Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Islamophobia: Change Perceptions

If we define Islam correctly like it should be defined, we shall be able to grate Islamophobia from the mindset of people of the different cultures and races around the world. Islamophobia has taken root deep into sections of the world population. To avert this deep fear of Islam itself as a way of life, as a religion, we, Muslims must portray the correct teachings of God Almighty (Allah), of His Holy Book (the Quran) and His Holy Prophet (Our Master Muhammad) – peace be upon him.

Islam is in no way a threat to world peace, but in fact invites to world peace, just like - or even more so than - the rest of the grand religions of the world: Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity etc. Now, we can hardly say that every Christian or every Hindu is a terrorist despite the fact that we know that there are terrorists throughout the world who claim to be Christians, or Hindus while committing heinous acts against humanity. Now, why blame Islam for the heinous actions of some people who claim to be Muslims whilst doing unislamic acts and using Islamic slogans to commit such acts?

Islamophobia is only in the mind of people who prefer to blame Islam rather than the people behind those atrocious acts of barbarism and terrorism. So this fear needs to be evacuated from the mind of those people who intrinsically have hatred towards the religion of peace, which is Islam. Changing and fine-tuning such state of mind is really difficult but not impossible if all Muslims irrespective of groups reunite together to portray the righteous Islam, and fulfil the desire of Allah and that of His most noble prophet, Muhammad (pbuh) to find Islam as one body and ever submissive and compliant to the teachings of Allah.

All those who are really for the establishment of the True Islam, meant to be acquired with peace and not the sword should come forward to combat those who call themselves Muslims while taking up the sword, without divine instructions, to shed blood upon the earth and attracting the maledictions of the human population and thus endangering our fellow Muslim brothers, sisters and children in their respective native lands or land of adoption.

Islam and the Muslims are not secure anymore, don’t you see my brothers, sisters and children? Allah and His humble Khalifatullah of this era call you to unite for the progress of Islam, to redress Islam and to portray the righteous teachings and implement them in the right way as a model for whole mankind. The best model had and shall always be our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and unfortunately all blames are being directly towards him, him who is innocent of all their talks and deeds. Our Perfect Master, the Seal of all Prophets Muhammad (pbuh) is dead, but not his teachings, not his way of life, not his Islam. Our purpose lies in becoming ever subservient to Allah just like our Perfect Master submitted himself to Him Who owns our souls and resting places.

Our unity and identity as Muslims and the cessation of fighting among ourselves should be the key to open the doors of success, along with vibrant Taqwa (fear of Allah & piety) to act as role model, as a good example for the world population, both Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Become Sahih al Islam, become true Muslims, True Islam, portray the true teachings of Allah and of His Messenger (pbuh) and follow the advices of this humble servant of Allah, the Khalifatullah of your era so that you may reap success in both the world. 

The situation of the Muslims is really precarious. We are facing dire situations. We are being threatened everywhere. Our women, sisters, daughters, as well as our men, brothers and sons are not secured anymore. Their rights are being snatched on the pretext of Islamophobia. Human life holds no value whatsoever nowadays. I call out to you in the name of Allah to unite along with this humble self who has been raised with the Holy Spirit to guide you all towards Allah and to taste the felicity of both the worlds, to re-establishment the loss glory of Islam which have been baffled both in the hands of Muslims and non-Muslims alike, or should I say those who pretend to be Muslims while their deeds speak otherwise.

Should you listen to my call and respond, this shall be the true Eid for you Oh my Muslim brothers, sisters and children, for the true Eid is when our hearts and souls are one for the sake of Allah, immersed in His remembrance and doing what He has ordained us to do, and not to create disorder in the land. We are peacemakers, not troublemakers.

May Allah bless you and make your everyday be Eid Day for such an Eid shall come when one’s mind and soul is really at peace with Allah, and Allah guide him or her or both with His guiding light and revelations which comes down from the heavens to enrich their souls and to explain to them the beauty of the Code of Life, the Holy Quran and the teachings of the best of mankind, our most noble and perfect prophet, Muhammad (pbuh).

Long Live Islam. The promise of Allah is certainly true, but we, Muslims need to make the necessary effort to combat all kinds of evils, including Islamophobia, and terrorism and re-establish the honour of Islam in all corners of the world. Insha-Allah, Ameen. That shall indeed be our true Eid! Eid Mubarak!

Hazrat Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim
Worldwide Spiritual Leader
Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam
04 July 2016

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