Monday, December 31, 2012

‘Restrain from Evil Inclinations’

In his Friday Sermon of 28 December 2012, the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius gave a profound discourse on the hidden pearls of wisdom underlying the Qur’anic teachings on keeping away from evil inclinations and Satanic tendencies. Belivers are those who do good deeds and prefer the welfare of others even over their own personal comforts. They keep away from selfish desires and other evil inclinations and constantly seek to deny giving any corners for Satan to cast his evil whisperings.

When you, the believers, leave behind the temporary attractions of this world and refuse to follow Satan in his path, and you give Allah preference over all things, it is then that the divine blessings are bestowed upon you; Allah sends down extraordinary blessings, and along with these you reap the good of your good deeds and you get a complete Iman (faith)”, exhorts the Messenger of Allah of our times.

Read the Extracts from the Speech:    

This is enlightenment for mankind and guidance and mercy for a people who are certain (in faith). (45: 21)

In this Quranic verse, Allah says that this Quran and the words therein contain such clear proofs for humanity, that is, when someone studies it with Taqwa (fear of Allah) and in whichever he wants, then he shall certainly see clear proofs (of the truth) in it.

Afterwards Allah says that it is guidance and mercy for the holders of faith, those who have complete faith in it. In the next verse, Allah says: “Or do those who commit evils think We will make them like those who have believed and done righteous deeds– (make them) equal in their life and their death? Evil is that which they judge.” (45: 22)

Allah is making us understand: Do these people think that We (Allah and His angels) shall treat them in life and death like We treat the believers? No, this is impossible. For those who have believed and done good deeds, then in this temporary world itself Allah shall do such treatment with them as to distinguish them from the others. And that good treatment shall be continuous.

Therefore the way of dealing of Allah with those who have acquired faith is very different that the way of dealing with those who are plunged in evil. The treatment they receive is different and very distinguished. And when one sees this way of dealing (with the good people), one shall recognise for oneself that these people are indeed the servants of Allah, and that the other group of people are the followers of Iblis. Then Allah says: If ever you think that We shall make an equal dealing (treatment), then you have make a wrong judgement; it is a judgement which deprives you (the evil people) from all successes. 

In the words “Evil is that which they judge”, this means that in result of this very judgement that there crops up disorder in the world of religion as well as in the mundane one. This means that the disorders are created because of a wrong “certitude” which they have. If the believers have a certain certitude on truth, then the evil-doers also have certitude on their wrongs. Therefore the thoughts they have that they are thinking in the right way – whereas they’re not – are not at all in their favour. Afterwards reference has been made to all the disorders which happen on earth as a result of the judgment (or decision) which they take.

In the next verse, Allah says that it is a fact that He (Allah) has created the heavens and earth in truth. Disorders cannot remain along with truth – there is no link between them. It means that when Allah has created the heavens and earth in truth, in which there is no defect, then how is it now possible that in the world of religion, Allah makes such a situation that the bad people remain mixed with the good ones? It is not at all possible. Therefore, the call which is being done is a natural call, that truth cannot co-exist with falsehood. And falsehood also cannot co-exist with truth. After that Allah says: “…so that every soul may be recompensed for what it has earned, and they will not be wronged”. Verily, injustice also cannot go hand in hand with truth. And justice is in fact a creation (or derivation) of truth itself.

In these verses, the Quran mentions such subjects which are vast and profound. But for the education of our Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam members, it is necessary that these subjects be made clear. From what I understand, the following advice which I shall give you resemble those of the Promised Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (upon him be peace).

Therefore, each of you much give priority to the comforts of others than your own comforts. Make a true reconciliation between you and Allah and return back to Allah in His obeisance. The anger of Allah is coming down on earth and it is only the one who presents a sincere and complete repentance for all sins, along with presenting himself before Allah that he can hope to be safe from the divine punishment. If you want to become such a person – who is safe from divine punishment – then the first quality that you must have is that you must give priority to the comforts of your brothers, instead of giving priority to your own comforts. This is so because, without giving others priority over your own comforts, you cannot continue on that journey.

Thus, this means that the people, who are sincere and God-fearing, come in this world with the objective, that for the sake of Allah, they give priority to the comforts of the entire world rather than their own. Even if your own comforts are in peril, even if you reject your own comforts, doesn’t matter! When you shall analyse the situation, it is exactly like this that Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) led his life. When one applies these words on the life of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him), then you shall find no difference.

The more a person moves on from one stage to another by Allah’s permission, it is that very point which is of importance. When someone sacrifices his own comforts and tranquillity and he takes care of the comfort and tranquillity of his brothers, then Allah shall certainly attract such a person towards Him. And for this, it is not necessary that he undertakes such journey after prophethood. No. All prophets began this journey, they had such qualities, even before prophethood. The proof which is more enlightening is when one studies the life of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) before his apostleship. We see how he took care of the comforts of his brothers and gave them priority over his own comforts. And therefore, Allah attracted him to Himself, thereby elevating his status. This is because it is one of the qualities which Allah very much loves (in His servants). Without this quality, it is impossible for one to bring about reform in the world. Those who are deprived of these qualities, then they are deprived of apostleship and they lose the blessings of prophethood, and they do not become the followers of prophethood. 

Therefore, it is necessary for you to understand these subjects well. To preserve the comforts of your brothers and sisters (in faith), this also is very important. If you know his weakness, you do not go and publicise his weakness with others. Allah does not like this because He is the One who puts a veil of His servant’s weakness, and you (what do you do?), you unveil this weakness! It is then that Allah shall react and this time definitely, He shall unveil your own weaknesses before others.

Therefore, each of us must become such people who remain far away and separated from those who are plunged into evil. You must become that Jamaat about whom Allah says that they have got solid faith and that they do good deeds, good works. Those who are plunged into evil and those who do good, Allah does not deal the same way with these two groups of people. It is impossible that Allah treat them alike. Now, when it is said that the anger of Allah descends on earth and the people who are free from this, it is only those who repent for all their sins and come under the refuge of Allah – In fact, this is the explanation of what I have earlier said, that is, life and death of the good persons cannot be like the life and death of those who are plunged into evil.

If you want to become under the refuge of Allah, then you must seek Allah’s forgiveness for all sins committed and you present yourself under the refuge of Allah. If you do like this, then Allah shall create such qualities in you that people shall see that between you and the evil people, there is a clear difference. And thus it shall not be necessary to go in further debates on this subject. All people who have eyes to see and who want to see, shall certainly see this difference.

Now, how to perceive this difference and which way shall Allah deal with such people? Those who have faith, then Satan shall not be able to approach them. Now, the everyday battle that we have with Satan is such a battle which shall not end for as long as we do not become under the refuge of Allah. Someone who gets this refuge, then Satan shall not approach him because Satan does not have the permission to come under the refuge of Allah. Satan gets access only to those places where he sees an opportunity, a hope (to spread evil). Once he sees an empty space (which is not filled with good), he therefore comes to fill the space. Now, when it is being said to repent for all sins, it means that you should not leave any empty space for Satan to come. If Satan gets as small an opportunity to infiltrate a space, therefore he shall be able to fill the space with his unfortunate steps, and the space shall become greater so as to accommodate him.

It is exactly like the anecdote of the Bedouin and the Camel. I relate it to you. Once there was a Bedouin who pitched his tent and went to sit inside. It was a freezing night. Therefore the Camel put its head in the tent and asked the Bedouin permission to let its head remain in the tent because it was freezing outside. When the head got the welcomed heat, and the pleasure which there was in there, therefore, the Camel this time asked permission for his neck to come in – then little by little, its body found a way as well as its legs. Finally the whole Camel found a way in the tent, and now tells the Bedouin that he has to go out because his other two legs had to come in and that there is no space to accommodate the Bedouin!

Likewise, evil spreads as soon as it gets the opportunity, the space needed. Once you give evil a way to penetrate, then it shall not leave you. It is like this that Satan attacks. Now, all people who are engaged in evil works, if they ponder over their psychological state, they shall realise that once they let a “little” harm penetrate, thinking that it is no big deal, how calamitous it then becomes. The harm in their eyes is simple and ordinary. But once the harm is done, then automatically, there shall be another harm done and so on. Nowadays, in the world there are many people who have plunged into drugs. This also is based on the same principle. There are some bandits and criminals who target school children and college students and thus harm them. They tell them to just taste of the drugs, and from the first taste comes a repeat, and therefore begins a vicious circle of desperately wanting those drugs.

Therefore, it is not in vain that you are being told to repent to Allah for all your sins and to come under His refuge. Why is is necessary? It is necessary because at that moment, Satan shall not be able to approach you. Satan only comes when he sees the tiniest bit of space.

Today, with this last Friday Sermon of the year 2012, we are living for a few days in a festive atmosphere, and unfortunately many people have followed the footsteps of the Satan, to such an extent that they cannot differentiate between truth and falsehood, between the true teachings of God and His prophets and the falsehoods which the thirsty of power and who follow the footsteps of Satan have fabricated for them.

A year has gone and another is coming and they are still in their lost state. Despite seeing the days of Judgement which is seizing them from everywhere, yet they make the blind and refuge to change and adopt the true divine teachings. Unfortunately many Muslims have let themselves be trapped by Satan when they attached themselves with the world and imitated the cultures and ways of the debauched people of the West. They have forgotten the fundamental teachings of Islam. There is no harm in relaxing, and taking rest, and enjoy happy moments with family and friends, but one has to do it within the limits of Islam, and not in the ways which the Christians, Hindus or other people of the West (America, Europe etc.) do it.

When you, the believers, leave behind the temporary attractions of this world and refuse to follow Satan in his path, and you give Allah preference over all things, it is then that the divine blessings are bestowed upon you; Allah sends down extraordinary blessings, and along with these you reap the good of your good deeds and you get a complete Iman (faith).

May Allah help each one of us to understand this sermon well and may Allah help us to do efforts within our capabilities so that we may be distanced from Satan. Insha-Allah, I shall continue on the subject of this sermon, Ameen