Friday, November 8, 2013

“I have God as My Witness –Will You Believe?”

“A Fresh Sign, Shock of a Fresh Sign”.
Divine Message received on Thursday 24 October 2013 (After Zuhr prayer at 1.20 pm)
The prophecy apparently speaks of an earthquake but the description of this earthquake indicates that it was to be a worldwide calamity resembling an earthquake. Other revelations on the subject also indicated a calamity other than an earthquake. I first write the revelation which I am receiving today containing the prophecy:
“A fresh sign, Shock of a fresh sign”.  An earthquake resembling the Doomsday. Save your lives. I descended for your sake. We will show many signs for your sake. We will destroy whatever the world is building. We will destroy the Zalim of this era, whatever big, big plots making against My Khalifatullah. Say, “I have God as my witness –will you believe?”

Victory resplendent, Our victory. I will come to you with the armies and will come suddenly (this revelation has been repeated again and again). A mountain fell; and came an earthquake! A volcano! Avenues useful for Arabs. Arabs set out from their home. Houses will disappear even as all thoughts of Me has disappeared. You will see again and again the earthquake of the appointed day. Dominion on that day will be for the one, relentless God. The earthquake is to bring destruction to human beings, villages and fields. A man caught naked will not have time to dress. The earthquake will entail special hardship for travelers. Many will stray far from appointed routes to escape the terrors of the earthquake. Depressions will be produced in the earth. Streams of blood will flow. Streams of water running downhill will become red with blood. The calamity will involve the whole world. All men, great and small, all governments will break under its impact. Even birds will suffer. They will lose their senses and forget their sweet songs.
The revelations assert that on that day, Allah Almighty will be the Universal King. This description also indicates a war in which powerful states were to be involved against one another. The great powers, according to the prophecy, were to become weak. The dominion of God was to be reasserted by powerful signs.
Another sign to prove your veracity Khalifatullah, the war was that streams of water, red with human blood were to become streams of blood. This is what happened. So much blood was shed at times that for miles water-ways in the locality would turn red. There was so much fighting on the different fronts that streams of blood flowed. O Khalifatullah the big earthquake coming soon very soon at the place of the big Zalim and his two daughters!
Big, big earthquake coming soon very soon to all the Muslims and Ahmadis who turned back to the Divine Manifestation, destruction will also wrought in the foundation of their life.
Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, security, confidence will continue, peace and progress will continue going on. Don’t worry! Spiritual sons will be coming soon.
The Message will continue, it’s time to leave now! 

Mobarak Ho! Mobarak Ho! Thousands of Mobarak Ho.