure also. I have to reply to their emails, messages and questions also on Whats App etc. And as for you my disciples, try to understand me as the Messenger of Allah, that I have come for all humanity and my message is for all mankind.

Therefore, do not despair and do not be angry and do not stop sending your messages or emails. I reassure you all that I read them all and I shall reply all your emails all at once. Even for a second, you should not think that Huzur is putting your messages aside and does not care. On the contrary, you should make a lot of duahs (pray a lot) that Allah remain pleased and content with you, lest you lose this blessing. And this are my own words which I address you on this subject.

Now the Message of Allah continues as thus :

Allah has given you and your disciples O Khalifatullah the opportunity to do many things to please Me (Allah) and today the ignorant among people are treating you and your disciples with contempt. You are going through a hard time; people are harassing you in all kinds of ways. And you are bearing blames, boycott, breaking of blood ties, separation of children from their parents, instilment of hatred in the heart of your own blood relations against you because you have accepted the Divine Manifestation and believed in a Khalifatullah.

Those who are committing all these evils, they think that they are rendering great service to Islam by doing so or they are just doing these to please their Amirs, Mullahs or the Khalifa [i.e. their caliph whom they elected]. They are therefore meting out all these injustices (ill-treatment) to you, and Heaven also [i.e. Allah] is testing you so that it can be said that you have been tried in all sorts of ways. Did you think that I (Allah) won’t try you when you say that you believe in the Khalifa (Caliph) of Allah, revelations, and the Divine Manifestation?

If your faith is firm, solid as concrete, then even for a slight moment you should not think that you shall not succeed. Put your trust in the words of Allah and do not fear. Bear in mind that it is essential that you encounter trials from time to time so that your Rab can distinguish between those who are truthful in their faith in respect to the Divine Manifestation and those who are acting as hypocrites, disguising as good people and taking all information of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and giving them to the enemies to create disorder. You will see such hypocrites who seek to gain your trust and the trust of the other Jamaat/s (communities/ groups) also. Allah has made them return to their hypocrisy due to their deeds.

Beware of those who are with you for a time and afterwards leave for the other party (Group/ Jamaat/ Community) and they seek out all the negative points of Our members or between two Amirs so as to create disorder and to say that this [i.e. Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam] is a false Jamaat. [This kind of hypocrite] is only present to seek all kinds of wrong and he all the time has all kinds of questions and doubts in his head. He is a completely fallen person. He has brought upon himself his own destruction whereby he cannot do the least harm neither to Allah nor to His Khalifatullah, and his evil shall finally lead him to the hellfire.”

The Message continues whereby Allah (swt) pours down the words with such force that one is shaken with fright, and He says:

Someone who witnesses the divine signs and afterwards turns his back (to them) with arrogance, his punishment shall be twice than for a non-believer. 

Those who remain firm with Allah and His Envoy, despite all kinds of trials, and they do not lose patience and remain firm in their faith come what may, it is them who shall at the end be victorious and the doors of grace and blessings shall be wide open for them to receive them. Allah promises that He shall not abandon you. 

What you are going through, the trials that you are facing, take them all as a blessing from Allah. In each era there has been mentioned the names of those people who bore all trials (with patience) and despite their earthly deaths, these kinds of people are alive till today and the believers mention their names with a lot of respect, and they shall be honoured till the Day of Judgement. In this era also, there should be these kinds of people whose names shall be engraved in golden letters whenever trials befall them. Therefore, if your Rab has chosen you, welcome all these with joy.

All the titles – Khalifatullah, Mujaddid, Massih Maoud, Nabiullah, Rasulullah, etc. – bestowed upon My Chosen Servant come from Me and I have given these titles to My Beloved Servant.

Tell all the members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam throughout the world that I am with them and remain sincere and loyal with My signs. They should not become ungrateful, and hypocrites, or, let it not be that with persecutions they turn their backs to My signs. Inform them that My punishment is very severe, more severe than for an infidel.

O you the pearls found in this world, you are indeed fortunate to be living in such an epoch when your Rab is conversing to His Chosen Servant. You are like pearls before the eyes of pigs, because pigs do not know the real value of pearls. But before the sight of God, you are shining brightly and wherever you go, the shadow of Allah is upon you. Seek your Rab, in this world and the hereafter also. The best among you is the one who is steadfast (patient) and fears his Lord alone. Cleanse your hearts like a mirror and then you shall see the light of Allah reflect upon them. These kinds of hearts shall not therefore get attached to this material world, Insha-Allah.

My love for you all is very great, but you should cultivate My love in your hearts also. It is then that you shall feel Me near you, nearer to you than your artery. Look at yourselves, try to understand yourselves and then you shall see Me because you are so much attracted to this material world, and this has created a veil upon your eyes which prevent you from seeing Me. If you succeed in removing this veil or if you succeed in drawing back this curtain, then you shall surely see Me near you. But you are not making enough efforts to remove this veil. I am here itself, like a fountain whereby you just need to make the necessary effort and the water shall flow (easily) and you shall be able to get access to it to quench your thirst. Cultivate the fear of Allah and obedience to Allah. You shall then have a peaceful life filled with blessings.

Each one of you should become humble; cultivate humility and do not spy (and/ or eavesdrop) and do not put doubts in your head because doubts make you develop hatred in the heart and bring you towards destruction. When someone does not know the truth, then doubts overcloud his mind. Doubt is a grievous malady which burns your good deeds and brings you towards hellfire. Doubt destroys your faith, household, family, the community (society) and creates chaos and vengeful feelings.

O My Chosen Servant, tell your sincere disciples, stay away from doubt and each one of you should remain in solidarity to one another (united). If one among you is suffering, everyone of you should feel his suffering and pray a lot for him. Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam is a family wherein all of you should live as one family. There should not be any division among you, or that one is jealous of the other, and not talking to his brother or sister of one same Jamaat. My Khalifatullah is amidst you to make you strengthen your ties of friendship and love like a (solid) concrete pillar. Do not think that you are few (short in numbers). Your numbers shall increase. You should not have these kinds of thoughts – Put your trust in your Rab and as from today enlarge your houses. The days are coming when people shall come from far away to seek you and your work is to make the people know the Creator of the Universe and the Khalifatullah of this era. I give you this guarantee that if each one of you has a pure heart and turns to Me with Taqwa, then he shall definitely see Me and wherever he goes, My shadow shall protect him and nobody shall be able to touch (harm) him.

The Khalifatullah shall give you the message of Allah. His mission is to bring you close to Allah before your earthly death and so that you may receive divine forgiveness. His mission is not to expel people from Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. In the midst of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, it is Allah who shall repel the hypocrites, and wrongdoers who create all kinds of disorder and instill hatred and doubts in the mind of others. It is Allah who shall drive away these kinds of people and remove them from the midst of the pious and the seekers of truth. It is Allah who shall Himself sanction them; this is indeed more grievous whereby Allah has in this world itself sanctioned someone and removed him from the Divine Manifestation and casted him away from His Khalifatullah.

O you, the elects of Allah who have accepted My Khalifatullah, remain firm in the path of Allah. Do not worry about the trials for if Allah gives trials to His chosen servants, it is Allah Himself who shall remove those trials. Trials are a means to make you turn towards your Rab. Allah is jealous in respect to His servants [i.e. When they turn away from Him to worship and obey others]. That is why He gives them trials so that they may not forget Him. Therefore worship Me (Allah) alone and turn (exclusively) towards Me.”

The divine messages came down throughout the night till the time of Tahajjud, and on Tuesday 19 June, around 10.35am, other messages from Allah came down (upon me). Pray that Insha-Allah, I may be able to deliver them to you.

I end my Friday Sermon on this note today, with these divine messages. May Allah help all my disciples to put into practice all these instructions of their Rab, and that you remain firm and be patient and steadfast in the path of Allah so that Insha-Allah, you obtain Allah Himself as your Reward. Ameen, Summa, Ameen.

May Allah protect your hearts and may He not make your hearts and souls die spiritually. May Allah protect you from hypocrisy and despair which can cause havoc to your faith, and may Allah turn your hearts always to take the Straight/ right path and that you be able to follow the Caravan of Allah in the form of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and your adherence to this humble servant, His Khalifatullah of this era. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

Verily, it is united that we can do the works of Allah in a most perfect manner/ way. Division creates doubts, hatred and jealousy. Therefore have the fear of Allah and strengthen the ties of brotherhood with your brothers and sisters of the same faith and Jamaat as you, so that Islam regain its unity, and that Insha-Allah, we all together as one can march toward victory under the merciful eyes of Allah. Insha-Allah, Ameen, Summa Ameen, Ya Rabbal Aalameen.

--- Friday Sermon of 22 June 2018 (07 Shawwal 1439 AH) delivered by Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.