Monday, November 2, 2020

'Duah': Invocations to Allah- XVII

Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah I continue my sermon today on the “revealed duahs”. May Allah make our life better by giving us His proximity. May He show us the way to Him and the way to approach Him. Ameen, Summa Ameen.

Here are the duahs revealed from 01-04 April 2004 during the Safar Zikrullah:

O Allah! Make me love the faith and magnify it in my heart; Make me hate impiety, debauchery and disobedience. Make me one of Your enlightened servants. 

O Allah! Spare me Your punishment on the day You resurrect Your servants. 

O Allah! May my body, my life and my heart be offered in sacrifice only to You. As far as I know, there is no Beloved [but You]! May every part of my being be sacrificed to You. 

O my Master! Grant me all the excellent blessings of this time. 

O Allah! Deign to hear [Litt. Deign enquire about] this voice calling You. If You don’t become like a Friend to me, my head will be pulverized into dust. With the hand of Your grace, help me so that I can lead people to know You.

O Allah! Forgive me my sins so that the accursed enemies of Religion [Islam] do not rejoice.

O Allah! Apply medicine to my wounds. I am plunged into the abyss of suffering, listen to my pleas. I am helpless.

O my King! Grant me victory; Will You let me fall asleep before I reach my goal? O Allah! I don’t expect this from You.

O Allah! Rain Your grace on the Jamaat… - Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam [By Divine revelation, You initially gave the name of this Jamaat, and today we can say Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam as You have subsequently revealed], and hear the supplications of its adherents; objectors only spread evil. On all sides emerge sadness and discouragement. It is a very dark night. Without water from You, the world is doomed to death. Spring gave way to fall.

O Allah! Without You, there is no way out. The garden of Taqwa (reverential awe for Allah) went up in flames, and Religion became commerce.

O my Beloved! Whatever happens will be the work of Your hand otherwise evil will spread quickly. Make apparent one of Your signs because Religion is devoid of it. Deign to take a look this way so that someone can manifest the sign of spring.

O Allah! Make a change in these days, since You are the Master of the Universe, the King of all that is [exist]. Nothing is impossible for You - to give death to someone or to keep them alive. It is in Your power to make things happen. When Your grace is present, unfinished works are completed. If the work is finished, You also have the power to bring it to naught.

O my Beloved! Tell me that which will make You happy; It’s a wonderful day, the day we will all return to You. Like You, I too am distant from the people. My heart does not hide any secret.

O Allah! Grant me the will and the courage that will allow me to become a lover of Religion. Light up the fire of encounter [meeting with You] in my heart, and may its flames rise up to the sky.

O Allah! Look at our state of annihilation; all capacity has left us. Perform a miracle, and direct men to the Quran. Grace them with the strength of understanding. The garden is dried up, and the trees have lost their fruit. Through the Divine Manifestation, the trees will again bear fruit. Issa’s balm only healed Issa, but through the Divine Manifestation all countries will be saved from evil. [Ameen].

Now I present to you the duahs revealed on the first day of this year’s Ramadan fast – 25 April 2020:

O Allah! You are pure and lack nothing.

O Allah! We are sinners, wrongdoers, shower us with Your favours. O Allah! Protect us well; O The Forgiver! The Merciful! forgive all our sins big and small; O Allah! Grant us the favour of sincere repentance. O Allah! The Forgiver! We are accused ones, we have committed many sins, but besides that, we ask that You forgive us and be kind to us.

O Allah! The Master, the Merciful! Accept our imperfect Ibaadat [acts of worship] by Your goodness and Your grace.

O Allah! Forgive us for all the wrongs we have committed in our Salaat, our fasts, our alms, our Zakaat and Sadaqaat, our Hajj and in other Ibaadat.

O Master of the Universe! Satan and our personal passions have deceived us a lot in the past, so protect us from them in the future.

O The Feeder! Pour Your blessings into our businesses, into our livelihoods, protect us from all deficits.

O our Guardian! Protect our life, our property, our honour, our homes and all members of the entire Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam.

O He Who keeps us on the right path! Make our women, our children, our families become virtuous people, that they practice the religion of Islam, that our children become the freshness of our eyes, that they enhance our prestige and become the means of salvation in the hereafter.

O the Most Just of Judges! Protect us from the cruelties of tyrants and help the oppressed.

O He Who holds all the powers! Protect us from the jealousy and wickedness of our enemies, and guide those who want to harm us to the right path, and help us through invisible means.

O The Forgiver! The Merciful! Protect us from calamities, deadly diseases, Jinns, Satans and the evils of those who do evil.

O Master! We are very weak to endure trials; have mercy on us, create true friendship and Muhabbat (love) among our brothers and sisters, parents and children, between husbands and wives, solve our domestic problems, pour out Your blessings on us, preserve us from diseases, give health to those who are sick, help those who are in debt so that they can pay off their debts.

O Ruler of the Universe! Forgive our dead, and have them admitted to the “Jannatul Firdaus” (Abode of the blessed).

O He Who holds Absolute power! Take away all our worries and fulfill all our good wishes.

O He Who arranges destinies! Arrange our destinies perfectly.

O Sovereign of sovereigns! Remove all the difficulties that surround us.

O He Who changes situations! Orient our situation towards good.

O my Beloved Who chose me as the Khalifatullah - Your Caliph, You revealed to me that soon I must leave here to go and emigrate to another country, surrounded by my sincere, loyal, devoted disciples who will work together with me and show total obedience to Your Khalifatullah; those who will work body and soul with great contentment and who will feel happy that the Messenger of Allah is among them. The days will come very quickly, O my Creator! Blessed my disciples, give them peace, tranquility, and satisfaction. Protect them from the cruelties of tyrants and enhance their prestige and grant them an immense favour.

O Lord of the worlds! You have limitless knowledge. We ask You to do all that is good for us and to keep us away from all bad things; Give us peace, tranquility and the satisfaction of what You give us. O The Immortal! Spare us from a bad death, put us to [Grant us] death with faith (Imaan), and protect us from ignominy on the Day of Resurrection.

O Forgiver! You are the One Who lacks nothing, You are Merciful.

O Allah! I implore You to grant me the faith and the rank of Siddiq (Truthful), and place in my heart an infinite hope and desire, an extreme pleasure which will make every candle on earth shine more. And even if my body is not yet appearing before You, I thank You, O my Creator, for allowing my soul to be there.

O Allah! First give us true faith throughout a fruitful and full life and guide us O Lord with a firm step in the Deen. When we face the horrors of Qiyaamat, the Master of the days of reckoning, will save us (from hell) with honour and dignity.

O Allah! Erase all my faults and sins. O Allah comfort me, console me, guide me so that I do good works and have good character, for no one but You leads us and no one else can take away their evil except You.

O Allah! place us among those who have surrendered to You (Al-Mustalimina ilayka) and who, standing before You, have renounced to rule with or against You; put us among those who surrender to You (Al-Mufawwidina ilayka). [Ameen]

Insha-Allah, we have to read all these duahs every day.

A Dream 

Next, I relate to you a very nice dream seen this week by one of our Mujtaba in Tamil Nadu, India. Little Iynul Misbah dreamt that her father, mother and her brother were standing with many people in a place and she was able to hear that everyone was shouting the name of Allah by saying “Naara-e-Takbeer, Allahu Akbar”. She asked a person: “Why are they shouting (Naara-e-Takbeer, Allahu Akbar)?”


Then, they told her: “Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) is coming”, but she was not able to see him for a while. After a short while, she succeeded in seeing the Holy Prophet (pbuh). The latter (pbuh) wore a white [man’s] dress and he was on his camel and he (pbuh) was riding with a cute little girl sitting behind him. She also wore a beautiful white dress.


And furthermore she was surprised to notice that she was not able to see the face of Holy prophet (pbuh) but the rest of the people there who were standing with her and her family were able to see the beautiful face of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). So she went to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and asked him: “Why am I not able to see your face?”


Then, Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) gave her the following answer: “I came in their generation (the people with him who are able to see his face) and you are born in a different generation. So, they can see my face since they have lived with me but generations like you can see my face in Aakhirah (the afterlife).” Alhamdulillah, Insha-Allah.

I end with these duahs revealed on 10 May 2001:

O Allah, you are my Guide,

O Allah, You The Clement, The Merciful.

I am Your servant,

Teach me to know You

Teach me to love You

Teach me to serve You

Teach me to know You by knowing my brothers,

Teach me to love You by loving my brothers.

O my Creator! Make me see You and serve You through each of Your creatures.

O my Creator! Let your Sakinah (tranquility) descend into my heart, so that my faith may increase and produce the fruits of patience, perseverance, enthusiasm and joy.

O my Creator! Increase my knowledge. Let it translate into efficiency in service.

O my Creator! Widen the field of my love, that it manifests itself in active brotherhood.

O my Creator! You are the Living One, the Knowing one. May Your will be done and not mine.

O my Creator! Let love replace selfishness and may all men love each other. Insha-Allah.

O Allah! Accept our duahs. Ameen.

Insha-Allah, I will continue on the same subject of the revealed duahs next week. 

--------Friday Sermon of 30 October 2020~13 Rabi’ul Awwal 1442 AH delivered by Hazrat Khalifatullah Munir. A. Azim (aba) of Mauritius.