Saturday, April 7, 2018

'Giving in the Way Leads to Blessings'

Financial Sacrifice-Part II

Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah, I continue the same subject which I started last Friday on Financial Sacrifice.

So like I said last week, the solution of all the economic and other problems of man, of all believers is found in spending in the way of God (Allah the Almighty). This is the remedy for overcoming poverty and all kinds of difficulties and problems.

Another remedy for overcoming poverty is faith. As a result of paying Zakaat and other financial contributions one's faith increases and one wins the pleasure of God. Allah never ignores those who make sacrifices for Him. He never deprives them of their needs. One has to become a beggar either of God or of the world. It is better to become a beggar of God. Therein lies true intelligence.

One should always understand that by becoming a beggar of God one wins the pleasure of God. This is an established reality. There is no doubt about it. Some people complain, due to misunderstanding, that the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam is constantly dwelling on the need of its members to make financial sacrifices and does not pay attention to other necessary requirements. It is not the officials of the Jamaat, but it is God Himself, Who, in the Holy Quran exhorts the faithful to make financial sacrifices. The officials are only expounding God's exhortations, therefore, no fault lies on them. Giving in the way of God is, in fact, for everyone's own spiritual and material benefit.

The giving of financial contributions develops sincerity and purifies the soul; it helps in the acquisition of Taqwa (reverential fear of Allah, righteousness, piety). In fact Taqwa is manifested through it. The person's outlook changes and he attracts the pleasure and blessings of God and even if he has faults and weaknesses his contributions will not go to waste. God, out of His grace, even overlooks his faults and help him to change for the better. Allah is greater, kinder and much more capable of love than parents. He is more protective and fierce to defend His beloved servants. We learn from the Holy Quran that He overlooks the faults of His beloved servants. I know that God overlooks the faults of those who make financial sacrifices for His sake. They grow in piety. 

Two Types of Parents

A devout mother would not feel happy if her children did not spend any money for religion. She does not consider it would be a burden upon them. She wants them to participate in this blessing.

I know the parents of some children who hold back their children who have just started earning from making contributions in the way of God on the grounds that they are not properly settled in life. There are some who even see this spending as wastage (God forbid).

On the other hand there are other parents who are thankful for the blessings they have received as a result of their contributions and do not want to deprive their children of also drawing blessings from God. So they urge them to contribute.

Some children well trained by their parents fully understand the philosophy of giving in the way of Allah. Some young people, Alhamdulillah, send their earnings to me to be used in the service of God, while others, who used to take part in community activities have let go of this practice. They must beware lest this become a curse for them. 

Remember! Spending in the way of God is the most intelligent investment for the believer. Allah shall never ever leave you empty-handed! When you remember Him and love to spend in His way, helping His cause in whatever capacity you have and with whatever you have of means, then Allah returns it all back to you and multiply your investment further, both in this world and the hereafter. But not all people understand this vital precept of life, and of the kindness and generosity of God.

Parents should be the supporters of their children in their intention to help the cause of Allah. Parents who bar their children from spending in the way of Allah shall be bereft of the blessings of Allah. While their children are ever ready to serve the cause of God, having such parents who advice them otherwise, discouraging them from 'wasting' their money in the way of God is really bad. Indeed, Allah Himself in the Holy Quran advices giving preference to Allah and His commandments first, then afterwards comes the parents and their wishes. Now if parents encourage their children to respect the divine commands, such are truly magnanimous parents, worthy of the praise, love and blessings of Allah. But if parents disregards the commandments of Allah, and hinder their children from becoming fully the people of God, then whilst the children should always respect them and care for them, but in respect to their faith, they should forgo the wrong teachings of their parents and put into practice the evergreen teachings of Allah.

Many such cases have come to my attention where children find themselves in a precarious situation when their own parents restrict them from spending in the way of Allah, and by the grace of Allah I was able to settle these matters amicably in capacity as Messenger of Allah, which means that Allah has placed me as the head of a worldwide family with whom people discuss personal matters informally, without any fear.

In connection with this vital question my attention was drawn to the following verse of the Quran:

Do not kill your children for fear of poverty. (Al-Anam 6: 152).

This verse is generally and correctly interpreted to mean that no one should practice birth control for fear of being unable to care for one's children or for national economic reasons. The verse generally applies to this subject. But it can also be interpreted to mean that spiritually you would be killing your children with your own hands if you prevented them from giving financial contributions in the way of God.

It is essential that members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam should constantly be reminded and guided in understanding about the beneficial blessings which result from giving to God Who knows the conditions of our hearts. We should give with full awareness, humility and genuine feeling. This is the spirit which Allah (swt) loves and which is difficult to express in words. Sometimes one gives something to a person just in order to get rid of him, or to a persistent child just to keep him quiet. In like manner, people sometimes give something to a beggar. It is better to give with sincere and pleasant feelings which melt the heart, with awaken your humanity and awareness of being a temporary traveler in this world, and it is the next abode which shall be eternal. If you live with this awareness, and dedicate all good works for the sake of God, then God Almighty shall reciprocate and show you His magnanimity and kindness. You shall be ever loved and cherished by none other than the Creator of the Heavens and Earth, your Maker, the One Who shall always be there for you, even when everything shall come to an end.

So, if members give with this spirit then our Jamaat, and the whole Islamic Community - one body with one soul (The body of Islam - touched with the Holy Spirit - and the sacrifices of all its members) - will prosper in leaps and bounds and no one will be able to block its progress.

May Allah enable us to do so. Ameen Summa Ameen, Ya Rabbul Aalameen.

-Friday Sermon of 06 April 2018 (18 Rajab 1439 AH) delivered Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.