Monday, August 21, 2017

Special Advices for a Brilliant Future

A Blessed Friday 

....(B)y the grace of Allah, today “it is a blessed Friday for the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam of Mauritius, of course!” It is verily a grace, a blessing for the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam of Mauritius. When Allah is blessing the members of our Jamaat, it is tantamount to Him blessing the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. When Allah is pouring down His grace and blessings upon His chosen servants, upon people who show obedience to Allah and His Prophet, then definitely Allah shall reward them. 

When Allah gives an instruction, the instruction/ message comes from Allah, or even when the Messenger of Allah gives some instructions, advices and messages, then you simply have to say: Labbaik! (Here I am - (In other words) I am ever ready to follow the instructions, to submit to the will of Allah). Likewise, ponder over how many “Labbaik, Allahumma Labbaik” our brothers and sisters who are going for the Hajj shall pronounce. We also, in all our sacrifices for the cause of Allah and to please Allah, we say “Labbaik”. We do not go against those instructions, we do not start any dispute and lengthen it but instead we simply submit and obey Allah and His Prophet.

Benefits of Spiritual Obedience 

And you shall agree (with me) that you have witnessed that, whenever Allah has given an instruction in the past and we have shown obedience, then we have witnessed the (positive) result of such obedience (to Allah) - when we did the works of Allah - despite the countless difficulties we encountered and the restrained means we have. But Allah indeed put in His Spirit/ Breath and blessings in such efforts (from our part) and by the grace of Allah, it is that very obedience which have borne its fruits. It is through that obedience that we were successful.

If there is no obedience towards our Creator and towards the Messenger of Allah, then we shall never succeed in anything. Therefore, obedience towards Allah and His Messenger, like Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran - in many verses therein - “Obey Allah and Obey the Prophet” (Obey Me and Obey My Prophet). Allah says, Whenever I give you a message, an instruction, a revelation, you just need to obey, and then I shall turn your obedience into success.”

And today by the grace of Allah, we truly feel… (happy). Indeed all Fridays are Eid days also - Eid-ul-Jummah - and today indeed it is truly an Eid - a great grace - for us. With just an obedience which we have shown towards our Rab, and we need to say that our (financial) means were ʻzero’ (an expression in creole: i.e. very little) but despite this, we obeyed Allah, we made lots of effort and Allah blessed/ rewarded this effort. If we count the days, Allah (twa) has not delayed in extending that help and reward our efforts. Allah knows well that we have obeyed Him and we went to do His work despite our little means, despite our difficult situation. But Allah has said not to worry, “I will double, treble this; I will give you more than that”. And Insha-Allah, according to the divine revelations received, in ten years time, the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam shall progress a lot/ spread (Creole: Pou arrive bien bien loin) throughout the entire world.

But like Allah made us understand, I need to tell you that this victory shall not come on its own! We should not say: “Oh, Allah has promised us” and then we sit down and crossed our arms (i.e. we don't do any effort in this endeavour). There are lots of sacrifices and efforts to do to enable this success/ victory - for the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam - whereby there shall be lots and lots of people, nations who shall seek out the Chosen Servant of Allah. They shall seek “the servant of Allah”; others shall say “Where is the Imam Mahdi?”; while others will say: “Where is the Zul Qarnain?” Each will seek the Chosen Servant/ Messenger of Allah in his own way (with the appellation/ titles which are reserved for the Elect of Allah).

Today, when people shall hear/ read this, they can scoff it off. Recall in the times of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). While he had two rocks/ stones attached to his belly (during the preparations for one of the battles of Islam), whereby there was no food, yet when he took the tool to strike the earth (to dig the trench) and break the rock, he said that Allah was showing him that the keys of Yemen shall be bestowed to him as well as the keys of such and such (other) countries shall be bestowed to him. At that very moment, God Forbid, either he was truthful (a divinely-sent man) or a madman. Having no food to eat and having rocks attached to his belly, he was pronouncing such words/ prophecies, and the non-believers were laughing at him. He pronounced those words with such surety and we have seen/ learnt how, before leaving this world, Allah has realised the prophecies he made [And some were realised after his death also in the times of the Rightly-Guided caliphs].

How all this became possible? Only when all those who were with him (his disciples) showed a complete obedience towards their Creator and the Messenger of Allah. And you have seen also how those who faulted in their duty, what happened to them, i.e. what became of them, their consequences. We have the example of the battle of Uhud where Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) put three persons in a particular place and told them not to abandon their places unless he instructs them. They did not have the instruction to move away from that place until the Prophet orders them to. But at the end, through their own initiatives, through a thought which manifested in them, whereby they thought that victory was securely theirs, they left their posts and afterwards the enemies seized that opportunity to strike back.

Do not doubt Divine Instructions

So you see when a Messenger gives an instruction, an advice, there is therein lots of blessings (barakat). And these instructions or messages definitely come from Allah.
رأيت ربي بعين ربي
“Ra’aytu rabbi bi ayni rabbi”
(I saw my Lord through the (merciful) eye of my Lord.)

The voice/ path of the Messenger (of Allah) is verily the voice/ path of Allah. He sees his Lord through the eyes of his Lord. And by the grace of Allah, Allah guides us. He gives us messages. He gives us instructions and we obey those instructions. We do not do like the others...

Like in the beginning of the Divine Manifestation - I shall not come profoundly on the subject - when the ego of some of them were manifested, they began asking too many questions and let their ego manifest in unacceptable ways and they began putting doubt in the revelations received and they began to argue on many subjects, then Allah separated them (from His Messenger). Allah says, when I separate, man cannot make them one again. This is an extraordinary statement! And like Allah again says: Look at the state of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya, in which situation it is finding itself. 

From the very start of this century, on the first day and month of this era, He began to distinguish the good from the bad and He removed His Messenger from there. At that time, did we know what will become of us in the future? 16 years have now passed by since this happened. When we were informed to create another Jamaat, we were frightened, but Allah willed it so. In the kingdom/ court of Allah, there is no dearth of servants from whom to choose for His works. We have the example, even in the past and in the times of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), whenever the people close to the prophet began to doubt the messages of Allah, they began to argue and discuss and comment about those revelations and they made these become subjects of their conversation, and they went on to do worst that this, then Allah had to definitely cut and separate and put those people apart. And with His hands Allah put them away and if ever Allah wants to put them back as one (with us, with His Messenger), then it is definitely Allah Himself who shall be able to do so. Nobody else can do that except Allah! If Allah has blocked their way back till their last breath on earth because of their grievous deeds, then they won't be able to come back - like in the times of the past prophets.

Say “Labbaik” to Divine Instructions

So, we the members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, we need to take this as a lesson. And we see that when Allah gives us a message/ messages, revelations, guidance on what to do, then we need to go along these messages (put them into practice/ obey them) and put everything which is of this world (i.e. our attachment to the things of this temporal world) apart and we sacrifice. Despite our extremely little means, but when Allah puts in His Breath (in other words, gives a helping hand) in this endeavour, then you shall be astonish at the result (because the result shall be grand compared to the minimal effort and means you put in the work/ project/ instruction given), at the way Allah fills in the treasury of the Jamaat. Everything through the grace of Allah! And Allah has said to continue like this. 

If you obey Me (i.e. Allah), and obey My (Chosen) Servant of this era, it is as if you are obeying Allah, and you are obeying the noble prophet (pbuh) because the Islam at the time of Nabi Kareem (pbuh) has been revived in this present era. And the Messenger whom Allah has raised in this era has come to revive the true teachings of Islam, to revive the teachings of the greatest prophet, our Master Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). It is as if a small Muhammad has come to revive the teachings of that great Muhammad (pbuh).

So, don't think that you shall lose anything in obedience (to Allah and His Messenger). In good things, words and instructions that you receive, do not give rise to any dispute. Do not make this become a long argument and subject of discussion. Do not manifest your ego. Recall the example of those who were once with us, where are they now! Look at what is happening to them. Do not behave like them and getting the same fate as them, because you don’t know in which action you may do or say - for like the saying goes: the tongue is boneless and can make you say anything grievous that you shall one day regret.
Therefore, as far as we can, we need to be obedient and respond “Labbaik” for all good things. When a command comes to you, that obedience - that is what is called “Ati’ullah wa ati ʻur-Rasul - Obey Allah and Obey the Messenger. It is therein that there is prosperity for you. You shall receive rewards, be it in this world and the hereafter. Allah shall be pleased with you. Allah shall be with you. There are a lot of things attached to this obedience which you show to Allah and His Messenger. And this is the result today, that we have witnessed, in the name of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, an Eid-ul-Jummah but also a great Eid. 

On one hand, our brothers and sisters are taking the plane and making great sacrifices but on the other hand, Allah chose these blessed moments where they are making a long journey for the Hajj, to make sacrifices for His cause, to accomplish the fifth pillar of Islam; so Allah chose this blessed moment to reward also His chosen servants who made great sacrifices for His cause, who have obeyed Allah. Like I said, when you are told to obey, then you obey. These are good things wherein there is no satanic effect which is manifested. When something comes from Allah, for the cause of Allah, you are turning to Allah, you obey Allah. You say “Alhamdulillah” (All praise belongs to Allah), “Summa Alhamdulillah”. We need to show ourselves really thankful to our Creator, and we shall be ever present to respond “Labbaik”. But if there are those who won't say “Labbaik”, who do not obey, then this is out of our control (i.e. we cannot force anyone). For this kind of person or these kinds of persons, it is Allah who shall deal with him/ them. Just like He dealt with the others who were with us, those whom Allah gave lots of great signs, proofs but finally, even then they manifested themselves negatively.

Strive in Humility; Follow Guidance

I advise the members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, not only in Mauritius, or some particular countries but throughout the world wherever there are our members, let us live our lives in a humble way, let us be obedient (i.e. show your obedience to Allah and His Messenger), let us not manifest our ego. We should not become egoist and arrogant. If we let these manifest, then these can destroy our Iman (faith) and this shall be very grievous. This shall be a grievous malady; such malady without a remedy where our faith shall disappear completely. What account shall you then give Allah, your Creator on the day of Judgement?

Therefore, make sacrifices in a humble and obedient way, work for the cause of Allah like Allah has made us understand. Insha-Allah Ta’ala Al-Aziz you shall see where the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam shall reach in ten years time. You shall witness it. But for that, our members need to input their efforts. No such progress can be fulfilled without our members changing their wrong manners (i.e. without first of all making their inner and outer reform) and attitudes. We all have weaknesses, we all have our faults/ defects, but we pray that Allah Himself remove all those weaknesses, defects and bad manners. 

O Allah, give us good manners, make us have good conduct, give us courage, instil love in our hearts to do your Deen works. For as long as we are alive, and have courage and health, give us this capacity/ ability much more than our efforts (and praying on behalf of his disciples and teaching us this duah, the Khalifatullah said) because We are (i.e. You have made us) the first ones who are found along with the Messenger of Allah, who work along with him and whose names shall remain engraved in the history of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. And the future generations shall one day speak of us as being the first ones to be around/ with the Khalifatullah of this era. Ameen.

Therefore, we can say Allahu Akbar. You are verily great O Allah! There is no one worthy of being worshipped except You. All Praise belongs to You. You do what You want. You honour whom You want and You raise whom You want and You love whom You want. You do what You want. And today, by the grace of Allah, by Your grace, You have shown that You are with the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. You have only looked at our tiny effort that we did; our means was known to You, our little means was before Your sight. It was a test and You looked at the faith we placed in You and You saw that there was therein sincerity and today You have rewarded us greatly for this.

----Extracts from the Friday Sermon of 18 August 2017 (25 Dhul Qaddah 1438 AH) delivered by Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.