Saturday, May 5, 2018

Islam: Dark Clouds, Silver Lining

The situation in the world is extremely worrying for all Muslims (and all my disciples in Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam) and I am again reminding you all to pray earnestly that Allah (swt) may remove the dangers which face Islam which is being encircled by dark clouds which only God can remove whenever He pleases.

There is nowhere in the world where Muslims are not in danger directly or indirectly and we do not see any intelligent Islamic response. There is only one despicable response which they know: persecuting their own Muslim brethrens and finishing Islam by their own hands. In addition to the civil wars and the religious strife which they wage between themselves but when it concerns the Divine Manifestation and the belief in the Promised Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) and in this era this humble self the Khalifatullah, all the Muslim sects don't hesitate to group together to counter-attack what they term as heretics. It is on this basis that they seem to agree and help each other to crush the divine truth. Since the advents of non law-bearing prophets/ messengers after Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), they seem to have lost their bearings when they denied and calumniated the men of God.

Now, the situation has even reached such a point that the faith-related persecuted group: the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat has also become a leader in persecuting the true believers of Allah and applying all sorts of unislamic rules to try to capsize the ark of Allah. For example, the authority in the Jamaat Ahmadiyya in Mauritius continue to issue unislamic rules - which they claim come from the authority of the Khalifat-ul-Massih - to get up and walk away from anywhere they are whenever this humble self (Munir Azim) the Khalifatullah is spotted and not to bid Salaam etc. All those who counter this decision shall have to bear severe retributions (e.g. to be expelled from the Jamaat).

Thus, to come back to the heart of my sermon for today, when it concerns accomplishing the greatest pilgrimage in Mecca, those at the head (in Saudi Arabia with the collaboration of the different religious Muslim theologians around the world) bar their brethrens from entering the sacred lands (the Haramain - Mecca & Medina) and fulfilling the fifth pillar of Islam: i.e. the Hajj. Indeed heinous it is in the sight of Allah that they judge the faith of others while they are themselves being beguiled by the attractions of this world and helping non-Islamic nations to crush Islam further.

Indeed, only Allah knows the content of hearts and Who judges the faith of His servants. No man in the power of man can know the indwelling faith of one and all inhabiting this world. On one hand, they are extending long hands of friendship to those who loathe Islam, and on the other hand they are helping through armaments and finance these people to annihilate their own Muslim brothers, sisters and children in such Islamic countries which according to them are not rightfully Muslims or those who are not agreeing to be puppets in their hands.

As the Khalifatullah of this era, it is therefore my duty to give advice to all Muslims, especially their leaders, whether or not it is heeded. In our current situation and throughout our whole lives prayers are very essential. Our prayers should have two aspects. One is that Muslims should understand the situation properly and that they should be given intelligent and righteous leadership. May God frustrate and overcome all the efforts of all those who are attacking and trying to harm Islam from within as well as from without.

It is really sad that politics is being mixed with religion, and thus Islam earns a bad name due to the wrong decisions of the Arab countries as well as the West and its machinations. From the embargo on Qatar in recent months and the conflict against Iran (where Iranians were temporarily restricted from entering Saudi Arabia for the pilgrimage in the year 2016) and the great strife in Syria and Palestine and wherever Muslims are suffering due to their minority and poor status, Muslims are indeed in a precarious situation. Instead of showing and believing in a united front, they are dispersed in several dissenting groups.

Muslim leaders do not realize that whatever is happening in the Middle East, or what is about to happen, will bring harm to the Muslim countries and only benefit the Non-Muslims. We must pray that may Allah guide the Muslim countries in wisdom. Only Divine power can reverse this tragedy peacefully.

We have to strive to establish justice in the world and oppose oppression. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that a Muslim should help his brother whether he is oppressed or is the oppressor. When he was asked how the oppressor should be helped, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) replied that he should be persuaded to withdraw his hand from oppression. Therefore, I commend those countries/ nations, Muslim and Non-Muslim ones who are peace loving and who really want to bring about peace and reconciliation among the Gulf countries and all Muslim countries ripped by the claws of wars and strife. Muslim nations should always bear in mind the limits ordained by Allah and act wisely as per the Quranic teachings and the Sunnah.

It is indeed our duty to restrain our Muslim brethren, as far as possible, from committing injustices. In this way we are helping them. We should also help them when they themselves are suffering injustices. The world of Islam should display patient reaction in the face of aggravating opposition which would establish the greatness of Islam. Improper conduct by Muslims only gives Islam a bad name.

Once, when, on a military campaign the Holy Prophet (pbuh) was separated from his followers and was resting in the shade under a tree. He awoke to find one of the enemies standing over him with a sword in hand. He said “O Muhammad, who can save your life now?” The Holy Prophet (pbuh) replied “Allah”; whereupon his assailant dropped his sword. This is the one and only reply which every believer should give when facing trials and adversities. One should not see the sword (or any other armament) in the hand but God's divine power which controls that hand.

In our era, the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam has been ordained by Allah having His Chosen Caliph (Khalifatullah) at its head. Those who are enemies of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam are in truth waging war against Allah and His will. The opponents of truth think that they will strike first but bear in mind that the hands which are raised to destroy the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam - the True Islam, will be crippled by the lightening of God's wrath before they strike. 

There is no power which can alter the decree of Allah. No doubt the Holy Quran states that the faithful will suffer severe persecutions but if they remain steadfast and have firm faith in Allah with full trust then He will protect His righteous servants from the wickedness of their opponents.

The various types of opposition against the true servants of Allah since time immemorial and also against the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam in this era shall always open new paths of progress for the Sahih al Islam (the true Muslims and members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam). I call all members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam to be steadfast in faith and to have full trust in God, and as an end-note, heed the message of the messenger sent to you in this era. Indeed those who heed the message of God's messengers never suffered any lost. You shall certainly triumph time and time again. Insha-Allah, Ameen.


Alhamdulillah Summa Alhamdulillah our members in Tamil Nadu are organizing today a special Tarbiyyat Programme after Jummah prayers. And by Allah's sheer grace and blessings, the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, Tamil Nadu has been registered officially in the land.

Alhamdulillahil-lazi bi nihmatihi ta'timus saalihaat ---All praise is due to Allah, by Whose honour and majesty, deeds of virtue are accomplished.

--- Friday Sermon of 04 May 2018 (17 Shabaan 1439 AH) delivered by Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.