Friday, February 28, 2014

Revealed Poem: The Crime of Faith

My crime is crime of faith in God
Do, chain my hands and feet
A damp and dark and dungeon cell
Do, give me as a treat.

If you can pull the heavens down
Do pull them on my head
What ever is there you take it all
My purse and butter and bread

Let chasing hounds be loosed at large
And let them smell my track
Let all the damning forces come
To stab me at the back

Do all that you can do to fill
My days and nights with fright
If winds and whirling winds are there
Let all of them unite.

My faith in God is shield of shields
It makes me brave and bold
I see what ever is all around
I feel the hot and cold
I trust in Him who’s all supreme
And do whatever He says
I go my way, so go your way
Our ways are different ways

My luck is all a grace of God
Your fate is down and out
I wish to tell this truth of truths
From tops of hills, I shout

The time will tell our right and wrong
The world will come to know
What ever I say and do is right
It is wrong, the way you go.

Received by the Khalifatullah (atba)(in English) on Friday 14 February 2014 
at 17.13pm

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