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New Bai'ats in India & A Testimonial

Several Ahmadi Muslim brothers and their families in India, previously working within the Nizam-e-Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya under the Khalifatul Massih V, recently came to hear about the Divine Manifestation in Mauritius in the person of Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba), and his claims about being Divinely-raised as the "Muhyi-ud-Din" and "Mujaddid"/"Khalifatullah" of this era, with a mandate for the reform of the human morals and the renewal of the Spiritual Path in our era. Based on their fervent prayers and supplications, Allah (swt) has unveiled the Divine mysteries of raising His Elects through beautiful dreams vouchsafed to these fervent seekers, Alhamdulillah

In his Friday Sermon of 20 October 2017(29 Muharram 1439 AH), speaking in the context of Divine revelations, especially prayers and supplications that could be fervently invoked by true seekers in the Divine Path in the varied contingencies of our everyday lives, the Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah (atba) officially acknowledged the new Bai'ats in Tamil Nadu, India and also shared a beautiful testimonial made by one of the new brothers in the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam International, Alhamdulillah, Soumma Alhamdulillah.   

Read from the Extracts of the Friday Sermon: 

"O my dear disciples throughout the world, become such kinds of people who, through them Allah (swt) can manifest Himself, and be present with them wherever them are. Become such kind of people and Allah shall show extraordinary signs in your favour and He shall manifest His signs (for your sake) more quickly, Insha-Allah.  I give you an example. 

By the grace of Allah, there are our brothers and sisters in Tamil Nadu in India who have recently recognized the truthfulness of this humble servant and messenger of this era and they took the Bai’at (oath of allegiance). 

A Beautiful Dream

Among these brothers, there is my dear disciple Saleem Sahib who made a very beautiful dream in which Allah showed to him clearly my truthfulness as His Nabi (prophet). He made this dream after making lots of duahs and he devoted himself a lot in his Tahajjud prayers. Alhamdulillah, it is like this that a true servant of Allah must do. In all phases of his life, a true servant of Allah needs to always turn to Allah, be it in times of happiness or misfortune or in any other situations of his life. And verily Allah never refuses a sincere heart. My disciple Saleem Sahib relates:

“… But, my mind was restless and I was weeping daily in my Tahajjud prayers. I was not able to digest to reject Nizam-e-Jamath, especially Khalifatul Massih the V.

Huzur, I have studied your teaching via internet slowly and simultaneously I have discussed regarding [this - i.e. the Divine Manifestation] to My brother K. Nazeer Shab… [and he listed some other people]… and my wife. They initially objected the issue but after some days they also found the truthfulness of your claim. Some of them saw dreams (K. Nazeer Shab and Janabha Mubeena). Still I got doubt regarding issues of Zafarullah  Domun Sahib (Jafarullah Doman Shab) with you…

(In) Meanwhile I saw a dream where you are coming to my office as a Controlling Officer and conducting a meeting to my all office colleagues. In that meeting I felt very proud to see you as Controlling Officer and peoples of my colleagues asked me to tell about you; I said: “He is the prophet of God”. Then, again they asking, [and] I said: “He is the prophet of entire world”. After that I requested to meet you via Email.”

[Kindly note, the English language with grammar and punctuation was refined to reflect true meaning of this beautiful testimonial]

Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah. All these are means through which Allah guides whomever among His servants with whom He is pleased with, whereby He wishes that they tread on the right path and take resolution to reform their lives in a most appropriate manner and that they obtain this exceptional blessing in their life and consequently live a true Laila-tul-QadrAlhamdulillah. We can never thank Allah enough for all this.

Therefore, bear in mind that you are not ordinary people (you are not like the other people). You have the grace and blessings of Allah upon you when you have recognized and accepted Allah’s own caliph (Khalifatullah), His Messiah of this era. Reflect on this revelation - When Allah is with us, everything is with us.

Insha-Allah, may Allah bless each one among us and make you all live a life filled with duahs and especially the duahs which I have put before you. Recite them and make your wives and children recite them also, Insha-Allah. May Allah bless all of you and help you in your resolution to change your life for a better one in spirituality. You need to refine your spirituality so that you become bright lights whereby through you also, Allah guides other people towards the right path, towards Islam, Sahih al Islam. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

---Extracts from Friday Sermon of 20 October 2017(29 Muharram 1439 AH) delivered by Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius. 

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