Saturday, July 30, 2016

Despair and Hope: Our Emotions

Despair corrodes the Soul

Despair is a very bad trait that is found in the heart of man. Once its presence is manifested, the individual feels suffocated, trapped and feels that there is no more hope. At that moment, his life becomes very bland, his path darkens and he has the feeling that everything is over for him. In such a situation, the servant resigns from any effort since he is psychologically conditioned that all has now become impossible for him (to achieve). So no question to fight because according to him this would be useless! 

The examples below illustrate this fact:

(i) A student who despairs in ever succeeding shall certainly hate school, books, teachers, private lessons/ tuitions etc. His despair caused by failure shall take away from that environment and push him to live a carefree without realizing the catastrophic results ahead.

(ii) An individual who is affected by an incurable disease - his despair shall make him lose confidence in the care and treatment given to him, and thus develop distaste for hospitals.

(iii) A person who is heavily indebted feels crushed by the weight of him debts. His despair overwhelms him with loneliness and he lets himself be dominated by anxiety.

So when the servant does so, he ignores the harm and damage that despair shall bring in his life. Indeed, this is one of the biggest obstacles to progress. It is a poison that corrodes the soul and kills it, a hurricane that destroys all energy. 

Cultivate Hope and Trust in God

A true believer is one who cultivates hope in his heart and never despairs; whatever happens. This is due to the fact that Allah (swt) is always there for him in his life. A good believer never acts in this way because despair is a characteristic of infidelity. Hope sustains the believer, illuminates his heart, enlightens his way, makes him taste happiness and feel the joy of life, and it also gives him the chance to succeed. In short, hope is the elixir of life. It motivates action which enables him to forget the pains and sorrows of life and inspires him joy. 

The Envoys of Allah, even while being perfect elects, faced extreme difficulties that no one among ordinary human beings would have suffered (to that extent). Despite this, through the many reassuring revelations from God, they never despair of His infinite Mercy. Although through their humane weakness they may come to despair in a particular situation, but God does not take long to raise hope in them. The following verses prove this:

“O my sons, go and find out about Joseph and his brother and despair not of relief from Allah. Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people.” (Yusuf, 12: 88).

“Until when the messengers despaired and the people became sure that they were indeed told a lie, Our help came to them and whomsoever We willed was delivered; and Our punishment is not averted from the guilty people. (Yusuf, 12: 111).

So, O servants of Allah! stand up vigorously, hoping and trusting in Allah (swt), for it then that you shall taste the joy of life, whatever the circumstances.

The Despair of People under Oppression 

I especially address myself to all believers of the Muhammadan Ummah (pbuh) who are presently being persecuted and boycotted in several countries, and even in our little island where we live. You currently live in despair and fear, but O my brothers and sisters, have you not heard of Pharaoh (Ramses II), the famous tyrant who continually transgressed his people in Egypt? He was an unprecedented rebel, who even forged the biggest lie against God by taking himself as god. His crimes were so atrocious that history cannot deny his extreme cruelty and hardness of heart towards his fellow men. Allah (swt) confirms all this in His Holy Book and He said:

“Indeed, Pharaoh exalted himself in the land and made its people into factions,
oppressing a sector among them, 
slaughtering their sons and keeping their females alive. 
Indeed, he was of the corrupters. 
And We wanted to confer favour upon those who were oppressed in the land
and make them leaders and make them inheritors, 
And establish them in the land 
and show Pharaoh and (his minister) Haman and their soldiers 
through them that which they had feared.” (Al-Qasas, 28: 5-7)

Pharaoh as we know very well, died in humiliating conditions. He became the very sign of the curse of Allah because he had stood up against Allah and His Prophet Moses (Musa), peace be on him. And Allah (swt) ordained the sea to throw his body so that he can remain a sign to the people after him. But unfortunately, instead of cursing him constantly, many people take him as the perfect model and the best example to follow.

The Tactics of the Tyrants

The Pharaoh of that time (during the life of Prophet Moses) died but several others were born. After him, many countries have been led and are still being governed by power-hungry pharaohs. They follow the same principles adopted by the cursed Pharaoh so as to rule at ease. Among others, there are the system of “Divide and Rule”, the restriction on freedom of expression, and grabbing all wealth. And there is also the use of force in case of the uprising/ rebellion of the people. 

And what is stranger still, we find that among the leaders, there are those who have crossed the age of seventy or even eighty years, but who prefer continue their routes (as leaders) and do not wish to finish their careers. There are even some among them who cannot even walk and who arrive in parliament or at official functions in a wheelchair. The ardent love for the throne or chair of power prevents them from accepting the sentence: “It’s time to go” and is disgusted with the very idea (of renouncing to their power). When they hear this sentence from the mouth of their peoples they explode with rage as if they are entitled to everything and are untouchable.

Tyrants will be Destroyed; Injustice will Wash Away

The pharaohs of our time and all future Pharaohs (if there shall be still some time before the Last Day of Judgment occurs) should all know and bear in mind that injustice is only for a while. Allah will come quickly to the aid of His oppressed servants, such is His promise.

“Surely Allah defends those who believe. Allah does not love anyone treacherous and ungrateful.” (Al-Hajj 22: 39).

These tyrants persist in their rebellion and their injustice, and thus Allah has manifested His divine favour in this century in the form of His Caliph (Khalifatullah), the Messiah of this century to establish peace and justice. Insha-Allah, the authority of the Pharaohs will be destroyed and their injustices will disappear without doubt. 

Be confident and patient, that day will come certainly. Ameen.

---- Friday Sermon of 29 July 2016 ~(24 Shawwal 1437 AH) delivered by Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.