Friday, April 13, 2018

Appreciation and Advices for Women Believers

Acclamation for the Women of the Jamaat

For the past four to five years my tours and missions in the different countries of the world have been successful by the grace of Allah. So much so that my heart is filled with gratitude and praises for Allah. Besides the men of the Divine Manifestation, the women also have played a great role, sacrificing their time and using their God-given knowledge to help the cause of Allah. Moreover, with the acceleration of dawa/ tabligh in the different countries, especially in India and Africa, lots of women have embraced the truth of the Divine Manifestation of time and the Khalifatullah, disregarding the narrow-minded opinions and wrath of husbands, parents and past communities for the sake of the truth coming from Allah. A spontaneous prayer pours out of my heart for those women who have joined the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, who expressed complete submissiveness to Allah and His messenger and thus stood fast to their covenants (Bai'at) dutifully and faithfully.

Alhamdulillah I receive many emails everyday from the different countries and many women were so emotional and receptive to the divine message and heart-warming that I could not contain myself from offering thanks to Allah (swt) for all the favours and signs that He has manifested in my support, and unbounded prayers on behalf of the penitents, those who want to reform themselves, and change their lives for the best. These women are so immersed in the divine waters that they are recipients of God's favours and miracles (they witness the miracle and power of duah address to Allah) and they are ever ready to help the cause of Allah in whatever way they can. Some do translation works, dawa/ tabligh, impart the right teachings of Islam to their children and support their husbands and parents to support the cause of Allah. Those of them who do not have the support of their family trust Allah so much that Allah manifest Himself in extraordinary ways, giving them the courage and patience to help the cause of Allah, helping the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam to progress further. 

The truth of the matter is that the women of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam are adding a new chapter, written in letters of gold, to the history of mankind and that of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. They are like a fresh/ cool breeze which overtakes a hot weather, bringing forth hope for the people and a message of appreciation from Allah and His messenger.

Firmly Focus on God's Approval 

There are periods in a nation's history which often pass unnoticed but later on are recorded and preserved as precious treasures in the national archives.

Religious communities when they add new chapters to their history or renovate old links they are totally immune to appreciations or intimidation by outside agencies. They pay scant regard to what the world thought of them in the past or what would be its reactions in the future. All truth is relative.

Therefore, the appreciations or the fabrications of the future historians would mean little or nothing to them. They only seek love and mercy of the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful Being. He is their Lord and Master and with Him rests the final issue. It is, therefore, incumbent on us to bow before Him in object humbleness and seek His guidance so that all our actions conform to His will. There is not the slightest doubt that the world with all its worldly affairs and legal complexities will continue to move steadily on its eternal axis. In due course of time and in accordance with our communal destiny a majority of people on this planet will start showering praises on us, in remembrance of the grandeur of Allah. Insha-Allah. That would be the time when we should be on our guard and be least mindful of worldly praises. We should always strive to win Divine pleasure and approbation. Even the smallest gesture of Divine love and affection can solve all our physical problems and set right what is in store for us in the hereafter.

It is imperative that the women of Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam should set themselves an objective of their own. They should pay little heed to what people think about them. Unmindful of the reactions of their husbands, brothers and sisters. Without regard to appreciation or disapprobation of our own organizations, they should be sustained by a conviction that all their doings are motivated by a sincere desire to win God's pleasure. For those who find favour in the sight of God, they are never among the losers. May He enable us to inculcate in our hearts deepest love and affection for Him and may He give us the strength to seek His pleasure with utmost humility. Ameen.

Get the 'Balance' right in Life

[Furthermore Huzur (atba) stated during the course of his sermon: Indeed, both the men and the women of the Divine Manifestation have rights which should be respected. For example, Allah does not tell you to do Deen works all day and night long. Remember, your own body, spouses, children/ family have rights upon you. Everything should be well balanced so that your health and family (and espousal duties) life also may not be disrupted. 

The women should be able to understand their husbands in their duties to help the cause of Allah, but the men also should also understand and care for their household. Both man and wife should understand and help each other and care for each other. Remember, everybody should give a helping hand to make the Jamaat, the cause of Allah to progress further. The burden should not fall on one person only.

Be Aware of Harmful Effects of Your 'Habits'

I remember that our Amir from Kannur (Kerala - India) had once told me to do a sermon on the negative effects of phones and computers. Indeed, these new technologies can be used to a large extent in the cause of Allah, helping to spread the message of Allah, but very often people use these technologies in the wrong way. Moreover the constant use of mobile phones (and normal phones as well as Smartphones) and even remaining for long time before the computer (and television) can affect negatively one's health. Therefore, a proper balance should be used when using these tools to spread the divine message. Abuse of these technologies (too much of them) can harm negatively your health. That's why, I personally prefer the past years - thirty to forty years back - when life was much peaceful and respectful and we had our pen and paper to communicate/ express ourselves and were not exposed to the harmful effects of these modern technologies.]

Do Not Stand-Still; Be Dynamic 

I wish to bring to your notice some important matters which primarily concern both sections of our community (Jamaat), men and the women. To begin with, I call upon the women to work out a common philosophy of deriving maximum benefit out of the present situation. The truth is that cardinal virtue is not in itself a destination. It is rather a starting point towards the journey's end. Virtue is never static. It operates as a vibrant cycle and can maintain this posture only by constant movement. Once its spiritual rotation stops, it ceases to be defined as a virtue. It is, therefore, essential that original virtue should continue to be moulded and multiplied into innumerable new virtues and excellences. It is incumbent on our religious/ social organisations to create new avenues of spiritual advancement for those of us who show the slightest change of heart to mend the evil ways. Such persons should be provided with correct guidelines for solving their problems.

Observe Hijab

All young girls and other women who adopt the veil (Hijab or Niqab), not fearing any criticism from third parties are those whose morality would be preserve, because they value the teachings of Islam. They should not be forced to observe the veil, but this should be a personal decision by taking to account their love and submission to Allah. By saying so, I am not saying that the women of the Divine Manifestation should let their head and body shape exposed. No! They should cover their head, hair and body properly, they should wear decent clothes. What I am talking today is about Pardah for women which consist of wearing lifelong abaya/ Jilbab (long dress/ overcoat with face-veiling or Hijab (head cover) only). 

Those who are forced to veil themselves shall see the veil as a prison, whereas those who understand the commandments of Allah and apply them freely, without any coercion and with deep faith in Allah shall ever be the epitome of virtue and good behaviour. What Allah requires of women is that they should always be decent and cover themselves properly. As for those who take extra care in the fulfilment this commandment of Allah, they are the ones who shall derive the maximum benefit from it, be it in this life and the hereafter.

Be Role Models in Virtue 

They are those who take a decisive step towards identifying themselves with the Divine will and purpose. If at this critical juncture the women in our Jamaat shows their counterparts (i.e. the other women) the way for further sacrifices; makes adequate arrangements for their social welfare and infuse in them a spirit of mutual cooperation in fraternal doings then this single act of goodness will become a source of manifold benefits for them. In due course of time these spiritual benefits will be multiplied beyond measurement, be it in this world and the hereafter.

I stop here for now. May Allah, Insha-Allah give me the Tawfiq to continue my exposition on the same subject next Friday. May Allah bless you with knowledge and comprehension to understand this sermon and the advices given to you for your own welfare. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

--Friday Sermon of 13 April 2018 (25 Rajab 1439 AH) delivered by Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Munir AHmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.