Sunday, May 10, 2015

Qur'an: Treasures for the Human Mind

The human mind is very complex. It has developed gradually and that during different stages of its already God-given developed capacity. Allah (swt), throughout the centuries, through His different Messengers, Prophets and Reformers has continued to reveal such teachings which are suitable to each respective stage, till the time arrived when the mind of man had become fully developed and means of inter-communication between different sections of humanity had been perfected, and the world had in its advancement attained the stage when it might form one country and one nation. At this stage God sent the last law-bearing prophet, that is, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) with the last and complete code of revealed laws, that is, the Holy Quran, which it is a book which is the simplified reunification or summary of all revealed laws since the beginning of time. It contains teachings suitable to the needs of every age.

Whilst being the last law-bearing revealed book, however, the doors of revelation and of spiritual advancement are still open and will continue to remain open for ever. No new law shall henceforth be revealed, but such prophets as shall lay open the hidden treasures contained in the Quran and open to mankind the doors of divine realization shall continue to arise, for no new law is required in the presence of a perfect code, and yet man is always in need of attaining to the realization of God. There can, therefore, be no new law, but the door of such prophethood as it is attained by spiritual perfection is open and should remain open for all time, for God is as much our providence as He was of our ancestors.

The doctrine that the Quran was the last and perfect code of revealed laws did not involve the consequence that man had reached the last stage of intellectual progress and could travel no further, for the human mind ever continues to advance along the path of progress, both in this world and in the next. On the contrary, the more perfect a book is the more it ought to help in the advancement of learning. With respect to the contents of a revealed book, then the word of God should be like the work of God, and that as the latter is a treasure-house of unlimited secrets which mankind has not been able wholly to discover from the creation of the universe up to the present day, so the word of God ought to be a treasure-house of inexhaustible learning and wisdom for if they were to be exhausted one would be compelled to admit that God invested the material universe, which has to do with a limited portion of man’s life, with inexhaustible treasures, but so limited the spiritual universe that is to say, His perfect Book, that its treasures were soon exhausted. This, however, is not so.

The Holy Quran contains treasures more numerous than those of the materiel universe, and these are laid open before all those who seek sincerely for them. Most people would derive intellectual pleasure from the contemplation of this new principle which thus windows the horizon of intellect to an unlimited degree, but this needs to be put to a practical test. As a humble servant of Allah, I have put this test to practice and the benefit which I have derived from the application of this principle to the study of the Quran fills me with an intoxicating joy. Now this ecstasy is even palpable on a daily basis ever since Allah has chosen this humble one as His chosen messenger. Sources of information to extol and expound the perfect divine words within the Holy Quran is given to this humble self frequently, just like rain falls and give a new life to the earth. With every reading, Allah reveals or inspires new explanations, new ways to view the revealed verses and apply them in our daily life.

When I contemplate the extent of the field of learning which a study of the Quran reveals, the universe becomes a mere speck in my sight, for the whole of it cannot fill even a corner of the spiritual universe which the Quran displays before me. The miracle is that when a true servant of Allah cleanses his heart and believes firmly that the Holy Quran can provide solutions to all his problems, therefore the perfect book of Allah, which holds the perfect words and laws of Allah verily becomes alive for him. Allah talks to him through His Quran. Every question is answered and every doubt is removed because all verses which Allah manifests before him represent answers to his pleas. This miracle of the Quran is a powerful proof of its truth. However learned a man may be, he cannot beforehand provide for the needs and offer a solution of the problems of all future ages, for the circumstances of man are constantly changing, and who can guess through what conditions man may pass in the future and what new sciences and learning he may discover which might necessitate the solution of entirely novel religious problems, and how far his intellect might develop and what kind of spiritual food he may require?

A book, therefore, that contains a complete code of teachings suitable to the needs of every age and provides a remedy for the ills and means for the moral and spiritual development, of all ages, must be a book revealed by God, for it explains the philosophy of human development and it is beyond the capacity of human reason to master the philosophy of the development of an ever-changing entity.

No doubt the teachings of Islam are often criticized, but, all objections raised against Islam are due either to a lack of serious reflection or because passion is allowed to prevail over reason. Islam presents teachings so perfect that, if it were submitted to the verdict of reason, and reflection uninfluenced by sentiment or tradition one would discover no better or more perfect code for the moral and spiritual advancement of man. But Islam has been maligned as truth had never been maligned before.

So may Allah (swt) ever protect His perfect religion and perfect book and allow us humans, His servants to perfect our reason like the beloved perfect prophet of Allah, Muhammad (pbuh) and give us the Tawfiq to understand His perfect teachings which if implemented in the right way shall enable us to begin our journey of reformation for our inner (spiritual) and outer (material) betterment. Ameen.


Yesterday I received a divine message wherein Allah made me understand that after the uncovering of the BAI (British American Insurance), there shall be one at the MPCB (Mauritius Post & Cooperative Bank Ltd) whereby we shall know what the friends of the ex-Government have done – and people don’t know but – there are lots of people who have deposited their money there.

----Friday Sermon of the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius delivered on 08 May 2015 ~(19 Rajab 1436 Hijri)

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