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The Instrumental Role of Divine Revelations

Revelation may be a single word but its meaning is immense, just like a drop of water rippling a whole ocean. The nature of revelation is various, and among the types of revelations, we have satanic whisperings also which are not to be confused with the spiritual truthful context of revelations, that is, Divine Revelations. Any person can receive divine inspirations, yet divine revelations, as pure and frequent as that received by messengers of Allah are of an exquisite nature, which leaves no doubt as to the source of this special light. Therefore, revelation in Islam is tantamount to the extraordinary connection which links an exceptional servant of Allah to His Lord. ( Inset: a depiction of the archangel Gabriel instructing Divine revelations to the Holy Prophet (sa), from the manuscript Jami' al-tawarikh by Rashid-al-Din Hamadani, AD 1307). 

This servant of Allah comes to taste of a special bond through which Allah reveals Himself to His servant, and little by little – just like a gardener who waters a newly planted seed into the soil to see it grow big, strong and productive – this servant of Allah through dreams, visions, divine inspirations and revelations grows from one spiritual state to the other and in capacity of exceptional blessed instrument of Allah, he gets to receive within him such light as to illuminate the whole world. His being becomes an object of light, a beacon of light as to attract those who are within the nexus of the pleasure of Allah to perceive his light, just like a radar emitting a powerful signal, to manifest his presence among the people of the earth, especially, those endowed with true knowledge. (Inset: Prophet Moses (as) with the tablets of the Ten Commandments, a painting by Rembrandt (1659).  

Very often, these people who are qualified as “Ulul’al-Baab” (People of understanding, people endowed with true knowledge) are very humble in nature. They may be viewed as hopeless and poor people in the eyes of men, whereas in the eyes of the Almighty, their status is most high. This is because they do not sell their consciousness and pure heart and faith to the attractions of this world; they do not let themselves be attached to it. A person also can be rich and be among the true Ulul’al-Baab because despite the money and riches he earns, yet he is not greedy for it, and canalise this wealth in its proper channel, that is to say, he obeys the instructions and commandments of the Quran and he shares his wealth to the poor in the proportions made obligatory to him by Allah, and also those parts of his wealth that he gives in charity, with good faith as a voluntary action due to tenderness of his heart to help the less fortunate and also the community of believers in Dawah Mission (Inviting and Bringing people to Allah, to Islam).

Therefore, the Ulul’al-Baab, whether rich or poor, or in-between (neither too rich nor poor) captures the signal emitted by the special radar sent by Allah, so that within the circle of this exquisite connection one may be able to reach to Allah without any doubt. This Messenger of Allah, the Holder of Light, the guidance to the world comes to teach people how to get this connection with Allah. And this he is able to do with the help of the Ruh-il-Quddus (Holy Spirit).

Like I have always told my disciples in Mauritius ever since the beginning of the Divine Manifestation, connection with Allah comes with a purification of the heart, and it is in that state of purification – whereby there is no doubt as to the truthfulness of the Spiritual Guide (that is, this humble self) and the Divine Manifestation – and with belief, faith, and trust that the God who has sent His Messenger with the Holy Spirit has indeed the power of speech despite having no tongue to talk, that the person in question can reach to Allah. I am talking for the current Divine Manifestation of this age, because I have been sent in this era to you all to guide you to Allah, and thus, belief, faith and trust in the veracity of this humble self is essential if someone wants to get to the exquisite proximity of Allah taking this humble self as guide and mentor.

Therefore, when that trust and belief has been firmly etched in the heart, the one who turns to Allah in Zikrullah, intensely invoking our merciful Rab with devotion, love and sincerity, therefore, for those whom Allah choose to open that door, those fortunate people come to partake of the special favours of divine revelations, inspirations and true visions in such a way as to prove the veracity of the vehicle (that is, the Messenger of Allah) which Allah has sent down to them to guide them to Him (Allah). They do not get revelations in the same intensity, quantity and quality like the Messenger of Allah, but they get it in little dose, enough to remove any misconceptions, doubts they may have had before encountering the Divine Manifestation and Messenger of their time.

For those people, they live life in the Holy Quran. What I mean by this statement is that whenever they consult the Holy Quran for any problem, seeking the help of Allah through it, therefore, the Quran speaks to them and show them the words of Allah which befit the situation/problems they are encountering. They get to live revelations perpetually because as they cleanse their heart through the Quran, they get to the stage where Allah speaks to them through the pages of the Quran.

Those kinds of people are those who when they concentrate in Zikrullah, they receive the felicity of connection with Allah for Allah then opens for them the tunnel of visions and revelations and they (their souls) are made through the force of Allah to be pulled towards the vision (in conscious state) which Allah wants them to see, feel and appreciate.

Such people also – for people are always weak in nature – are able to receive divine reprimand whenever they have committed an error. Their affiliation with the Messenger of Allah is such that they partake of the light of the Ruh-il-Quddus which has come down in this era upon the chosen servant of Allah, and thus just like the Laila-tul-Qadr (Night of Decree) they are made to be the witness of extraordinary signs, fulfillment of visions and prayers as to reinforce them in their faith and keep their heart ever melted in love and submission to Allah.

The Messenger of Allah comes to guide such people who want to get this connection to the highest level of belief. The faith which they receive is inevitably from Allah and the degree of that faith is better known to Allah alone. But the belief and sincerity which they demonstrate gives a little idea as to the nature of the faith they hold when Allah Himself becomes their protector and mentor. Such are the true disciples of Messengers of Allah, who come what may, despite the whisperings of the evil mouths discard those whisperings to hold fast to the exceptional favours and rays of light which Allah has vouchsafed them when they became – true to their consciousness and divine guidance – the helpers of the Messenger of Allah of their era.

Their life becomes a display of divine succour; they get to live Islam in the true sense. They receive good news through true dreams, and they get to be attracted by the divine force to witness whatever of the spiritual world which Allah wants them to see, and in this way, they are informed of the spiritual status of the Messenger of Allah and his veracity and the role they are to play by his side in the Divine Plan.

Therefore, divine revelations are not only enjoyed by the Messenger of Allah, but to a certain extent they are enjoyed by the sincere disciples of the Messenger of Allah who come to realize little by little through their connection to Allah and His Messenger that this world is for a limited time only whereas their essence, especially their spiritual essence is to live forever whenever they submit to the divine will and merge themselves in the light of Allah and His Messenger. 

-Extracts from the Friday Sermon of 20 February 2015 ~(29 Rabi’ul Aakhir 1436 Hijri) delivered by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius.

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