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Behind the ‘Expulsion’: A web of Lies

Why and how did the Ahmadiyya Community expel Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius from its ranks? It is a question that still baffles most common Ahmadis and remains hazy and unclear to many others even today, some 12 years after the dark episode.

Anyone who examines the record of the incident will point a finger at the arrogance and hubris at work in the Nizam-i-Jamaat. The nizami mandarins never had the humility, nor basic courage to face the truth, nor the simple decency to place the record in public: in black and white, before the Jamaat and the common Ahmadis, so that everyone may know what really happened behind the scenes. After all, justice demands fairness, credibility and transparency: a decision taken in the name of the Jamaat and in the name of the collective interest of the common Ahmadis, the record should have been available for scrutiny.

Before the official expulsion in 2001, Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) was falsely charged with the grave offence of pretending to be a recipient of Divine Revelations. He was accused of being a drug addict” and “mentally-sick person” (“Bimaari”). Within the Nizam-e- Jamaat, those in the corridors of powers plotted a web of intrigues in support of these wild and irresponsible allegations. False testimonials of self-serving sycophants were lifted from the trash-cans to ‘grease’ the case. The ‘slippery’ basis of the evidence did not deter the Fourth Khalifa from his chosen course of hubris and ‘curse’: only to fall-flat on the dustbin of history.  The failure to see through transparent lies, intrigues and false testimonials- all planted and facilitated in the official channels- will remain a blot on the record of the Fourth Khalifa.

The humiliation of those who facilitated the crime of expulsion was a chronicle of events foretold at the very court of Allah (twa). Thus, in a Divine Revelation received on 09 April 2002 & many other times also, Hadhrat Sahib (atba) was informed: “I Shall Humiliate Him Who Designs To Humiliate Thee

We record below the Divine vengeance for one of the culprits for his despicable crime of complicity- one who sought to humiliate the Divine Messenger for our times meets with his day of public humiliation among his people.

An Ahmadi pharmacist-turned-enemy of the Divine Manifestation

It takes sacrifices for parents to send their children abroad to study. In the same way, through the sacrifices of his poor parents, an Ahmadi pharmacist, Goolam Mohammad Rajabalee went for further studies in Pakistan. They expected the best from him, but alas it was not meant to be so. Instead, this son brought their name and that of the Ahmadiyya Community to shame.

Mr. Goolam Mohammad Rajabalee, a pharmacist by profession was twice revoked from his license and could not operate. He had two pharmacies, one in Rose-Hill and one in Castel. His sisters supported him in running those pharmacies and the Ahmadis usually went there to buy medicines, considering that he was their Ahmadi brother. The missionaries of the Jamaat, upon falling ill used to go to his pharmacy for medicine and Munir Ahmad Azim (atba), full-fledged missionary of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya at the time also, as a precaution before leaving the country (e.g. in case of pain, fever, stress etc.), used to go there to buy the medicines. This is also to save the Jamaat money as these medicines are really costly in the other countries.

But the pharmacist later on proved to be one of the enemies of the servants of Allah, the recipient of divine revelation Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim (atba).

When Hadhrat Saheb (atba) in the capacity of missionary went to the various islands to preach the unity of Allah and the advent of the Promised Messiah (as) to people, then at that time he was in the eyes of the Ahmadis a hardworking, fantastic, truthful and honest gentleman, someone who liked to make others relax and be in good spirit with good words and some good laughs. But, sometimes he suffered a lot due to heavy pain, headache, stress, vertigo and even heart palpitation. So he used to take all his prescribed medicines from this pharmacy.

Expulsion Episode: the Complicity of the pharmacist

But in 2001 when the late Khalifatul Massih IV based himself on the false reports of his Amir Jamaat Mauritius of that time, who was also the cousin of the pharmacist, Mr. Goolam Rajabalee also joined hands with his cousin to humiliate the recipient of divine revelations.

As from March 08, 2000, Hadhrat Saheb (atba) started receiving revelations from Allah, the One in whose hands his life, honour, provisions and death are found. At that time he did not know that the palpitation of heart and heavy sweating he got were due to the pressure and hardship of receiving divine revelation. So he went to see the pharmacist to take the appropriate medicine to cure him.

How unfortunate for that man that he joined hands with the Amir of the time to tell lies on Hadhrat Sahib by labelling him a drug-addict, bimaari (sick person), and even a mad man. He even produced false prescriptions and made photocopies and spread these among the other Ahmadis and he even dared to say that Hadhrat Saheb used to take the “Rivotril” (a strong drug) and other intoxicants.  

Fabricated Report to the Khalifa

Hence this report reached the late Khalifatul Massih IV Mirza Tahir Ahmad who concluded without listening to Hadhrat Saheb’s version that Munir Ahmad Azim was (God Forbid) receiving satanic revelations. What a Judgement! So he instructed his Amir Jamaat of Mauritius to announce publicly not to believe in such revelations as that man (Hadhrat Saheb) was a drug-addict (proven and certified by the pharmacist Goolam Mohammad Rajabalee). They believed in all the lies fed by the wretched Amir and his cousin and thus agreed that these medicines cause people to speak lots of nonsense, that these kinds of people think that they are seeing such and such persons or even prophets who had passed away. And they concluded that Hadhrat Saheb was confused and thus believed that he was receiving divine revelation.

Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) was deeply hurt by all the lies and thus still in the virulent campaign to harm the image of Hadhrat Sahib, especially before the Khalifa, on the January 01, 2001, the first day of the new era, he was expelled from the Nizam-e-Jamaat. Many Ahmadi brothers came to Hadhrat Saheb’s place to question him about the drugs he was said to be using and which led (according to them) to him “receiving revelations”. This was one of the reasons that the fourth Khalifatul Massih revolted against Hadhrat Sahib concerning the divine revelations he said he was receiving at the time.

Fraudulent Testimonials

Another male-nurse at that time falsely testified but did not produce any concrete proof that he had seen Hadhrat Saheb’s file in the mental hospital (Brown Sequard Hospital) in Beau-Bassin. But his words were sufficient to create further confusion in the minds of the Ahmadi Muslims. That was a grotesque lie for Hadhrat Sahib never had any mental problem and never went to Brown Sequard Hospital, neither been examined there nor visited anyone there who was mentally ill. 

He spent most of his time abroad in Reunion, Rodrigues, Mayotte and Seychelles islands to bring lost souls in the fold of true Islam. If there was any truth in that, then how could the Ahmadiyya administration have sent a “madman” to accomplish such work! And on top of all such a “madman” who was very successful in his Dawa works? Weren’t they afraid that Hadhrat Sahib’s divert people from Islam?

Campaign of vilification

Since then all sorts of evil campaigns were organized, programs in all branches of the Jamaat, in various places speaking ill of the revelations he was getting at the time and they convinced the Ahmadis neither to listen to him nor to follow him. If ever they did so, they would bear the same consequences, i.e., they also would be expelled from the Nizam-e-Jamaat. But Allah the Exalted did not delay in humiliating those who tried to humiliate His Beloved Chosen Messenger.

Those who participated in vilifying the Khalifatullah (atba) were returned those same blames by Allah. Their own children who were supposed to be dedicated to the cause of the Jamaat and Islam became drug-addicts, heavy drinkers and even went as far as to do business in pornography!

'Death' of the Enemy on the Day of Birth

Furthermore, on the subject of the Ahmadi pharmacist Mr. Goolam Mohammad Rajabalee, the news spread wide and far, over the world about the testimonial he gave against the Khalifatullah (atba). But Allah the Exalted knows how and when to seize the enemies of His Chosen Servant.

It was on January 07, 2010 that the pharmacy of Mr. Rajabalee was inspected for foul play and in the aftermath of this, the name of Goolam Mohammad Rajabalee was removed from the register of pharmacists. January 07, which happens to be the birth date and month of the Khalifatullah of the age! Is that a coincidence, or a sign from Allah?

Ponder over this carefully. 

On the date mentioned, inspectors from the Pharmacy Broad and the Anti-Drug and smuggling Unit (ADSU) made a surprise visit to his pharmacy at Castel. And they caught him red-handed selling drugs which were found in his storeroom, hence, his license was cancelled and he did not have the authorization to operate.

Wasn’t it a humiliation for the Jamaat Ahmadiyya, his family members and his cousin, the ex-Amir Jamaat of Mauritius who had also been uprooted from his seat of power after the fraud he committed from within the Jamaat? This is one of the ways how Allah humiliates those who have humiliated His messenger.

After ten years, Allah has caught that pharmacist who said lies and put blames on the humble person of His Messenger. After saying so much and producing false documents and prescriptions to make his case appear true, thus Allah seized that man with the same blames he put on Hadhrat Saheb. The pharmacist himself was caught selling drugs illegally and has seen his license cancelled due to this, but verily this is the humiliation he sought when he ranged himself in the rank of the opponents of the Messenger of Allah of this era.

Public Humiliation of the pharmacist

Recently, one more article appeared in a local newspaper in Mauritius “L’Express” (in French) – thus, a public humiliation – on Saturday, February 15, 2014 whereby the history of license revocation has been detailed: A REVOKED PHARMACIST AUTHORIZED TO DEFEND HIMSELF"

Banned from the register of pharmacists, Goolam Mohammad Rajabalee, Manager of “Castel Pharmacy” had received the right to contest that decision of the Pharmacy Board. The Supreme Court decided in this direction yesterday.

In his affidavit, le plaintiff affirms that on January 07, 2010, some inspectors of the Pharmacy Board and of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (Adsu) inspected the Castel Pharmacy and commanded him. In the wake (of all this), the pharmacist has been suspended and his license cancelled.

In a letter dated 12 April 2011, the Pharmacy Board has informed him that his suspension has been removed and he has again obtained his license. He therefore resumed duty. In the meantime he has been pursued by the intermediary court for having not taken security measures to conserve medicines. He has pleaded guilty and has been condemned to a fine of Rs. 20000.

On the 27 April 2012, Goolam Mohammad Rajabalee received a letter from the Pharmacy Board informing him that his name has been removed from the register of pharmacists and that his license has again been revoked. That is why he decided yet again to demand justice before the Supreme Court. He has retained the services of Attorney Vashish Bhugoo.” (L’Express Samedi – February 15, 2014)

No action against the one who shamed the Jamaat

Is there no boycott for such a person who has brought shame to the Jamaat of the Promised Messiah (as)? Will he still be considered a good little boy within the Jamaat? Nevertheless, even if the Jamaat administration does not take proper action against him, but Allah has humiliated him for all the blames and accusations he levelled on the humble person of the Khalifatullah of the age, Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim (atba). 

Like this case, there are other people with the Jamaat Ahmadiyya who have humiliated the Messenger of Allah and who are also being humiliated in many ways for the way they treated the Chosen Servant of Allah. Verily Allah is ‘Adl’, the Just and shall extract revenge for the way these people ill-treated His Messenger. And indeed the divine vengeance is more poignant than any human retaliation.

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