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'Tabligh' Seminar in Kerala: A Report

By the grace of Allah, our brothers from the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, Kerala – North Zone organised a special 2-Day seminar, focusing on the intention and aims of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, and the advent of a Khalifatullah to all people teaching them the way of life, the way to Allah which Islam entails.

The seminar started after the Salat-ul-Jumu’ah on Friday 14 August 2015 with a Holy Quran reading by our brother E. Hamza Saheb at 4.00 pm.

The Zonal Ameer, Janab Dr. Thahir Sahib inaugurated the seminar and delivered the speech. In his speech he described deeply the intention and aims of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam.

He described that after the establishment of the Jamaat by its founder Hazrat Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) and his proclamation as the Khalifatullah of the age – and as posted on the official website of the Jamaat – the Khalifatullah has explained that the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam is not a new religion or a branch of other existing organisations. 

It was indeed the fulfilment of the prophecy of Hazrat Muhammad Mustapha Rassool-e-Kareem (saws). Allah appointed Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) as the Messenger of Allah in this 15th Century Hijrah to revive the lost belief (faith).

The Jamaat is a group of believers, which has been established by the reformer Hazrat Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) after getting revelations from Allah (twa).

The Ameer Saheb further expounded according to his own analysis on the word “Din”. He said that nowadays the word “RELIGION” is misunderstood among believers. The modern concept of religion as an abstraction which entails distinct sects of believers or doctrines is a recent invention in the English language since such usage with texts from 17th century was due to the splitting of Christendom during the protestant reformation. Thus the concept of Religion received its modern shape despite the fact that texts like the Bible, the Quran and other ancient texts did not have a concept of religion in the origin language and neither did the people nor the cultures in which those sacred texts – especially the Holy Quran – were revealed, understood it.

According to him, the word “Din” as mentioned in the Holy Quran has been used as meaning: judgement, way, opinion, faith, law etc. and not in the meaning of “Religion”. In the Holy Quran, Surah Al-Maun Chapter 107, Verse 2-4, it is said: “Hast thou seen him who denies the DIN? That is, he who drives away the orphan and urges not the feeding of the poor?”

Many different sects including the Jamaat Ahmadiyya have given different meanings to the word “Din”. For example: Religion, Judgement, Faith, etc. But the real meaning in the contexts is: “way [to Allah]”. 

Till the 17th century “DIN” was only used to mean “LAW”. It was only after the 17th century that the word ‘DIN’ was used by all as meaning “RELIGION”. This usage (Din as meaning Religion) creates intolerance, rivalry, among each sect. Each retualist says their religion is more righteous than the other religion. These kinds of arguments create terrorism among the people.

The Ameer Dr. Thahir Saheb emphasized also that the peace among believers can be attained only through the JAMAAT UL SAHIH AL ISLAM.

After the inaugural speech, Dr. Sharif Saheb, Sadiq Ali Saheb, and Aboobaker Saheb each carried out speeches for the day. K. Abdul Hakeem Saheb delivered the Welcome Speech.

The next day, Saturday 15th August 2015, the Zonal Ameer conducted a special Tharbiyyath Class. E. Hamsa Saheb, Mohammed Saheb, Zulfiqar Ali Saheb have participated in the discussion. They seriously discussed about the further steps of the Jamaat, how to lead the Jamaat in the mainstream.

At 4.00 pm the session was concluded after Duah. All members then returned home renewed with spiritual vigour and satisfaction.    

(Issued by: Dr. Thahir Saheb, Zonal Ameer, Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, Kerala – North). 


E.M. HASHIM said…
Is there any chance to move away from OLD tradition of wearing caps and pardhas?
Fazil Jamal said…
Sir, why do you want to move away? what "problems" you find in continuing with a long-followed Islamic tradition?
E.M. HASHIM said…
Why you started a new sect? If it is a new movement then you should change what is blocking the way.
the function was inside a lodge/hotel not at a mosque/praying place hence this sect also following the way of other sects.

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