Saturday, April 21, 2018

Islamic Ethics on Training Children

Advices to the wo/men of the Jamaat- Part II

Frankly speaking, to set someone on the right path, is never an easy task. But it is truly an act of highest virtue. It is therefore binding on all of our Jamaat worldwide to not only associate our members with all types of welfare activities but also to enable them to shoulder such social burdens as would tend to make them responsible citizens. It is because the charge of responsibility invariably alters the perception of an individual. It deepens their knowledge and expertise and their thinking power. It enables them to become independent individuals who can bring in ideas for the good maintenance and reform of our Jamaat in the years to come. It helps them develop their personality and maintain a close relationship with their Deen (religion - i.e. Islam).

The office bearers in our different organizations, whatever names or duties we may assign to them, should be trained earlier on to take over their responsibilities later on. The Jamaat should have trustworthy and pious members at the top, such people who shall be able to maintain the equilibrium of the whole Islamic system with the help of Allah, and for that Taqwa is absolutely important. Without Taqwa, man is like a lifeless plant. He shall go wayward without piety, righteousness and absolute fear and respect for Allah, The All-Seeing, All-Hearing.

Thus, by giving our youths responsibilities earlier on in life shall help them to perfect their level of belongingness to the cause of Allah; they shall better understand our cause and shall strive to please Allah in whatever they do. Remember, Satan is the bitterest enemy of man. He and his army shall try to deviate you at different points in life but you need to bypass his whisperings and invitations and focus your attention and love on Allah and His Truth. Always follow the right path, even though it is a million times difficult, but I assure you that at the end of that thorny path is found the most delectable of rewards. Remember your sacrifices is a short-term while the rewards promised by Allah is eternal. Now, it is for you to choose which path you would tread: the path of ruin or the path of salvation.

Remember, training of your children - the future bright elements of our Jamaat should start early, from their birth till death. But in no way should parents formulate promises officially - within the Jamaat realm - to dedicate their newborns to the cause of Allah, to the cause of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. If you have this intention in you, then bring up your children as per the Islamic norms, make him have love for Allah and His prophets and for the Quran and Islam and the cause of our Jamaat.

Become a little Ibrahim (as) and let your children become like a little Ismail (as) because it was when he reached the age of understanding, of adolescence that Hazrat Ibrahim (as) had told him the vision he saw when Ismail (as) was a baby. And it was then that he wanted to have the opinion of Ismail (as) - his decision - on the matter. Then Hazrat Ismail (as) answered his father to do what Allah had shown him (commanded him to do in the dream). So, regarding the decision to dedicate one's child in the way of Allah, you have to do like Hazrat Ibrahim (as) and Ismail (as) and avoid at all costs the same catastrophic mistake that the Jamaat Ahmadiyya made concerning the Waqfe Naw. For even before a child is born or has just been born, they are dedicated only to please the Caliph (Khalifatul-Massih). Today we have received the result concerning those 'dedicated' in the 'Waqfe Naw' scheme. Indeed a very low percentage (of these children lived up to that initial promise), especially in Mauritius!

Furthermore, do not force them when they reach the age of comprehension. Instead, you should talk it over with him or her and let your child to decide if he or she would want to work for the cause of Allah. Remember the mistakes of yore, and do not repeat them. Do not promise to dedicate your newborns for they do not have the power of tongue to express themselves. If like the mother of Hazrat Mariam (ra), you have a wish to dedicate your child to the cause of Allah, then it is between you and Allah, and Allah shall choose to accept your request/ duah or not (for bear in mind that there were some specific conditions attached to this acceptation of duah which both Mariam and her mother had to comply to, especially with regard to remain secluded (for the exclusive worship of Allah) in the holy places). But I advise you, never take the decision for your children in respect to lifelong dedication to the cause of Allah. Let it come naturally with the help of Allah and your good upbringing of your sons and daughters in the way of Allah. When they have good upbringing and have got a solid connection with Allah, then their decisions shall be influenced by the will of Allah towards that which is best for them.

Focus on Training Children in the Spiritual Path

So I advise all Siraj Makin to start the training of their children, and all children and youths of our Jamaat, the young ladies earlier on. There is no doubt that the trainers and trainees belong to two distinctly different departments. When the Siraj Makin imparts normal training directly to someone it is rewarded with Divine blessing. But when the Siraj Makin gets things done through other agencies, even then it earns for itself Divine approbation. And once you start getting things done by others and in this process you also sacrifice your own time and resources, then there is nothing that can impede your swift spiritual development. It is now up to the Siraj Makin management to assign to their younger members such duties as have distinct religious background. They should instruct the youngsters to put to their best their time and talent and also acquaint them with the inherent joy of working ceaselessly for the faith. To begin with, the young girls should be invested with minor workloads so that the distinction between the trainer and the trainee be reduced to the minimal level. In fact the work schedule should be cast in a way so as to associate the younger elements of community in a constant work cycle.

To be much more efficient, the Siraj Makin needs additional workers. To add more weight and prestige to the organization, the Siraj Makin should increase its special field of activities and divide its pack of responsibilities among the younger generation. This will help to remove the bars which keep apart groups of different status and standings. They will see how God starts blessing all their functions and how quickly the younger generation starts imbibing the true spirit of the Islamic teachings.

The girls in the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam should be immediately absorbed in our religious organizations and provided with opportunities to render service to the community both individually and collectively. It should be made clear to our children that humanity's most precious heritage is service to others and most of all service to the faith. I am confident that if the scheme works out well, then it will be a prelude to our bright and blessed future.

Men's Duties on Women's Rights

Now a few words of advice for our menfolk. As a note of precision from my explanation on Pardah from last week's sermon, Islam does not enjoin Pardah on women to make them cheap slaves for male exploitation. Nor the divine commandment for women to guard their chastity is aimed at turning them into domestic menials for the menfolk. Mind you! The truth is that all men and women are equal in the sight of God. However there are some physical variations between the sexes which divide their sphere of activities into different channels. It is for this reason alone that there are basic differences between the duties and functions of the males and the females. Likewise there are certain distinctive applications in the code of Islamic law, where men and women have been treated differently on sex basis.

Husbands, Say 'No' to Domestic Violence!

Nevertheless this separate approach is not motivated by dogmatic principles; much less by the cult of male superiority. But as for the human rights are concerned, there are no variances between the two parties. It gives me intense pain to mention that due to evil influences prevailing in our society, there are quite a few male tyrants amidst our own modern society who show scant regard for women's rights. According to them, the women are only child-producing machines and as such are expected to undergo all sorts of hardships for the pleasure of their husbands. They are expected to act like dumb animals and never complain of the harsh treatment meted out to them by the menfolk. These men also believe that they have the right to beat their wives on most flimsy pretexts. There are many instances of this nature also in Islam and my heart aches bitterly over such prevailing situations. 

There are some wretched people in this world who, instead of entering paradise, would go towards the hell under the feet of their mothers. They disregard women's rights and thus are enshrouded in divine displeasure. They are not only tyrants but also stigmatise the fair name of Islam by their evil-minded actions. These persons who are really the embodiment of wickedness, have disregarded our social system so effectively in the outside world that Islam is now considered almost a symbol for male supremacy and high-handedness. Muslim civilization and culture in their eyes stand for degrading the women to the lowest pitch of humiliation. They think that the Muslim woman is tied to the chariot-wheels of tyranny and oppression and the shackles of customs and usages keep her perpetually under the heels of the Muslim male.

Insha-Allah, I shall continue on the same subject next Friday. Until then, may each member of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam reflect over your deeds and behaviour, towards your own spouses and towards society. Remember, the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and the Divine Manifestation embodying it shall never be your PASSPORT TO PARADISE, until and unless you reform your deeds and behaviour and mould yourselves in the purest of states, all for the sake of Allah. Recognising and accepting the advent of this humble self as the Khalifatullah (atba) and integrating the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam is to no avail unless you reform your conduct and shape your lives according to the precepts of Islam, and deal kindly with your parents, spouses, children, relatives, neighbours, brothers/ sisters in faith and the rest of mankind. May Allah enable each one of you to rid yourselves from all satanic influences and be the epitome of Islam on earth. Ameen.

--Friday Sermon of 20 April 2018 (03 Shabaan 1439 AH) delivered by Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.