Saturday, November 9, 2019

Mauritius Elections and the Muslims-II

The PM and the Politics of 'Development' 

Mr. the Prime Minister (of Mauritius- Mr. Pravind Jugnauth) said that there are (all-round, economic) development in the four corners of the island. These words are not true, Mr. Prime Minister! Say instead that there are continual development in some specific places only. We quote a single example that is obvious and that all Mauritius is witnessing. This is the Prime Minister’s constituency. All ministries are mobilized to please him.

The Prime Minister is preparing himself [he is preparing the ground] for the next elections. But if only he had made similar developments for other constituencies like those he did for his constituency! But unfortunately the mandate of this regime is coming to an end and the Muslim community has been forgotten.

Bring a single piece of evidence to show what development has occurred in the various places where the minorities, including the Muslim community reside. We do not ask you to bring the Metro Express to our door [in our place] as you promised the people of Saint-Pierre, but at least give our youth healthy leisure so that they do not fall into the hell of drugs and other plagues. But again the minorities must be blind to vote again for the parties that boycotted development in these places. After all, who will raise his voice in a council of ministers where the Muslim community is under-represented and where there is no one to raise his voice in its favour? Our patience, Insha-Allah, will bear fruit.

The Muslim Community Is Not Ungrateful But Keeps Its Head High.

The former Deputy Prime Minister, and now a simple Deputy, Soodhun has accused the Muslim community of being ungrateful to Sir Aneerood Jugnauth (who was Prime Minister from 2014 to 2017 and where afterwards, there was the father-son deal, and then his son became Prime Minister, without the vote of the people). According to Soodhun - as you know, Soodhun is the shadow of Sir Aneerood Jugnauth - there would be decreases in the price of beef, as well as for the price of air tickets for Hajj and Oumrah. These are measures that should have been favourable for Muslims. 

But Soodhun quickly forgets, but let us remind him of the suffering that this same Aneerood Jugnauth inflicted on the Muslim community. How can this be forgotten overnight? A time when Muslims were boycotted and stigmatized. A reign in which a Muslim seeking work in the civilian service had to hide his true address and political affiliation, if he lived in a predominantly Muslim constituency and supported another political party. It was a reign in which the private sector was called on to boycott the Muslim community, especially in the area of ​​employment. A reign where the graduates of the Muslim Community had to become small street vendors to make ends meet. There was a policy of revenge against the Muslim community just because it did not vote him [and his government]. It is this same policy of revenge that is being applied to its political opponents today. There was the operation “plucking all weeds” and “cutting fingers”. [i.e., according to them, to finish the Muslims]. There was the humiliating episode of our Hajees at the airport. After so many years, when he returned to power, his mentality towards the Muslim community did not change at all.

If you analyze the Rawat case it’s a blatant case. When in Soodhun, if he is personally as well as his surroundings benefiting from the state, it is not the Ummah who is benefiting but only a few people. Who started small business [street vendor business] in Mauritius? Muslims are not thieves or beggars! The Muslim prefers to work outdoors, on the roads, even under the rain, sun for a living and he accepts to receive blows of truncheon but never steals [Rather die than steal, rather work than steal]. What gratefulness is Soodhun talking about? It is sad to see a Muslim denigrate and insult his own community. If he has personally agreed to bow before Aneerood Jugnauth, going so far as to vote against the law of Allah to please his leader, but then he should not expect the Muslim Community to follow his bad example! As for us, it is only before our Creator that we bow, not creatures.

Concerning the decline in the price of the ticket for Umrah, it is wrong. I myself had to pay the price of the ticket for Umrah far more expensive from what he had proclaimed, that this government did this or that favour with regard to the ticket price for Umrah. He is restless when it comes to flattering this government [i.e. his party]. He does everything to flatter him. When it comes to beef, it’s not just Muslims who consume it, but it’s a measure for all of Mauritius. At the social level, drugs have taken a terrible toll in places where minorities, as well as Muslims, are found. Synthetic drugs are wreaking havoc among youth, and are finishing our young [Mauritians, and especially our young Muslims]. Street vendors are still being trampled upon. How many Muslims have been taken into the civil service during these last five years in power?

What gratefulness do you speak about Soodhun? You took the departure of Aneerood Jugnauth as a blow, although as the president of the party [MSM], they did not even thank you for what you did for 35 years of service with Aneerood Jugnauth. Today his son Pravind took his place and he did not even give you a [an electoral/ ministerial portfolio] ticket for the next general election. So, hear what you say; it is sad what is happening to you, you have given more importance to the creature than to the Creator.

I tell the Muslims who have abandoned their [political] party to enrich themselves with this outgoing government [political party], it is only using you for the election to win the Muslims’ votes. Had you not learnt your lesson after the 2014 election, where Madam President and the Muslim ministers and Muslim MPs were humiliated? The same fate will befall you, now that his son has taken the reigns (after father comes the son) and will use you to win the votes of the Muslim Community, only to come to power and then see what will happen to you.

As for me, I am not attached to this Government or to any party, but as a citizen of this small country, Mauritius – and I love my country – by the grace of Allah, with duahs, Allah has shown me lots of things on the persons of those who support this Government, those who are manifesting and lifting up flags [of their party] and who remain in the circle of the politicians only for their own benefit, including the well-being of their own families and people. And do not forget that after the 2014 elections, lots of people were fooled by this Government and they let themselves be sweet-talked through the increase in the old-age pension. You have seen five years of misery and problems.

The Kuffar, the Twaghut system and the Muslims

Every day we hear through media how many people are suffering. This does not affect them as long as they are having fun [regardless of the population’s sufferings]! During the electoral campaign you have heard a series of scandals on this present Government, and you, Muslims, Allah (swt) has told you to fight all corruption, lies, wrongdoings, and the dilapidation of the people’s money – who are contributing through taxes and through the increase in the price of commodities [be it food, drink, clothes etc… the list is too long]. We pay tax on all these things. Where has your faith (Iman) in Allah and His Rassool (saws) gone ? What have you done with the teachings which Allah has revealed in the Quran? You are on the forefront to support those kinds of parties, and you turn your backs to the teachings of Allah to seek only that which is of benefit [material benefit] to you.

The fact remains that (the ruling) political party is anti-Islam [against Muslims]. This is an advice to you, O Muslim brothers, and sisters. That which I know, I know it very well; what you don’t know is that I am neither a racist nor a communalist and I am not even against this Government [meaning that Huzur (atba) is stating all this from a neutral/fairness- point of view with the help of Allah]. From what all the people [Mauritians] had lived for its five years in power, it is the minorities who have suffered. Only a few who became his slaves got some benefits from him, otherwise, all promotions and all partying [fun] are reserved for only his near family, boyfriends, girlfriends and he foremost protects the people who shares the same [religious] faith as him, inputting in their heads that it is only them [i.e. the Hindus] who should govern this country.

So, an advice, withdraw from this party as soon as possible with your head held up, Insha-Allah. It’s the best for you, for your family, and for this Muslim community in general. Allah and His Rassool have made us understand that life in the world, the enjoyments of this world, the war for power, is paradise only for the Kuffar, but for the believers it is absolute hell. We are suffering yes, but it is only temporary [a temporary situation] and it is in the afterlife that Allah has reserved the best eternal paradise for the believers.

So let them have fun and do as they please. As for us, we make duah but the day that Allah (swt) shall seize them, they will receive such humiliation and such divine punishment which shall be very grievous. Remain where you are, establish your love connection with Allah and His Rassool, work for the Deen of Allah. You will receive rewards in this world and in the hereafter these rewards will be much greater. Think about it, if this [outgoing government] comes back to power, how much suffering will there be during the next 5 years to come? These people will keep on filling their pockets. On their tongues, there are great words that they want to serve their country, and work to make your life easy, but when one makes an appraisal after 5 years, it is just the opposite [that has happened].

So, in such politics where you do not base yourselves on divine teaching, where you leave divine teaching to make wrong kinds of politics, and you take the teachings of the Kuffar to harm the Ummah, this is indeed grievous. So, take care of the Ummah above all; do not seek your own well-being [benefit] for a few months or weeks, where you may find yourselves out [of your political party] after the elections, and after they have used you to reach power. So, leave these kinds of politics, heads high ; do not attract the wrath of Allah upon you. Know which path to take! Listen to what I am saying. Go and learn how to become good Muslim politicians, who preserve the values of Islam, and what is also important as a citizen of this country, you should work confidently and honestly with your heads held high, with clean hands [devoid of corruption] for the whole country, as a true servant of God, who works for the welfare of humanity, for all the people of Mauritius.

You have seen how the Hindu House openly asked the outgoing Prime Minister to protect their roots and they assured him of their support. What is this called? Is it not communalism? And they are saying this before the Prime Minister; When minorities raise their voices to ask for their rights, at that moment they are considered as communal. Shame on these Muslim politicians who beguile the Muslim community at each election and once elected, they act as true JUDAS; they show their true faces of hypocrites.

With the elections that are nearing, I ask the Muslim woman: preserve your honour and dignity, do not be cheap. First, you should not go in such congress or other meetings of any political party. It is not allowed to put your presence in these kinds of meetings. There is no reward to get in this, it is rather pure disobedience [to the commands of Allah].

Because of three sisters of the Muslim community, by ignorance they put their presence in these congresses and the other meetings of the ignorant people, and then it is the whole community which is humiliated. Politicians use these handful of Muslims to show that all communities are with him. Worse, there are those who click selfies with politicians who are not their Mahraam. This is illegal (Haram). They do not have an iota of shame; much worse, they even put their hands on the shoulders of male strangers - be it the prime minister or other ministers/ deputies - to click photos. This is also Haram, even if you have put on your Misar or Hijab or Jilbaab well. It is Haram to do these kinds of deeds. Worse, there are those who cover their faces to click selfies with male strangers.

We, brothers, should not let our sisters be exploited by politicians by their ignorance. We should teach them to preserve their honour. Because of some pennies [cents], they should not sell their honour. You [sister] should show yourself as a respectable person. The sisters in these congresses are not defending any Islamic cause. Do not render yourselves cheap. Sometimes you see how old people are exploited and bribed by a hundred rupee note to make them attend those [political] congress. We all walk with our death, and if we die in a place where there is no obedience to Allah, what account shall we give [to Allah]?

We make an appeal to our sisters so that they may not be exploited by politicians. Put it well in your head that the Kuffar system will never become YOURS. Fight and spend your wealth and energy to seek the pleasure of Allah, not to implement the Twaghut system on the earth of Allah.

There are quite a few politicians who live, day and night in the disobedience of Allah through consumption of alcoholic drink, going to discotheques, committing adultery, indulging in gambling, consuming illicit meat. Will all this lead to the success and progress of the Ummah? We should keep our trust entirely in Allah. We should not let a few hotheads [one-of-a-kind pieces] in the Ummah to spoil the image of Islam on the political level and in general, to make hateful things, and you should not let yourselves be fooled [i.e., misguided] by their promises to bring comfort and reform to Muslims. And do not let the others use us for their own benefit. Do not let them buy your conscience with worldly pleasures.

If some politicians have bought some [religious and non-religious] communities with money, alcoholic beverage or other things, as for you, you should not fall into the baseness of these communities. Keep your head high. You should not bow before them and render yourselves “cheap” just because of a few cents. What we are finding lately, a group in the community are deviating the [Muslim] community in disobedience to Allah, just to please their “LEADER” [Yes, their political leader, because for us Muslims, our true leader, the leader of the Ummah is the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa), and it is Allah and His Rassool (pbuh) whom we need to please, in establishing true Islam in each of our deeds, behaviours and words. Our intention also must be pure.

We say to these brothers, fear Allah, and stop this ugly game that you are playing. All those who have accepted Islam as a religion, they will have to account for all the deeds that they have done in this world, be him a minister or a deputy because the verse of the Quran is clear: “Cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression.” (Al-Maida 5: 3).

May Allah purify your intelligent and bring all of you from [belonging to] the Ummah closer to the right path. Ameen.

O Allah, forgive us and protect the Ummah Muhammadiya (sa) against degradation and protect the true Muslims and help us all as one body to restore Your Deen [Islam] on earth. Ameen.

Wa Man asaa-nii Fa-innaka Ghafuurur Rahim”
You are indeed (O Allah) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Ibrahim 14 : 37)

[---Friday Sermon of 01 November 2019~ 03 Rabi’ul Awwal 1441 AH delivered by Hadhrat Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius]

Prayer for A Clean Government

Yesterday Mauritian people voted for a Government for the next five years. Let us pray to Allah (swt) that He gives us a new Government who will work in the best interest and for the benefit of the people of the Republic of Mauritius. Let us pray that communalism fades away and we see competent people in the right place, and managing our country in the right way and leading it in the right direction. Allah knows best which Government has been voted by the people. Let us hope and pray that the new Government forms its cabinet and recruits people based on merit, knowledge and experience and not because of backing and family feeling [where his loved ones are protected and climb the ladder of success faster than others without being deserving of the position].

Today is the Counting of votes and I think after Maghrib prayer we will be able to know who will be the next to govern our Island, Mauritius and other Islands under the guardianship and responsibility of Mauritius for the next five years. We pray may Allah remove the Judas - hypocrites, and corrupted people, as well as those who love to protect the members of their own religious communities and who incite to hatred and communalism in the name of religion. 

May Allah enable a clean government, with respect and the proper knowledge to be elected, to manage this country and lead it to progress and to redress the economy in the right way for the benefit of the people of Mauritius, in a selfless, uncorrupted and praiseworthy way. Insha-Allah, Ameen Summa Ameen, ya Rabbul Aalameen.

[Special Remarks on Mauritius general elections from the Friday  Sermon of 08 November 2019 ~10 Rabi’ul Awwal 1441 AH].