Monday, February 16, 2015

'Divine Revelations are not the Inspirations of Mind'

A very serious misconception which is prevailing in my time, in this era with a divine manifestation, and which has undermined the foundations of all religions, so that the very essence of religion is being completely revolutionized as a result of which, in place of the divine light of revelation, it is the ideas and conceptions of the human mind which are being substituted and put forward as the truth and thus it is that entirely erroneous definition of revelation which has found general acceptance. Independence of thoughts and the length of time which had elapsed since the appearance of the seal of prophets Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) had led the greater portion of the world to believe that revelation was mere inspiration of the mind. This was due, to the belief and conception that God could not speak in words as He was not a materiel Being and was not dependent upon material means like men.

I explain from my personal experience that revelation is conveyed in words and the mode of conveying is as certain and free from doubt as the talking of one man to another. If revelation was not to be conveyed in words, it could not be entirely free from doubt and could not lead to perfect certainty. For, perceiving every inspiration as divine revelation, every man can fancy himself inspired and thus deceive himself and mislead mankind, as has actually happened in several instances since this erroneous conception of revelation has found currency. 

Revelation is intended to remove doubts and misconceptions, and if it is not conveyed in words, it opens, still wider the doors of doubt and uncertainty for there is then no means of distinguishing between revelation and the fancies of a man’s own mind. Revelation is conveyed in words possessing extraordinary glory and majesty, and also a dialogue is possible between God and man in the same manner as between two men, so that a recipient of revelation attains to that degree of certainty which dispenses with any further proof or argument.

To the question whether God has a tongue with which He speaks, then let it be known that God is not dependent upon material means for the expression of His will and that, as He has created the universe without materiel hands and can see without material eyes, so He can speak without the aid of a materiel tongue. Indeed, when we say God speaks, we do not mean that He speaks with a tongue, but that He directs such movements in nature as express themselves in the form of words which are heard by the recipient of revelation. He does not himself stand in need of words, but man to whom revelation has to be conveyed stands in need of them.

I am not merely claiming that revelation is conveyed by means of words, but through my experience, I have lived it, and Alhamdulillah, through this humble self’s prayers, many people, my disciples, seekers of truth and other people since the beginning of the Divine Manifestation in Mauritius have been able to benefit from this spiritual power vouchsafed to me from the Almighty, and they also were and still are being able to receive such revelations, and these revelations are clear indications that the one to whom they are attached to, like a bee to a flower, like a branch to a tree, likewise, they are able to get light from the light of the light-holder, the special giver of lights which Allah has chosen for them in this era to bring you all out of the darkness of ignorance and sins.

But sometimes, nay, very often people fail to feel the aura of the true revelation because they have closed their hearts to it. With a closed heart, much like a closed door and closed windows and drawn curtains in a house, therefore darkening it, can one expect that the light of the sun penetrates it? Likewise, if one’s heart is closed, can he expect to perceive the divine light internally and let it guide him on the right path?

The Messenger of Allah, representative of Allah on earth, like this humble self to you all in this era, has the task to convey the message. He cannot open hearts and let in the light. He can spread the light externally, and let the message sink in but he has no power to change the state of hearts, unless the power and will of Allah enable the receiver of the propagated light to have faith and accept the light within him. Sometimes, that seeker of truth receives bounties of revelation as a means to confirm the truthfulness of the Envoy of Allah who speaks with the Holy Spirit. Upon receiving it, this consolidates his belief and faith in God and the Messenger He sent, but alas, there also exists such people who despite witnessing divine revelations being poured down upon the Messenger of Allah, and being themselves recipients of revelation to confirm the revelations and truthfulness of the Messenger of Allah, they turn their backs to it all, qualifying those revelations as mere delusion of the mind. These kinds of people are the most unfortunate of people who after perceiving truth prefer to qualify truth as untruth and delusion so as to take it as a pretext for their turning their backs to the divine truth.

By this exposition of the nature of revelation I have thus provided means for the checking of that dangerous onslaught upon religion which is sweeping away the authority of all revealed books under the explanation that revelation was mere inspiration. Therefore, inspiration like all human receives as knowledge to live on earth cannot be compared to the exceptional nature of revelation coming down on an elected man of God which acts as a security and surety of the divine origin and nature of the words received for the welfare of all mankind.

May Allah continue to bless the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam with revelations and closeness with the Almighty. I once received this revelation: Dip in the Light of Allah and Sip His Love. Therefore, more you dip in the light of Allah, the more you shall sip His love. Insha-Allah. Ameen.

-Extracts from the Friday Sermon of February 13, 2014 (22 Rabi’ul Aakhir 1436 Hijri) delivered by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius. 

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