Saturday, February 21, 2015

'Musleh Maoud': Trajectories of a Grand Prophecy

Before ending my sermon on this vast subject – Revelations – I wish to say a few words on the prophecy of 20th February 1886. Today is the 20th February, and this reminds us of the grand prophecy in the announcement of 20th February 1886 concerning the Promised Messiah’s entreaties to Allah in Hoshiarpur to bless him with such a physical son as to become his physical and spiritual heir in majestic respect.

A prophet, envoy of Allah always wants pious children, from his own lineage and blood to carry on his mission, his works with the same intensity of devotion as he showed towards Allah throughout his life on earth. Prophets of Allah seek such gems from their own blood but only after supplicating Allah for them. When Hazrat Ibrahim (as) prayed for a blessed son and messenger of Allah, after being childless for years, he sought a miracle of Allah from the grace and majesty of Allah, and his Zaki Ghulam (Pure Son) was not only from his own blood, but also his spiritual heir, in that which he became a Prophet of Allah, chosen and purified by Allah. The same was for Hazrat Zakariyya and Hazrat Dawud (as) among others. 

A prophet of Allah is not mistaken in his entreaties to Allah as to which type of son he is seeking from Allah! He seeks a biological and spiritual heir, who shall have both these attributes in him (physical and spiritual for the sake of Allah and from Allah) from his own body to carry on the works he is blessed with from Allah. And when a prophecy, more specifically a glad tiding is granted to him from Allah that he shall father such a son, and for whom Allah has granted much more spiritual and divinely attributes in him to reflect that purity of being the son of a prophet of Allah, therefore, the prophet of Allah, in occurrence, the Promised Messiah of Islam, the first of his kind, was granted such a request.

Through several of his announcements, he made it clear that he was waiting for the fulfillment of a physical son who shall be that reformer of Islam, who shall be his mirror image, that is, possessing messianic qualities to carry on his mission to the end of the worlds.

As you all will agree with me, whenever a prophet of Allah comes on earth, as it has always happened ever since the creation of the earth, it is expected that this prophet of Allah shall have spiritual heirs, prophets of Allah who shall confirm his veracity and spread his mission and honour for as long as life exists on earth. Moreover, it is Sunnat-Allah (the way of Allah) to preserve the honour of all His prophets from the beginning to the end of times. Therefore, spiritual heirs of prophets are bound to come, especially after the advent of the final religion, Islam whose extent is a universal one, and the purpose of receiving messengers from Allah is for the revival of the state of Muslims and to bring back the glory of Islam.

Likewise, it is expected that Allah as an ever-living God shall always protect Islam and the Jamaat of His Islamic Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as), and that it is Sunnat-Allah that messengers of Allah continue to rise in Islam and more specifically in the Jamaat of Hazrat Massih Maoud (as) as links of a chain attached to another one, reinforcing the chain and preserving the glory of the pendant (in occurrence here, the best of prophets and men Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh)).

Therefore, when an elect of Allah, more specifically here (in our context) a prophet of Allah, from the waters of Allah and the prophethood of His beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) seeks a majestic sign from Allah in the form of the birth of such a son who shall represent the glorious future of Islam, then it is a biological son that he seeks for the manifestation of that grand sign. For he knows, that a day shall come years after his demise when Islam (and his Jamaat) shall cease to reflect and comply to his teachings, then like it is Sunnat-Allah, Allah shall send one from his own people, community, religion (Islam), and Jamaat, his brother to continue his mission. His heir is a brother in faith for him, and also a spiritual son because he shall imbibe in him the qualities of his predecessor as per the will of Allah.

But the most majestic of all, the true manifestation of a grand sign is when a prophet of Allah supplicates Allah for a biological son who shall be also a Messenger of Allah or a reformer of Islam to carry on the heritage of his hard works to the end of the worlds. And that grand manifestation takes place when Allah hears such a call and grants such a son to his elect, of course during his lifetime when he fathers such a son! He does not have to wait years after his demise to witness the realization of such a sign, for the simple reason that he is no longer alive to see the fulfillment of this request. 

Likewise, my brothers-in-faith in the various Jamaats within the Jamaat Ahmadiyya has called the attention of the seekers of truth on Mirza Mubarak Ahmad (ra) as being that son, but who after a brief stay in this world had to leave, just like we all have to leave this world one day. Let me tell you that prophets of Allah go through trials from Allah also, but when Allah has promised a majestic sign as a result of prayer (supplication), then this sign is certainly manifested in grand ways. They said that even after the death of Mubarak Ahmad, Hazrat Massih Maud (as) has received the glad tiding of a boy (Zaki Ghulam – Pure Son), but that he did not father any other children and thus the prophecy had to indicate a spiritual son instead of a biological one. But spiritual pure sons are bound to come in the Jamaat Ahmadiyya for it is Sunnat-Allah, but the realization of a precise grand prophecy has to be that of a biological son when God’s Messenger supplicated for and expected a biological son like he so clearly showed through his writings.

Through his writings, the revelations he mentioned for all his sons, whether those who died or those who remained alive showed that Allah has endowed him with sons with pure souls, with special faculties, but the test remained for him to know clearly as to whom among his living sons was his true biological and spiritual heir, the heir of Islam, the one with messianic qualities. All his sons were promised sons to him by way of revelations, yet one of them was the promised reformer, and the nine years span he mentioned in one of his announcements in 1886 cleared out all doubts that he was waiting eagerly for the birth of that child, and when Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad (ra) was born he was given the names Bashir and Mahmud. Is that not the way of Allah guiding His messiah to name the Musleh (reformer) and Ghulam (son) he prayed so much to receive?

After the demise of the Promised Messiah (as), we saw how parts of the prophecy of 20th February 1886 were fulfilled, but like Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra) has always proclaimed

“I do not say that I am the only Promised One and that no other Promised One will appear till the Day of Judgment. It appears from the prophecies of the Promised Messiah that some other promised ones will also come and some of them will appear after centuries. Indeed, God has told me that at one time He will send me a second time to the world and I will come for the reform of the world at a time when association with God will have become widespread. This means that my soul will, at some time, descend upon someone who will possess faculties and capacities like mine and He will, following in my footsteps, bring about a reform of the world. Thus, promised ones will appear in their due times according to the promise of God Almighty.” ---(Speech of Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad (ra) during a Meeting in Hoshiarpur – 20 February 1944).

A revelation from Allah and even a grand prophecy from Him can be realized in different ways. Just like the words of the Holy Quran are as alive today as it were in the past, and like they shall be alive till the Day of Judgement, likewise same prophecies also can be realized for future messengers of Allah also, and these revelations are means to show the grandeur of Allah, fulfilling those prophecies not one time but many times as a sign of His mercy and kindness upon mankind and the greatest sign of all is the sending from time to time up till the day of Judgement His devoted messengers to guide mankind on the right track, to make them realize the truthfulness of all prophets of Allah and confirming them and help to preserve their honour come what may.

On this note, I conclude my sermon. May Allah enable the Ulul’al-Baab to perceive the truth of my speech and may Allah open the doors of their hearts to perceive the light of truth, faith and the divine proximity. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

- Extracts from the Friday Sermon of February 20, 2015 delivered by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius.