Monday, June 8, 2020

The Attributes of Allah- VII

It is essential that you know with certainty that you have a God, Creator, and Support of all existence Who is Almighty, and whose attributes are eternal and immutable. He is distant, yet close. He is close, yet distant. He is One, but His manifestations are manifold. God cannot undergo any change, for He is eternally unchanging and Perfect in His attributes. Do not prefer the world, its resources or your loved ones to Him, but prefer Him to everything else so that in heaven you will be among those registered in His community. 

The Omnipotent God has always shown His mercy. If you want to enjoy it, make sure that nothing separates you from Him, that your will submits entirely to His, and that your pleasures and desires are identified completely with His. Whatever the circumstances, whether successful or unsuccessful, always bow down before the threshold of His Throne, that He may accomplish what He wishes. Deploy whatever is in your power to establish His Oneness on earth. Show kindness and mercy to His creatures; do not harm them, be it with your tongue, hands or any other means, and work to promote their well-being [to improve their plight].

Do not act proudly with anyone, even if he is your subordinate or servant, and do not swear at anyone even if you are insulted. Be humble and kind, and have real sympathy for your fellow human beings so that God accepts you. There are many who are only humble in appearance, but deep down, they are real hungry wolves. Externally, they seem to have a pure nature, but internally, they are real vipers. God will only accept you if your tongue and your actions conform to your heart. If you have a high rank, show consideration for those who are below you, and do not despise them. If you are learned, do not boast about it, and do not conceivably disdain the ignorant, but enlighten them with your good advice. If you are rich, don’t boast about it, and don’t flaunt your pride before the poor, but serve them and help them.

Stay away from the paths that lead to ruin. Fear God, adopt righteousness, do not worship the Pirs and do not go on the Dargas. Cut yourself off from all innovations; these are not the teachings of Islam. Empty your hearts of all that is earthly. Offer yourself entirely to Him; do not go through intermediaries: Pirs, or even Wali’ullahs. Serve God only and dedicate your whole life to His service, and hate all impurity and all evil for the love of God, for your God is Holy.

May each morning testify that you have been virtuous during the night, and each night testify that you spent the day in fear of God. Have no fear of the curses of this world, for they are only flimsy, and they cannot turn light into darkness. Rather fear the curse of God, the one that comes down from heaven, for it destroys the person upon whom it falls upon, both in this world and in the next.

All Praise belongs to God, the One to create and trace the destiny of His Creatures, the One to rule and determine everything, the King to whom nothing can be compared. He is the One Who sees and hears everything! There is no minister in His kingdom: He is the Sovereign Possessor (Al-Malik) and no one, big or small can escape His control (Mulk). He is free of all peer, of all alike in His perfection – There is no one like unto Him; He alone is Perfect. He transcends any form or representation in the totality of His Essence. He is the Omniscient, from which nothing that the hearts conceal escapes: Doesn’t He Who has created know what you conceal while He is the Subtle, the Informed? He is the All-Knowledgeable whose science [knowledge] embraces the principle of things and their destination, the Hearer whose hearing is so fine that there is no difference for Him between a word spoken aloud or in a low voice; the Provider Who grants His grace to His creatures by ensuring their subsistence. He is the One who subsists by Himself and assumes [the responsibility of] His creation in all circumstances.

He is the Donor Who granted beings their existence; the Powerful Who will bring them back to life after having given them death. He is the One Who shall reward or punish beings, the Day they appear before Him, according to their good or bad works.

Glory to the Divinity [i.e. Allah] Who lavished His Generosity on His creatures even before having granted them existence, then taking charge of providing for the sustenance of him who recognizes Him as of him who denies Him! He supports each being by the gifts/ favours which he grants to him, and His Essence preserves the very existence of the world by assuring it of its permanence. By His Wisdom He manifested Himself on earth and by His power, in the heavens as well. I therefore attest, as a servant subject to divine decree, surrendering himself [myself] to His decisions and His judgements, that there is no god except Allah, Him alone, without associate.

On May 30, one of the Mujtaba (chosen one) of the Jamaat in India, in Tamil Nadu received a refreshing message from Allah on His attributes, His glory and His praise. This message has a deep connection with my sermons on the subject. It was during the Salat-ul-Zuhr, when father and daughter (Saleem Sahib and little Iynul Misbah) were praying. During the prayer, Saleem Sahib heard his daughter hum something very distinctly. At the end of the prayer, he asked her why she was doing this, because it was detestable to hum in front of the Creator in prayer! So her daughter replied that words came automatically to her tongue and that she had no control over them. Therefore her father asked her to write down what she received. The message is as follows:


La Ilaaha Illallah Muhammadur Rassullullah (2 times)
[There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad (pbuh) is the Messenger of Allah]
Allah is the Great (2 times)
Allah is so pure
Allah is everything
Subhan-Allah [May Allah be glorified], Allah is Pure
Alhamdulillah [All praise belongs to Allah], God is Great
Allah is everything
Allah created us and everything
Laa Ilaaha Illallah Muhammadur Rassullullah

This is certainly a very good spiritual experience. May Allah bless the children and adults of His Jamaat - Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam - so that everyone can connect with Him through His attributes, His glorification and His praise. May Allah help believers to approach Him with respect, love and obedience.

Know well [what will follow] O my brothers and sisters. Sincere faith in Allah will guide you to salvation while hypocrisy and unfaithfulness will lead you to damnation. Hypocrisy cannot save you because your God reads the most intimate secrets of your heart. Do you think you can deceive Him? Be frank, clean, pure and honest. If there is any bit of darkness in you, it will make all your light disappear, and if there is arrogance, conceit or indolence in you, God will not adopt you. For today, I’m stopping right here.

I pray that Allah will give me the Tawfiq to continue on the same subject - the attributes of Allah - next week. May Allah inspire you with the reality of His attributes and invoke Him by His attributes at every moment of your life on earth, and above all do not forget to thank Him for all the favours that He grants you. Not only for divine favours, but also for the trials He puts you through so that you get closer to Him. Insha-Allah, you will find in it [Zikr – the recitation of Divine attributes] peace, serenity, security, healing and mercy. Ameen.

---Friday Sermon of 05 June 2020 ~13 Shawwal 1441 AH delivered by Hazrat Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim (aba) of Mauritius.