Monday, November 16, 2020

Divinely-revealed Prayers- II

Duahs: Invocations to Allah- XIX

In all circumstances of our lives, we need to stay connected with Allah, for He alone is our Support System, the Mighty One. He alone has the capacity to bring to naught a danger, and to enhance the honour of anyone of His servants whom He wants. The Divine Manifestation began in this era to bring people to take conscience of the existence of God Almighty in their lives, as well as His importance. Without the support of Allah, without His mercy, and help, no one can ever make any progress in life, and cannot hope to attain to salvation. Allah is Himself Hope, He is everything a person should need. If we have Allah with us, then we are the richest creatures ever.  

In the ups and downs of life, and especially the initial days of the Divine Manifestation, during the times of both the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen and the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, Allah has shown to His Khalifatullah and to His true and sincere followers the richness of the divine truth. And one of the treasures Allah bestowed upon us Muslims in this era, besides the Holy Quran and Sunnah, are the treasures of duahs that we need to recite to come closer to Allah and to seek Allah’s help for the ultimate victory of Islam. The victory of Islam does not mean victory for Muslims, but it denotes the victory of Allah for man has come to realise the truthfulness and light within the Reality of Allah and His Messengers and Revelations. Indeed, we seek Allah alone and to bring all people towards their Creator, our wonderful God, Who is Perfect in His Being and Who has no partner in His worship: ALLAH

Therefore, it is by the absolute grace of Allah - Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah - that I continue my sermon for today on the subject of the “revealed duahs” vouchsafed to this humble self, the Khalifatullah of this era.


Rabbi farriq bainas sadiqeen wal kazabeen, anta tara kulla musliheen was swadiqeen.

O my Rab [Lord], show the difference between truth and falsehood; You are the Knower of those people who are truthful and good.


Rabbana waj’alna menal mukremeen.

O my Rab! Count us among the honourable people.


Allahumma beka ohaweto wa beka osaweto, wa beka oqateho.

O Allah! With Your help do I strive, with Your help do I assail, and with Your help do I battle.


Allahumma jal hazal Jamaat, Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, wal Jamaat’ul Muttaqi wal Jamaat’ul Mubarak.

O Allah, make this Jamaat – the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam – a Jamaat of Muttaqi (God-fearing/ Pious & Righteous people) and a blessed Jamaat.


Allahumma anzil Rahimatan minas-sama’i.

O Allah! Send Your Mercy from above.


O my Rab! Do not leave anything which shall humiliate Your Khalifatullah Muhyi-ud-Din Munir Ahmad Azim, and the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam.


Rabbih-Kum-bil Haqq! Wa Rabbunar Rahmaanul Musta-aanu ‘alaa maa taasifuun.

My Rabb! You decide with truth. And our Rabb is the Most Gracious One whose help is invoked against what falsehood you say [i.e. the falsehood of our opponents].


Ya Arhamur-Raahimeen farij anil muslimeen, farij anil Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam International.

O the Most Merciful of the merciful! Remove the pains of the Muslims, and the pains of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam International.


Ya haiyyul Mushkilaate.

O the One Who removes difficulties!


Ya mahbubanaa wastur ‘awraatina wa amin raw ‘aatina inna tawakkulna ‘alayka wa fawwaz-nal amra ilayka anta mawlaana fid-duniya wal aakhirati wa anta arhamur raahimeen - Ameen Ya Rabbal ‘aalameen.

O our Beloved, cover our nudity and give us tranquillity and rid us from all dangers; We have placed our trust in You and we have put our affairs in Your care. You alone are our Master, be it in this world and the hereafter and You alone are the Most merciful of the merciful. – May it be so, O Rab of the Worlds.


Rabba a-‘inni walaa tu’inn ‘alayyaa, wa ansurrni walaa tansurr ‘alayyaa, wam kurrli walaa tamkurr ‘alayyaa, wa ahdini wa yassar hudaaya ‘alayyaa, wan surni ‘ala man baghiya ‘alayyaa. Allahumma adj-‘alni laka shaakirann, laka zikrann, laka raahibann, laka matwaa ‘ann ilayka, aw-hann munibann. Rabba taqabbal tawbati, wagh-sil hawbati, wa adjibda’wati, wa sabbit hudjati, wahdi qalbi, wa saddad lisaani, waslul sakhimah qalbi.

My Rab! Help me (and Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam) and do not help anybody against me. Give me victory and do not give victory to anybody against me . My Rab! Ruse in my favour and not against me. Lead me and grant that Your direction is for myself. Give me victory over whom oppresses me. Great God! Make me grateful to You, make me mention You (make Your Zikr) always, and that I fear You, that I am obedient, that I am humble before You and that I am fearful and repentant. My Lord! Accept my repentance, blot out my transgressions, hear my prayer, strengthen my argument, direct my heart; may my tongue utter none but the truth and rid away from my heart all rancour.


Rabbi arinee hakaa’ikal ashyaa’i.

O my Lord! Reveal to me the basis of all things.


Allahumma Arham.

O my Lord! Have mercy on me.


Yaa Rabbi fasma’ duaa’ee wa mazzik a’daa-a’ka wa a’daa-‘ee wa anjiz wa’daka wansur abdaka wa arinaa ay-yaa maka wa shah-hir lanaa husaamaka wa laa tadhar minal kaafireena shar-reera.

O my Lord! Accept my submissions, cut into pieces those who are Your enemies and mine. Fulfil Your promise and help Your humble servant. Let us witness the days of Your punishment and the qualities of Your action and do not spare any mischievous among the disbelievers.


Ya man huwa a-habbu min kulli mah-boobin ighfirlee wa tub alayya wad-khilnee fee ibaadikal mukhliseen.

You are the only One (O my Lord) who is far more worthy of love than anyone else, dear to me. Forgive me, grant me Your mercy, and make me among Your faithful servants.


The following duah was revealed in 2008 after leaving all documents at the Headquarters of the Registrar Office for the official registration of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam:


Allahumma in ahlakta haadhi hil-isaa bata falan tuhbada fil-ardi abada.

O my Lord! If you destroyed this Jamaat? Subsequently nobody will be left to praise You.


Rabbi laa turinee zalzala tas-saa’ati, Rabbi laa turninee mawta ahadim-mimhum.

O my Lord! Keep calamitous earthquake out of my sight. O my God, I can’t bear to witness loss of life.


This duah [which I have just recited] was revealed to me in the year 2001 and Allah (swt) informed me that there will be a great earthquake where hundreds and thousands of people will die. After three months, there was a big earthquake in Gujrat (in India) where more than one hundred thousand people died. During the course of the same year and subsequent years, there were many more earthquakes which brought much destruction in several other countries. Among those earthquakes, there was also one which provoked the Tsunami of December 2004.


And if I am not mistaken, this duah was also revealed to my master Hazrat Massih Ma’ud (as) – Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) – also.


Rabbi tawaffanee musliman wal-hiqnee bis-Saaliheen.

O my Lord! Cause me to die as a Muslim, and count me among the righteous.


Allahummakh-dhul man khadhala deena Muhammadin (saws) wa laa taj’alnaa minhum.

O (my) Lord, humiliate those who humiliate Islam and do not count us among such people.


My sincere disciples are called to recite this prayer every day, or as many times as they can for the welfare of Islam and their Imam, the Amir’ul Mumineen Al-Khalifatullah [i.e. this humble self] so that Allah may reinforce me and all sincere workers of the Jamaat in their blessed spiritual work. The prayer is as follows:


Allahumma ayyidil Islaama wal Muslimeen. Allahumma ayyidil Imaama wal Muballigheen. Allahumma ayyid Imaama-naa bi-Roohil Qudus.

O my Lord! Support Islam and Muslims; O my Lord, help Amirul Mumineen [i.e. this humble self, Munir Ahmad Azim] and missionaries of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam; O my Lord, assist Amirul Mumineen through divine inspiration; O my Lord, for our sake, prolong the life of Amir’ul Mumineen [i.e. this humble self] and bless his activities.


Wa maa taufeeqee illaa billaahi; Rabbin surnee milladunka; Rabbi ayyidnee milladunka; Rabbi inna qaumee tara doonee fa-aa wine milladunka; Rabbi inna qaumee la-anoonee far hamnee milladunka irhamnee yaa Rabbal ardi: wassamaa-i, anta, innaka anta hujjata fid-dunyaa wal akhirati wa anta Ar-hamur-Raahimeena tawakkal-tu alaika wa anta laa tudee-ul-mutawak-kileen.

I have no power, except with Your favours, O my Lord; bestow Your help, O my Lord, support me; O my Lord, my nation has disgraced me, bestow Your mercy on me. O creator of heavens and earth, have a mercy on me; there is nobody else, more merciful than You; have mercy on me. You are the only Gracious and ever merciful. I have relied on You; definitely You are not forgetful.


Yaa Rabbin-sur abdaka wakh-dhul a’daaka istajibnee yaa Rabbi istajibnee, ilaama yustah-za-‘u bika wa bi-Rasoolika, wa hatta ma yukadh-dhi-boona kitaabaka way a subboona Nabiyyaka astagheetu bi-Rahmatika, Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyoomu Yaa Mu’een.

O my Lord; grant victory to Your servant, disgrace Your opponents. O my Lord, listen to my prayers and accept them. For how long these people will keep making jokes with You and Your Prophet? For how long they will keep rejecting Your Book and use bad language against the Prophet? O Everlasting God, I submit this for Your mercy.


Allahummakfina hum bima shita.

O Allah! Protect me from them with what You choose (or as You will).


Annii magluubun Fantasir.

I have been beaten, therefore beat them (O Allah).


Allahumma Rafiqi ‘Ala.

Allah - The Great Friend.


Allahumma inni maghlubun fantassir wa sahiqhum tas’hiqa.

O Allah I have been beaten, come to my rescue and crush them (our opponents) to pieces.


Rabbi la tazar alal arzi minal kafireena dayyara.

O Allah, do not leave any non-believers on earth.


Allahu Khayrun Haafizu, wa huwa Arhamur-Rahimeen.

Allah is the best of Protectors and the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. 


Rabbi la tazar alal arzi minal Zaalimeena/ Faasiqeena/Mufsideena/ Mujrimeena/ Munaafiqeena dayyara.

O Allah, do not leave on earth any people who are evil and commit wrong and who break the Islamic laws, and the corrupt ones, as well as the criminals and hypocrites.


Rabbighfir war’ham minas samaa-i.

O Allah, forgive and send help from above.

Ameen, Summa Ameen, Ya Rabbal Aalameen.

----Friday Sermon of 13 November 2020 ~ 27 Rabi’ul Awwal 1442 AH delivered by Imam-Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam Hazrat Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim (aba) of Mauritius.