Thursday, July 7, 2011

Divine Light for a Darkened World

When Allah sends a Messenger, instead of recognizing him and helping him in his task, the man-elected leadership of the time vehemently opposes him. They take themselves on a lofty pedestal in defiance of the wish and Will of the Lord, only to eventually crash down and bite the dust of history, even as the Divine support of the cause of the Chosen Messenger soars in the fullness of time. In a speech on June 22, 2011, Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius drew upon this glorious tradition of the spiritual realm of the world. Moreover, many prayers that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) invoked during his lifetime pertain to the spiritual renewal among his people/the whole of mankind for all times. In this speech, Hadhrat Sahib (atba) explains the wisdom behind the arrangement of Divine Reformers appearing in every age to guide the people to Allah, the Most High by referring to examples form every day lives that all can relate to and understand

Read the Extracts from the Speech:

Hazrat Muhammad (sa) used to make many duahs (invocations to Allah). One of these duah was that he asked Allah to put light before him, behind him, on his right, on his left, and in him. Verily, he (sa) was indeed a light himself, but yet he made this prayer. Why? So that his Ummah may come to recite this duah often, so that they also they partake of that divine light. Hazrat Muhammad (sa) is that Qamaran-Munira, that light-giving moon who has come to brighten a darkened world. Likewise all prophets come in his shadow as bearers of light from Allah to dispel darkness of ignorance, idol-worship and to re-establish the worship of one God, Allah (Glory be to Him).

1) Let’s take a central power system in a house itself. Without it, one cannot get any light in the house. If the connections are not made to the central power, therefore we humans cannot get any light to light up our home.

Likewise, if someone closes himself in the house, and shut everywhere, and in full daylight, he draws all windows and curtains so that no light can come in, thus darkening his house; will he then get light? Similarly, the Mullahs have done the same thing in Islam (and the other religions also when the Holy Prophet (sa) came) whereby they have closed the doors of Prophethood, vociferating that no prophet shall come after the previous prophet. They have drawn by their own hands the curtains which restricts light from penetrating their lives, thus making them blind of all the favours (of prophethood) being bestowed upon them.

Therefore, a Messenger must come from Allah so that he may dispel the wrong thoughts of people, and re-establishing the golden status of the Holy Prophet of Islam. The Messenger of Allah comes much like that central power system without which no light is obtained. When you connect to this central power, and when you switch on the lights, it is then that you will obtain light.

Now, if people say that they are in no need of any light, or if the central power explodes, and no light is perceived, how will then be the condition of men? They shall have to cope in darkness, much like the blind, not knowing where to go, stumbling on things, hurting themselves… and they dare say that they are in no need of light? But when there is light, then people can be able to walk straight, not stumbling into anything.

2) Another explanation:

When a parent sends his ward to school, the latter gets a teacher, and he learns from him all that there is to be learnt. After class, before going back home, the teacher tests the child if he has well assimilated all that he taught him and thus questions him (or does a test with him). The parent before sending his child to school, gives him his books and necessities, and he expects that when his child comes back home, he comes back in the same clean state he sent him to school, and with the necessary teachings he worked so hard to make him acquire.

Even more so, when Allah sends someone to earth, He expects that in return His servant follows His guidance which He sent through His Messenger and the Holy Book He revealed for his spiritual elevation. Allah wants that when He sent you to earth clean and pure, likewise He expects that you return back to Him pure. That is why there is a constant need that He sends from time to time a Messenger from Him to teach His creatures His laws, and especially now, for the revival of Islam, true Islam.

Moreover, in a class full of students, there are many who are very intelligent while others are not so intelligent. The teacher is pleased with the intelligent children, but he becomes even more so delighted and happy when a not so intelligent child comes to answer his questions. The teacher is used to having his questions answered by the ones who reply correctly his questions everyday, but he becomes even more so happy when someone not in the habit of answering to answer correctly to his questions. He is even prepared to reward him with sweets and praise him so that he makes all the more efforts to shine in the class.

Likewise, nowadays there are many people (scholars, Mullahs) who pretend to be very intelligent, but when Allah praises and extols the qualities of His Chosen Envoy, even if he did not make higher studies or is not a graduate from any university, therefore the so-called Mullahs become enraged and hatch all sorts of plans against him. Let’s take the example of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa). He was an Ummi (illiterate) person, and yet Allah Himself became his Teacher and taught him of things unknown through Divine Revelations. He shone in the eyes of Allah, more than any other people.

Whenever a prophet comes from Allah, he is persecuted and blamed in all sorts of ways. In this era also this is not different. When there is no “Wati’ullah Wati’ur-Rassul”, therefore it is the people who are at a loss. Despite that they may have believed and then turned their backs to the Divine Manifestation, but come what may, just like a ball which they smash with all their force on the soil, the more they shall see the ball being lifted (bouncing) up in the air, and if they double efforts, the more the ball shall soar in the air. Likewise, the more the people (infidels, hypocrites and traitors) smash on the Messenger of Allah (through all kinds of falsehoods, persecutions and blames), the more Allah shall honour him, making him soaring high in spiritual elevation.

Man-elected Khalifa and the vase on a stand

But observe something that man has placed with both his hands; let’s say a vase on a long stand. The tiniest clumsiness on his part can make the vase smashing down, crashing down on the floor. That is the state of the elects of man who do not have the help of Allah with them. They are placed on a seat of honour by the hands of man, and like the fragility of this state of affairs indicates, they can also fall down hard on their nose and break in little pieces. This is because all that is man-made or man-elected is temporal and devoid of divine help, especially when a Messenger of Allah has appeared and the man-elected person turns his back in scorn, considering himself to be superior to Allah and His Elect. This shall inevitably be his end when he reacts like this; like the vase placed by the hands of man, crashing down on the floor!