Wednesday, December 26, 2018

'Become Models of Islamic Piety'

During the recently concluded tour of South India, Imam-Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam Hadhrat Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius addressed the women believers at the Noor'ul Islam Masjid at Mathra on the occasion of their Ijtema on 05 December 2018 (27 Rabi’ul Awwal 1440 AH). In this spiritual discourse, Hadhrat Khalifatullah (atba) encourages women believers of the Divine Manifestation to recognize their important role in the transmission of the Divine messages of our times both within their family circles and beyond. While being models of piety in individual and collective lives, the believers need to appreciate the roles and responsibilities that go with their terrain and be ready to participate- based on their respective capabilities and specific skills- with sincerity and steadfastness in the larger causes of the Jamaat at all levels, exhorts Hadhrat Saheb (atba).    

The Believing Women of the Divine Manifestation

Dear Suruj Makin (i.e. the Strong and Firm Lamps of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam), Assalamoualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuhu.

By the grace of Allah, Allah has enabled this humble self to come to Kerala again this year, after nearly two years now since January of the year 2017. And Alhamdulillah, I am here present today for your special Ijtema to address you few words of encouragement in the path of Allah.

You should know that working for the cause of Allah reaps the sweetest of fruits, be it in this world and the hereafter. As women of the Divine Manifestation of this age, it is your duty to see to it that other women also get the divine message. It is my prayer that Allah gives you the power of tongue, whilst being in Pardah and in a cultured manner to represent Islam in the best way vis-à-vis other ladies, be it of Islam and the various religions.

Today, you are the fortunate ones whom Allah has guided to accept His truth, to recognize His signs and Khalifatullah. Now, you should not neglect your duties to Allah and the Messenger of Allah. You should strive in the various fields of works, like Dawa/ Tabligh and the translations of the documents of the Jamaat, as available in our website. Alhamdulillah, you take good care of your homes – husbands, parents, children and other family members, but how beautiful it would be if all those with the necessary knowledge, contribute in translation works also, especially the Commentary of the Holy Quran inspired to this humble self in your local language, i.e. Malayalam, and Insha-Allah, other local languages of India.

As a spiritual father to you all, it is my duty to motivate you to work selflessly for the cause of Allah. Working for the Deen-e-Islam is indeed a great blessing which few receive or take the step forward to hold firm to. Those who receive the blessings of working for the cause of Allah are indeed fortunate because their sacrifices and dedication shall NEVER be in vain. Allah will illumine them and show them the right path and bring them close to Him.

The goal of a true believer is indeed Allah. Therefore, each woman and girl of the Divine Manifestation should strive to become a model of piety and to work hard to make ISLAM, through the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam in this era, to shine like the most beautiful of jewels.

For this, you need to be attached to prayer (Salat) and the Holy Quran and accomplish your foremost duties to Allah, such as fasting and giving away charity in the path of Allah. Moreover, the Jamaat of Allah calls for your financial sacrifices in accomplishing the projects of the Jamaat, such as publication of the Al-Azim Tafsir’ul Quran, translation works and publishing, and the construction of centres of the Jamaat throughout Kerala and India.

Remember, you are now few in number, but one day, your numbers shall increase, and more and more women shall come and integrate the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. Till that time come, you should carve yourselves into good human beings and Muslims so that when others look at you, they shall see ISLAM in its perfection. Insha-Allah. Through your behaviours, works and sacrifices, you shall go from success to success, be it in this world and the hereafter.

Those who are well-versed in English and can do translation works should come forward for this work. Your help is vital for the success of the Jamaat. Righteousness, i.e. Taqwa and the putting into practice of this Taqwa through your good efforts in the cause of Allah to please Allah is essential.

Don’t think that you cannot do this work. Indeed you have the ability to do it. But you should make efforts to do it, and when you make the first effort, Allah shall bless this effort and give you the necessary knowledge to do it.

May Allah enable you to do so. Where there is a will, there is a way. I pray that may Allah give you the incentive to work harder for His cause and help the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam to progress further in Kerala, and India as a whole. Ameen.

Now, with technological advancements, everything is possible, but you should always bear in mind to use this technology to good use, to help propagate the cause of Allah in the world. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

Thank you for your kind attention. 
Assalamoualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuhu.