Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Revealed Prayer, with Commentary

From the early years of the Divine Manifestation in Mauritius, Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) recieved from the Unseen so many spiritually-uplifting messages, including known and unknown prayers and supplications in the Islamic tradition. Like the Qur'an testifies, in the dawn of human memory and world history, Allah (swt) did teach His Khalifa (Khalifatullah of the era) Hadhrat Adam (as), about the names of things. Even in this age, Allah (swt) continues His enduring practice: through dreams, visions and Divine revelations vouchsafed to His Chosen Messenger, teaching him ways of offering prayers and supplications, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar!

Presented below is a revealed poem in Urdu, recieved on 13 June 2002, along with a detailed Commentary and explanations on the same offered by Hadhrat Saheb (atba)  while addressing the gathering of the Siraj Makin in Mauritius, on 14 August 2016.  

The Revealed Poem in Urdu:

Ya Khuda Shak nahin iss mein ké gunehgaar houn mein
Par yé irshaad hé téra hi ké « ghaffaar houn mein »

Saath apné liyé taqseeron ké ambaar houn mein
Mujh pé rehmat ho khudaayaa ké khataakaar houn mein

Apnaa ghagheen banaa kar mujhé har gham sé bachaa
Ya ilaahi ghamé duniya mein giraftaar houn mein

Ya qadeer ab to ho aasan méri har mushkil
Sakht majboor houn haïraan houn naachaar houn mein

Sab ko ho méri naseehat ka assar ya mawla
Ho a’mal aïsa ké bass shaamilé abraar houn mein

Ya ghani hashr mein mehroom ha rakhnaa mujhko
Houn Faqeer aur téra taalibé deedaar houn mein

The Poem in Translation:

O Allah, there is no doubt that I am filled with sins 

But is it not You who have said: "I am the Forgiver" 

I carry behind my back a heavy burden of sins 

Have mercy on me, O my Creator because I am filled with misgivings 

May I remember you at every moment, and save me from all the ills of this world

Because I was trapped by the attractions of this world

O God Almighty! May my problems be resolved by Your Grace!

As I am really sorry, anxious and hopeless

Enable everyone to practice what I tell them, O my Creator

Let my words reflect the advice of pious and righteous people 

O my Generous God! Do not disinherits me of Your favours on Judgement Day

For I am only a poor beggar wishing only to contemplate You 
(when good people come to heaven, they can finally contemplate God Almighty with their own eyes).

Explanatory Comments:  

14 August 2016: Commentary & Explanations of Hazrat Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim (atba) during the course of the Ijtema of the Siraj Makin on the Revealed Urdu Poem "Ya Khuda" (received on 13 June 2002).

This Nazm (Poem) is a Dua (Supplication to Allah) and it is a Nazm which I received from Allah at the beginning of the new millenium (2000 - i.e. 13 June 2002) when there were hard trials upon me, when there were persecutions, when we were expelled from the (Nizam-e) Jamaat. And verily there were so much backbiting; Such words which were propagated everywhere; such talks, I must say, vain rumours on my person. Amidst all these (hard) moments, I went quietly into retreat in a room - like you know - And I used to make a lot of Duas. By the grace of Allah, this is a Revealed Dua (prayer). And it is a Nazm which Allah, Blessed and Exalted be He; bestowed upon me. 

I cannot deny receiving divine revelations. It is true that is only on the basis of Divine Revelations that the Jamaat (Ahmadiyya), without listening to me, they expelled me; but Allah so decreed that expulsion so that He might elevate me as His humble servant of this era. And when this prayer was revealed, it verily was revealed with lots of pain. I can tell you that I am someone who does not know how to write in Urdu. I don't know how to read Urdu. And this was revealed in Urdu. 

At that time... When I heard this Nazm (being sung), it made me relive that (painful) time, whereby on one hand there were trials, difficulties and persecutions. On the other hand Allah was showing that He was with me; He was with His servant and... And He was sending this down. Allah Himself was teaching me this. And this Nazm is a Dua, whereby it is being said:

O Allah! there is no doubt that I am filled with sins. I am that person who is the most filled with sins in this world. But is it not You who have proclaimed O Allah: "I am the Forgiver"; That is, You forgive those who sin? O Allah! I carry with difficulty a heavy burden of sins behind my back. Have mercy on me, O Allah. Have mercy on me O my Creator, O my Allah because I am filled with misgivings. I have many weaknesses in me. I am the weakest person ever. I am that person who has lots of defects in me. May I remember You at every moment, at every second. Save me from all the ills of this world. I want You alone to save me, You alone to take me away from the evils, the negativity of this world because I was verily trapped by the attractions of this world. Verily man realises that he is trapped when looking at this world. Satan makes everything seem beautiful to him. And he enters a vicious trap… And I (O Allah) am that person who has been trapped. O God Almighty! May my problems be resolved. I want You alone to resolve all my problems by Your Grace! For I am verily in such a sorry state. I have lost all confidence in myself. I am in a state of desperation, with no hope. Hope also (O Allah) has gone! 

Enable everyone to practice what I tell them, O my Creator, because all the things that I shall tell them shall be the instructions coming from You to tell them. These shall be words unknown to me but which You shall put on my tongue to tell them these words so that they put them into practice. When they shall put these instructions into practice, they shall do it for their own goodwill, and thus receive Your Grace. And make my words and advices reach those who are pious and just; those among men and women who are truly pious and those who love to do justice.

O my Generous God! Do not disinherit me like a parent can sometime disinherit a child; he removes him and do not make him his heir. But You (O Allah)  do not disinherit me on the Day of Judgement. Do not disinherit me of Your favours, the favours You shall bestow upon me on the Day of Judgement. For verily I am only a poor beggar. It is true! I am very much a beggar before the door of Allah. I am a mendicant before the door of Allah. I ask (for anything from) Allah alone, not (from) creatures, not like some people who have spread bad words against me that I have gone to such and such places to ask for money; these are but fabrications/ lies which they have spread. And You (O Allah) are a Witness whether it is true or not, and what shall verily be their consequences one day - for all these lies; All these are words which when I heard them really ripped my heart. And O Allah! I am verily a beggar, a mendicant before Your door. And give me the ability to accomplish that great feat/ desire to enter Paradise along with those people whom You chose to enter Paradise, because You are Most Powerful, and the Most Merciful. And You alone - through what eyes reveal - know who are Your true servants! Ameen, again, Ameen O Lord of all the Worlds!

We may hear the Nazm like this (when it is being recited), but this conceals the (pain and) difficulties which I had to go through. People talk about revelations and many have laughed at them, and have also mocked and ridiculed me, but this is the Revelation which had been sent down - Divine Revelations. Allah has chosen me. In these difficult moments, I sat before the door of Allah and prayed and Allah revealed to me what He revealed. And it is through these revelations that many people came forward to join me. Today, besides the Mauritian people who initially joined me but when they turned their back and went away, Allah - Exalted and Blessed be He; made other people from other nations in great number to join the ranks of this humble servant whom Allah has raised, His Khalifatullah of this era!