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Divine Revelations and Actual Signs

There are scientists who say that the earth on which we live is very small. Compared to other divine creations, for them the earth is only an insignificant thing. Verily, neither what they say is accurate, nor is it our belief that God reveals Himself only through a particular nation or sect. God has no connection or special love for a particular nation. 

What is correct (to state) is that God, the God of the universe as a whole has created the means to physically nourish and develop everything that He has put on earth without distinction, and according to our faith, that same God (Allah) is “Rabbul Aalameen”, that is to say, He is the One Who provides the whole universe everything we need; it is He who gives us all sorts of favours/ benefits. He has provided cereals (i.e., food and also drink), air, water, light, etc. to all His creation.

Similarly, in every period of human existence and to every nation He has, from time to time sent reformers to reform peoples. As stated in Surah Fatir of the Holy Quran, Allah the Almighty is the God of the universe. 

In fact, in this regard, we find no contradiction in the scriptures that were given to the nations from time to time. This is so because the advent of a reformer is a necessity when the world tends to indulge in evil and unethical practices such as lying, stealing, quarrels and general immorality that lead people to move away from purity and virtue and to be enslaved by selfishness. Their submission to such wrong practices/ to such evils is such that they abandon the worship of God and they indulge in idolatry.

God takes care of the physical and spiritual well-being of man. His Munificence requests that in such times of spiritual darkness, He needs to appoint a person to reform (mankind) and the concept of such a representative (of God) does not affect any law of nature.

Just like the real wheat that grew in the time of Adam (as) and the other prophets cannot be for us a source of food and like water that existed in ancient times cannot satisfy our thirst, it is so when this concerns our spiritual nourishment; we need something fresh for our spiritual well-being. It is the tradition (Sunnah) of God that He provides food for human physical development when there is a shortage somewhere, so it is for spiritual development, and both the physical and spiritual works together (especially concerning man – body and soul).

For one who denies the existence of God, this concept would take a different form. But for those who believe in the existence of God, he has to keep in view both concepts and by comparing both should reap the benefits. The One who created the physical system also creates the spiritual system. Just like He nourishes/ provides the physical system with fresh food, He also nourishes the spiritual system in this way. Just as the physical state depends on fresh water, the spiritual state also depends on fresh divine revelation. The physical body dies if it does not receive food; the soul also dies without spiritual food. If one pinpoints or concentrates only on references from the past when it comes to spiritual things, there is no other conclusion to be drawn than to say that the spiritual system is dead. Could it be otherwise? 

By His nature, God Almighty desires we recognize Him. As proof of His existence and His identification He always gratifies us with recent and actual signs and it is not difficult to understand that. It is this system that has been ongoing and continues to be so. Thousands and thousands of prophets appeared and through their own actions furnished to man such evidence, thus completing the concept for proving the existence of God.

How can a person claiming to be a scientist or a philosopher doubt that continuity of attested evidence that has stood the test of time? Opponents, however, would be justified if they ask why we present them old stories and ancient fables, why not give them real proof or a living example - so that’s why I put myself at their disposal.

An astronomer cannot give definitive proof of the existence of God just by observing the solar system but that (observation) can, at most, lead to think that God really exists. The fact that there is a God and that He really exists has been proven through the teachings put forward by the prophets. If people like this humble servant and messenger of Allah – obedient follower of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) – did not appear in this world, we would be deprived of the real and complete proof of the existence of God.

May Allah open closed hearts with His powerful light and water dried hearts with His water so that the truth becomes clear to their physical and spiritual eyes and that they conform to God’s commandments and acknowledge and obey the Messengers of their times, and this until the Day of Judgement. Ameen.

---Friday Sermon of 16 September 2016 ~(14 Dhul Hijjah 1437 AH) delivered by Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius. 


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