Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Islam and Human Rights

In his special sermon of October 05, 2012 on the occasion of the Annual Conference [“JALSA SALANA”] of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam International, the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius reflected on the fundamental values on which the edifice of human society is constituted. Paying rich tributes to the idea of human freedom and individual liberty from an Islamic perspective,  Hadhrat Sahib underscores the profound correlation between the recognition of identity and individual rights and societal peace and progress.  

Read the Extracts from the Sermon:

A society is made up of a number of individuals. That’s why Islam has provided a lot of directions for the freedom, progress and protection of the individual. The individual has been granted full liberty of conscience by this revelation to the Prophet (saw): “LA IKRAHA FIDDIN” There’s no compulsion in religion.

Each member has a mind of his own and is free to make his own choice. Man has been granted a free will and he can make use of his own judgement. He is not an automation directed by a blind force. This freedom of conscience, this liberty to choose and make our own destiny, that has been granted to every individual member as his birthright is considered – and justly so – to be the greatest blessing of God to humanity.

“ALL MEN ARE BROTHERS”. No discrimination

For man’s progress many avenues have been opened. Various are the ways and means at his disposal to make headway in life. All barriers have been removed from his path. Islam recognise no BAR whatsoever, be it of colour, birth, rank, caste or faith. All men are equal in the eyes of God and all have been given equal opportunities. Differences in pigmentation and language have been explained clearly in the following verse of the Holy Quran:

“And among His signs are the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the diversity of your tongues and colours. In that surely are signs for those who possess knowledge.” (30: 23)

In the same way Islam explains the way and wherefore of the various clans, tribes and races:

“O mankind, We have created you from male and female; and We have made you into tribes and clans that you may recognise one another. Verily, the most honourable among you, in the sight of Allah, is he who is the most righteous among you. Surely, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.” (49: 14)
The mere fact of belonging to a particular people should not qualify one for an honourable rank in society but only good deeds should do so.

As for the protection of the life, property, and honour of man, the Holy Prophet of Islam made a clear and lucid statement in his farewell sermon on the occasion of his last pilgrimage:

“Verily your blood, your property and your honour are as sacred to you as are indeed sacred the Day, this month, this city.”

During the month of pilgrimage, it is strictly forbidden to kill anything – even the life of a louse has to be respected. There are the principles on which rests the superstructure of the individual. Each member of society feels a sense of security and internal peace. Each one has a burning zeal and ardour to work courageously and boldly, for the progress and development of the nation and the country. Each individual’s heart is kindled with a patriotic love that causes him to be always ready to lay down his life for his motherland. That’s the real spirit behind the rapid advances made by certain nations. God Himself is pleased with the manifestation of such a spirit.