Monday, May 11, 2020

Covid-19: Lockdown and Beyond

The present lockdown in Mauritius has been extended for the time being till the first of June 2020. My advice to the government is that it does not remove the lockdown all at once, but gradually, keeping in mind that this deadly virus is invisible and the situation, now somewhat stabilised in Mauritius will become chaotic if everything goes back to normal. 

Yet, in the present situation that we are living, things will no more be “normal” like before. A new era of life has come with new standards of living. 

Bear in mind that at the beginning of the Divine Manifestation in Mauritius, Allah revealed to me: “Arise and Create a New World”. We are presently seeing how this revelation will come to be fulfilled little by little. We are currently witnessing how the norms of the world and its way of life are changing. Perhaps Insha-Allah, this situation will cause the people to return back to Allah!

On the first of May 2020, Allah has again revealed to me that His destruction is coming. Destruction of a greater magnitude is coming. This revelation caused me to be greatly anxious. This revelation also stipulated the destruction of the enemies of Allah and of the Divine Manifestation of this era.

Man created a virus to gain power; to finish mankind and to gain supremacy over the world in many forms. But he did not expect that Allah will use his own evil and return it back to him! Like Allah informed me, such evildoers strive to destroy mankind and to gain power through their jealousies and thirst for power. They fabricate all kinds of armaments to destroy lives and to make nations come to their knees so that they can have the upper hand on them. The result is before you today, in the form of the COVID-19 with more than 3.5 millions of positive cases, and that too, what have been declared officially, and which caused more than two hundred and four-five thousand deaths, including 10 in Mauritius. Even top doctors find themselves powerless before this virus. Some have died from it around the world, including in Mauritius and from what I have learnt recently, a doctor in the United States of America has committed suicide as she cannot deal with this situation anymore. Even youths, not used to being confined are committing suicide!

Countries who considered themselves superpowers have become very weak before this virus, an invisible living thing! The United States of America alone has got more than one million of positive cases of the COVID-19 and more than sixty-seven thousand deaths, along with Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and France. 

Parents are dying leaving orphans behind, while many parents are losing their children also. There is despair everywhere and uncertainty for the future.

So, in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus, I tell you all – all mankind, to take your precautions. Humanity is in danger. I will keep on repeating it. When one country has acted in such a callous way, it will not take long before the rest of the world to reciprocate, and there will be chaos everywhere.

I thus advise you to leave behind all evil thoughts to harm others and yourselves. Put your trust in the Creator Who created you out of nothing, and Who gave you your basic needs. Be grateful that you have even got the basic necessities whereas in some countries the people are not even getting food to eat, and they are going to dig in the dustbin so as to survive! They live their lives in a miserable way. Be grateful of what you have got and give thanks to Allah and pray for all those who do not have food, drink, clothes and even a shelter over their heads to live their lives decently. Help mankind, and Allah will help you. Be good, and Allah will be good to you.

I know that it is not easy to be confined at home, and see your business or jobs suffer. Lives are at stake, and this is the moment to turn to God Almighty and seek His help and repent for all past sins and mistakes. We should often make this prayer:

Allahumma inni attubu ilayka minal ma’aasii. Laa arji’u ilayhaa abadan.

O Allah, I repent before You of all my sins and I promise never to return to the same again.

This is a “me” time with your Lord, the Absolute Creator. Sometimes, one may think that: “Oh, there is no new case of the coronavirus, and thus I can go out”. This may prove fatal for a people who think that this virus can be destroyed easily. No! We are powerless except with the power of prayers. Allah has given us the means to turn to Him. It is Him alone Who can remove this obstacle and discard this fear. Fear Allah more than this virus! Fear Allah and prepare yourselves physically, morally and spiritually to return to Allah with a clean soul. Remove all darkness with the light of Allah and let this light touch your soul in an extraordinary way. Disconnect with this world and connect with Allah. Be the ideal servant that God Almighty wants you to be. At that moment, even the angels will become your friends and will act as a shield for you in the face of this calamity.

All people who work in the various sectors of the economy, be them healthcare workers, big and small businessmen, taxi-drivers, foreign workers, and so on… everyone is suffering in their own way. Each person knows the extent of difficulties that he is undergoing in these difficult times. But amidst this calamity there are also some of these people, especially the owners of supermarkets and hypermarkets who have got the permission to provide food, vegetables and bread to the population, who are exceeding their limits by increasing the prices of their commodities in exorbitant ways.

Here in Mauritius, we had our Minister of Commerce say that there is no dearth of food stocks in the shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets, and that the prices of goods will remain the same. But the reality is another! It is the poor and middle-class families who are suffering with such high increase in prices of basic needs. It is a shocking situation to see how prices have gone way too high! The price of staple foods (such as rice, wheat, flour etc.) as well as vegetables are greatly exaggerated. On top of this, the promised salary and compensation to the working population are reduced to half of the promised amount. How will they then cope with such a high cost of living? The situation is indeed critical.

Therefore, utmost care should be taken when considering the removal of the lockdown because the country also has to move on, but there should be good planning so that there occurs not a second wave of the virus in Mauritius.

What is being done to assure a return back to normal activities? How school will be operating as from after the lockdown? What have been planned to boost once again the economy of the country? Will the government let the rich get richer or strive to bring the equilibrium (balance) between the rich and the poor? The poor and middle-class families are suffering greatly in these critical times. This virus does not look at the bank balance of its victims. Whether complications arise from contamination from it, even the loads of wealth a person has, cannot save him from this virus.

So, health is a treasure to be greatly valued. Without health, having money is to no avail. Health is the true wealth. One should take care of both his physical and spiritual health. The soul, just like the body needs food and proper care to survive. And the food of the soul is prayer; it is its connection with the Creator. The closer he is to the Creator, the more protected he will be from all harms, until and unless his final moments has come and he has to leave this world. Indeed, nobody is permanent on this earth.

Mauritius, as well as many small and big economies are suffering greatly, and one example of this suffering is the crashing of the aviation sector. But unfortunately, this crash – that is, that of the Air Mauritius – which was impending is now blamed on the coronavirus. In the year 2015, I received revelations on our aviation sector in Mauritius and I said in my various speeches that the Air Mauritius will incur losses in milliards because there are incompetent people at its head who are wasting money.

That sector made lots of profit when competent people were at its head, gaining profits of more than six hundred million rupees, which then became one milliard and three hundred million rupees. Now, the questions are being evaded on the question, and those at the head fear the questions of the opposition members of the Parliament and those of the public in general. Due to this chaotic situation, around three thousand Air Mauritius employees can even lose their jobs. Air Mauritius, which was supposed to be the pride of our country, making us having foreign currencies in the form of tourists arrivals and many other investments, and creating many jobs for the taxi drivers, hotels etc., now stands at a critical point.

There is also the case of the State Bank of Mauritius. One after the other, many problems of great magnitude are being discovered, but no right way is being used to tackle the problem. 

People should not put all their trust in other people like themselves, taking them as supermen who can solve any problem or resolve any bad situation. The real Support and Helper is God Almighty, Allah Who can turn a bad situation into good and re-establish truth and justice on earth. For that the people should follow the path of righteousness and adopt justice themselves so that we can all march forward with a clear conscience to reform our world, not by ourselves but by the power of our Lord and His revelations. To Him belong all knowledge, and it is Him alone Who can give us the knowledge to resolve all kinds of problems. Man should not boast about his own abilities, and forget God Almighty. If arrogance comes in the way, then he will be destroyed by Allah and his reputation in the eyes of the people will be tarnished.

So, as the Representative of Allah on earth, I tell you all, fear Allah and obey me. Do not take my message in a light way and do not turn your backs to it. All that I am saying is for your own welfare. As a Messenger of Allah, this is indeed my task, and I am not asking you for any salary for it. It is by divine instruction that I am presenting before you this message. Humanity is in danger. Lots of dangers will be coming: deadly viruses, wars and a dark era of poverty. Crimes will be rampant. That which is coming is coming soon, and unless humanity follow the right guidance which Islam provides and put into practice all the true essence of all divine teachings which God Almighty revealed to all His prophets, humanity will go to its lost.

Therefore turn to God Almighty in humility. Fear him and do not be arrogant. If you don’t know anything, then do not act as if you know everything. Seek advice for the betterment of the human race, for the bright future of our children, so that we may leave a righteous world for them and not a world which has fallen prey to evils. 

O our Lord, it is indeed You Who can rid us from all calamities,
It is You Who help those in difficulties,
And render easy all complications.
It is You Who resolve all difficulties.
You alone are deserving of worship,
And it is from You alone that We need to seek Help,
Help us and have mercy on us,
Have mercy on the believers,
And have mercy on mankind,
And enable the people to see Your Truth and Power,
And Grant us a life devoted to Your name and remembrance,
Which gives us the drive to spread goodness everywhere,
And that the Reign of Your Majesty be finally upon each one of us,
As Your subservient and sincere servants,
Who believe in You and trust in You.
Guide us to Your righteous path,
And accept our prayers,
O Allah, O the Remover of all difficulties. (Ameen).

May God Almighty enable us through His help to accomplish our works in the righteous way and that He couple our weaknesses with His Might and enable us to walk on earth without fear of any creature, but to fear Him alone and act with righteousness and generosity in the true spirit of sharing and caring, all for the love and mercy of God Almighty. Insha-Allah.

----Extracts from a Special Message delivered by Imam-Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam Hazrat Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim (atba) of Mauritius on 05 May 2020.