Monday, June 15, 2020

The Attributes of Allah- VIII

“He is God: there is no god other than Him, the Sovereign, the Supreme-In-Holiness, Source of Peace, Granter of Security, Guardian over all, the Almighty, the Compeller, the Majestic (Al-Mutakabbir) …” (Al-Hashar 59 : 24).

Al-Mutakabbir is The Majestic, Conscious of His greatness. Allah alone has the right to know and to proclaim His greatness and omnipotence over everything and everyone. He magnifies Himself and sees grandeur and superbness only for Him. All greatness belongs to Him. This attitude is completely justified because it is true.

Allah is distinguished by an exclusive greatness just for Him and by an absolute Royalty. He controls everything. He is the one who shows His greatness in all things and by all means.

Know well [what will follow], O my brothers and sisters! Do not be fooled by the simple verbal intention that you give to the meaning of your life, because God hopes to see a radical transformation [in you which] change this.

He demands that you inflict a kind of death on yourselves, after which He will breathe new life into you. Make haste to promote peace among yourselves, to forgive your brothers and sisters their weaknesses, because the one who is not inclined to make peace with his brother is mean, and he risks being excluded [from the proximity of Allah] because he is a source of dissension.

Give up your base desires and don’t cultivate resentment. Even if you are right, behave humbly as if you were wrong, so that forgiveness is reserved for you. Eliminate obesity from your ego, because narrow is the door you have to go through. So eliminate your ego and pride so that you can go through that door.

Know well [what will follow] if you are disobedient, O my brothers and sisters, and also know what will follow if you will be obedient! And may God place you among the people He loves, may He make you taste this drink He pours to those He loves, May He shelter you from His disdain by granting you a lasting union [a union with Him, and a union of believers, the union of Muslims where all believers unite in one body of believers for the worship of Allah and the protection/ defence of Islam]! May He place you among those of His servants whom He has favoured with His presence and talks; those whom He consoles, when they realize that glances cannot reach Him, by revealing Himself to them under the lights of His epiphanies [Divine Manifestations]. He opens the gardens of proximity to them and pours divine inspirations into their hearts, making them contemplate the plan He has devised for them from eternity, so that they give up the reins of government to Him [they let Him regulate their lives]. He reveals to them the subtle Beneficence (Lutf) that He exercises over His creation, so that they abstain from all rebellion, from all vain objection. Relying on Him completely, they now trust Him in everything, since they know that the servant obtains [divine] satisfaction only by showing himself satisfied [with his Master] and that he only attains total servitude by submitting to His decree. For them, there is no place for others [other than God]; they are not exposed to the troubles [which arise from duality], because the misfortunes of the century no longer reach them. They are able to overcome the worst disasters by divine help.

His decisions are exercised against them, but they are appeased before His Majesty, and submit to His authority. Reversals of fortune are exercised against you, but your interior (Sirruka) remains immune to all concerns.

Anyone who claims union [with Allah] must use the appropriate means. Now, the first thing to get rid of and purify yourselves is your own will (tadbir) and, with it also, the revolt against fate.

If you want God to be pleased with you in heaven, be true brothers to each other. The greatest among you is the one who most forgives the transgressions of his brother; and unlucky is the one who is dominated by his revengeful feelings and is not forgiving. Such a person loses the blessing and the grace of God.

The wicked, the arrogant, the malefactor or the dishonest cannot have access to the closeness of God, so fear the curse of God. Be friends of God and have a heart overflowing with sincerity and enthusiasm so that He may favour you. Be merciful to your servants, your workers, your wives (and concerning women, for their husbands) and your needy brothers so that you may have mercy in heaven.

In this regard, it is good that I draw your attention to our brothers and sisters in Mayotte, the Comoros and Madagascar who are in financial difficulties following the Covid-19 pandemic. They asked for your prayers (duahs) so that they may get out of these difficult situations. Let us think of them, our brothers and sisters from our own Jamaat who are in difficulty, without forgetting the entire Ummah of the noble prophet (pbuh). And we should not be racists and think only of our fellow men who share the same faith as us. We must not forget the other humans who also suffer in these countries, and elsewhere in the world. We are all humans. Alhamdulillah, in these countries our members [one of our brothers in Mayotte, and another in the Comoros] had great dreams [during Ramadan] about the construction of our mosques [where people come in large numbers to the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and our mosque was illuminated]. Our brother in the Comoros dreamt of our school. May Allah realize these dreams and we succeed in building our mosques in the way that will please Allah. Insha-Allah.

Calamities in the times of Pharoahs 

Currently the world is teeming with many different calamities, and the Coronavirus / Covid-19 is just one of them. Calamities of all kinds are wreaking havoc around the world. Humanity is in danger! Islam is in danger! This same Islam that Muslims have abandoned in favour of the attractions of this world. Today, many misfortunes are reserved for it by the hand of perverse and calculating unbelievers. Their agenda is to destroy Islam and Muslims and establish the reign of false gods, false doctrines. Among them is Narendra Modi in India who pours out his hatred against Muslims and armed with his government and draconian measures, he wants to bring Muslims to their knees and make India an exclusively Hindu country. Recently, he and his government have banned foreign (non-Indian) Muslims from coming to India to preach their faith. They use many tricks to ruin Muslims and Islam and make them slaves in their own country. 

Following his example, the Prime Minister of our Mauritius also takes Narendra Modi as his guru and guide. Also in Mauritius, Mauritians of Hindu faith are divided into two groups, those who are for Modi, and those who are against him. In his interview in the newspaper L’Express dated 13 March 2020, Mr. Dev Virahsawmy expressed his concern about this situation in India and Mauritius. The identity of minorities is under threat in India, and even in Mauritius if Pravind Jugnauth continues to obey his Indian guru! Certain Indians and Indo-Mauritians of Hindu faith are for a Hindutva, an exclusively Hindu state which is governed by Hindu laws and ideologies. And Narendra Modi’s measures in this direction are indeed worrying.

As a result, calamities promulgated by non-Muslims, political calamities come into effect to destroy Muslims and Islam. But they forget that there is a Creator Who is watching them. Human history is witness to the punishments that fell on dictators who violated and persecuted the rights of Muslims. In our century see what Ariel Sharon, the former Israelite Prime Minister had done, and see afterwards the state in which God the Almighty [Allah] rendered him. See what had happened to dictators such as the Pharaoh in the time of Moses (as), Nimrud in the time of Abraham (as), etc. All of these are just examples for humanity to think about, especially Muslims.

Humanity is in danger! But Allah sent His chosen servant with the Holy Spirit (Ruh’il Quddus) to guide you, to show you the right path and bring you back to God by abandoning the attractions of Satan. By the grace of Allah, I thank Allah with all my heart for guiding me to Him and receiving His guidance to guide humanity, and especially Muslims, to the right path. And God the Almighty has inspired many hearts to bear witness to the Divine Manifestation in all its splendour and to recognize the truthfulness of the [non-law-bearing] Messenger of Allah  in this century.

An important dream

By the grace of Allah, my sincere disciples, men and women and children are like stars lighting up the firmament [heavens]. When they demonstrate obedience to Allah and His Messenger (pbuh), as well as to the Khalifatullah of this century, and when they demonstrate a burning desire to work with devotion for the cause of Allah, Allah also blesses them and gives them a light to confirm His light (i.e. His Messenger) in the world. During Ramadan and up to this day, many of my disciples have been patient and trusting in God, especially with the calamities that come upon them in many ways, but they do not lose heart and demonstrate their sincerity in extraordinary ways. Among them is a very dynamic lady in terms of Dawa / Tabligh and translation, Naib Sadr Fauzia Zain Sahiba from Kerala in India who is very devoted to the divine cause. And Allah has blessed her in many ways. Among, during the 27th night of Ramadan, she saw an important dream in which she heard her son Zachariah recite duahs (prayers), and announce through a microphone: 'Indus is beeping with high voltage. Do not get afraid'. And in her dream, she saw herself writing this important dream in a notebook sitting on a bench, and she woke up at Sehri [Suhur] time sitting on her bed! Allahu Akbar!

As you probably already know, there is a river in Asia called Indus (Sindhu) which flows through China (Tibet), India and Pakistan.

By the designation “Indus” in this important dream, Allah is referring to calamities that will befall but divine help will come for believers. Indus can indicate the river itself, and other calamities too. As a result, following this dream, there was the cyclone “Nisarga” which caused a lot of damage, in India, in Maharashtra, and West Bengal among others. Other calamities will follow, but believers must place their trust in Allah, continue to work very hard for His cause and also take the necessary precautions for their survival.

O humanity! O Muslim brothers and sisters and all the members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, hold fast to God, be sincere, in order to enjoy His protection against calamities. No calamity strikes if there is not an order emanating from the heavens and no calamity can be removed if mercy does not descend from the heavens [i.e. from Allah].

O my brothers and sisters, do not despair of God, certainly, God the Most Merciful is sensitive to our ordeal, our difficulty. He is Kind. Every day, God passes on many of our sins and He forgives us with His mercy and He has more mercy on us than anyone. No one can have mercy on us like Him - Love God more than you love anyone. If you go to the one [sole] God, He will forgive you of all your sins, and if you repent, He will gladly accept it. If you take small steps towards Him, He will run towards you.

So be humble and kind and have real sympathy for your fellow human beings so that God will accept you. It is essential that you know with certainty that you have a unique God, Creator and Support of all existence, Almighty, and whose attributes are eternal and immutable.

May Allah accept our efforts and our duahs (prayers). Ameen, Summa Ameen. 

Insha-Allah, may Allah give me the Tawfiq to continue on the same subject next week.

---Friday Sermon of 12 June 2020~20 Shawwal 1441 AH delivered by Imam- Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim (aba) of Mauritius.