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HIJRI 1435: Muharram Mubarak

The Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius extends “NAYA SAAL MUBARAK” to all Muslims in the Friday Sermon of November 08, 2013:

Today Friday is the 4th Muharram 1435 Hijri – 
the first Friday Sermon of the Islamic Calendar.  It is unfortunate that the Muslims have forgotten their teachings and the important month of their calendar year. Just think how many Muslims have welcomed the sacred month, and new Islamic year, Muharram! Monday the 4th November 2013, the moon was visible and Allah graced us by His immense favour and made us witness the new Islamic year. But unfortunately, and I am sure of it, many Muslims did not take this into consideration, but on the other hand, in more than a month and a half, the New year 2014 shall come. Then just see how many of our Muslim brothers and sisters shall involve themselves to welcome the new year 2014 with festivities, and spending new year’s eve in lighting up firecrackers till midnight.

On the other hand, Allah (swt) has given us an Islamic new year where each of us (Muslims) can make a self-analysis from Muharram last till this Muharram to see which progress has been made in our everyday mundane and spiritual. Is it that when we saw these weaknesses in spirituality, be it for our obligatory prayers, Zikr, the reading of the Holy Quran and the other acts of worship, have we done those well? Have we read the Holy Quran with translation and commentary, and have all these practices had a spiritual effect on us during this past Islamic year or not? If not, do we think that with the start of Muharram 1435 Hijri can we take a resolution to ameliorate our lives, especially our spiritual lives?

The 1st Muharram has not asked of us to light up firecrackers, boxes after boxes or to stay awake on the eve of New Year with family till the next day. On the contrary, we wish our brothers, sisters and children a Naya Saal Mubarak (Muharram Mubarak) and give them the best wishes in form of duas and our new year eve is different from the new year eve  of the other cultures and religions whereby we spend our night in prayer, Namaz Tahajjud with family and we make lots of duas, as for the lighting of firecrackers which the others do on 31st December at midnight, as for us, for Muharram, we read our Holy Quran with translation and pray a lot that: Allah (swt) during this new Islamic year 1435 Hijri removes the Ummah of Nabi (pbuh) from all darkness and open the heart of each of us so that His light may penetrate us and bring in its wake love, brotherhood and sincerity among us brothers of the same faith. Ameen.

Therefore, it is unfortunate to see that many Muslims prepare themselves months ahead (in November itself) to welcome the 1st and 2nd January and even till the 8th in parties, festivities, time in hotels with family, wasting money in firecrackers and spending the night in the preparation of barbecue. In doing so, they completely forget to pray Tahajjud and to make duas, zikr and to read the Holy Quran. The Muslims have forgotten their teachings and are putting in practice the teachings/innovations of other cultures and religions. Look how the true teachings of Islam have been trampled. Will Allah (swt) leave His religion which He has perfected, like this? As the Khalifatullah of this age, the greatest gift that I can give you my dear brothers, sisters and children today 4th of Muharram is that I wish you a Naya Saal Mubarak and that I pray for you and for you today in my sermon is an advice, which if not concluded today, I will Insha-Allah continue on the subject next week 15 November 2013….


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