Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Special Advice for Devout Muslims

On Divine Favours during the India Tour

Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah, I am now back in Mauritius by the grace of Allah after a month spent in India – in Tamil Nadu and Kerala – filled with the divine blessings, favours, signs and revelations. I would like to thank all my dear disciples who have taken great care of my family and I during our visit in India. May Allah keep showering His blessings upon you and make manifest His great signs and revelations upon you, again and again. Ameen.

We should always remember the favours of Allah upon us. Allah says in the Holy Quran: “If you try to count Allah’s favours, you would never be able to enumerate them.” (An-Nahl 16: 19).

We can never count the favours of Allah upon us. The Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and indeed this present Divine Manifestation since its beginning in the form of the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Al Mouslemeen all received countless favours of Allah. Some seized that blessed favour and made it the essence of their lives while others rejected it.

And now, Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah, during my visit in India my disciples of Kerala and Tamil Nadu have, witnessed great divine signs in the form of revelations upon this humble self and also on their own selves. They have in the aftermath of my fervent duahs on their behalf received and witnessed the descent of divine revelations, even in foreign language. Allahu Akbar.

This indeed is the true favour of Allah: REVELATIONS FROM ALLAH, whereby Allah talks and/ or conveys His messages and words of comfort to His servants. By the grace of Allah, those who remain ever firm in the Divine Manifestation of this era shall get this special blessing as a sign of my truthfulness, and Alhamdulillah, Allah listened to my prayer, and blessed some of my disciples with His revelations and blessed dreams in my presence among them and even after I left them and returned back to Mauritius. May Allah continue to guide and inspire all my disciples, be it in India and elsewhere in the world and make them true servants of Allah in every aspect of the word. Ameen.

Strive to Preserve the Favours of Allah

You should always preserve this Amaanat (trust) bestowed to you. You should take very good care of your own Iman (faith) and work hard to climb the ladder of spirituality and come close to Allah. By recognizing the Divine Manifestation of this age and my advent as the Khalifatullah and Messenger of Allah, you have all been granted special blessings from Allah, but now it is for you to preserve that special favour and remain ever sincere in the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. Through thick and thin, you should always remain grateful to Allah and keep steadfast even in times of great trials.

Alhamdulillah, your numbers my disciples, be it in India and the rest of the world is increasing day after day, in a most delightful way. Compared to all the other faiths in this world, we are few, a small army of believers, but you should always remember that Allah and His angels are with us, and if today we are few, tomorrow you shall be thousands and millions, and the trials of faiths shall then be made upon you and Allah shall ever safeguard His servants and protect them from the evils of the Satan. This is indeed the cycle of faith. First, there is the advent of a Messenger of Allah who comes with the Ruh’il Quddus (Holy Spirit/ divine revelations) and after his demise, his true representatives takes his mission to new levels of success, but afterwards, corruption comes and to maintain the light of faith, Allah keeps on sending His messengers and reformers to uphold Islam, the true faith in the face of the world. This is indeed Sunnat Allah (the practice of Allah), for the promise of Allah is never in vain. Alhamdulillah.

When we say favours of Allah, we remember also the great way in which Allah opens the hearts of His servants and give them Hidaayat (true guidance and the power to accept the true guidance). May Allah bless all those who took the Bai’at (oath of allegiance) in my hand while I was in India, and make them firm in their Bai’at until their last breath on earth. Ameen.

The Meanings of Bai'at

Remember Bai’at is like selling your souls to Allah and His Messenger in exchange for the heavenly rewards and an eternally peaceful life. Those who remain sincere in their Bai’at until their last breath and beyond are those whom Allah shall grant the heights of the heavens in a most blessed way. Allah has reserved for such people His nearness and exquisite love. All new converts or newcomers in the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam should always strive to reform their lives to reflect the true Islam (Sahih al Islam). Insha-Allah.

Remember, a new era has dawned and fresh start has been made in your lives. Now you belong to those who are devoted to Allah (swt) and none else. You have joined the company of the followers of the Khalifatullah, the Muhyiuddin, and thus embracing Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam is the most important event in your lives.

It is a revolutionary movement or community destined since the days of the Holy Prophet of Islam to bring about a noble and spiritual rebirth to be rejoiced and remembered ever after.

You are living a period of serious deliberations of soul searching, of honesty, of self-appraisal, and of mustering all your strength for the final ultimate submission to the will of Allah. From now on you are a different person to the people around you. You must prove it to the world that you are reborn as one who loves Allah and is loved by Him, one who loves mankind regardless of whether you are loved in return or not. Henceforth all that you own belongs to Allah. May He accept your humble offerings. Ameen.

Spiritual Advice for Everyday Life

You must endeavour with all your hearts to abide by the dictates of the Holy Quran and fashion your lives in accordance with the Sunnah, which is the life style of the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh). Offer your prayers five times a day regularly and make it a regular habit to recite a portion of the Holy Quran daily. Study the translation and its commentary (Al-Azim Tafsir Ul Quran) of which you recite and make every effort to comprehend the message of Allah.

To broaden your religious knowledge you should cultivate the habit of studying Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam literature, the Books of the Promised Messiah (as), commentaries of the Holy Quran (Al-Azim Tafsir Ul Quran), books on the traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), writings of this humble self, the Khalifatullah and my Friday sermons and other discourses.

Armed thus with religious knowledge, drawing strength from your love of Allah, illuminate the world around you and dispel darkness. You must realise that being a true servant of the Khalifatullah, you alone can breathe life into the spiritually dead.

I therefore advise you to remain in constant touch with the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam’s centre of your country of residence. Abide by its discipline, and co-operate wholeheartedly with the Amir Sahib, the organisational head of your country. Insha-Allah.

By the grace of Allah, my disciples are the witnesses of Allah in this era. You have been made to witness the divine signs and manifestations and through your faith, to enlighten the hearts of others with the light of truth through your efforts and sacrifices. May Allah enable you to continue in this blessed manner to pass on the divine message. You are like small messengers of the Divine Manifestation of this era, of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, and indeed, it is Allah who gives guidance to whomsoever He wills. Remember, even the harshest of enemies can tomorrow become your best friend by the will of Allah. Therefore, you should always behave like true Muslims, and be always humble in your words and deeds. Let your Islam be the guidance of others to the truth. Be models of virtue. I know that you cannot become 100% perfect, but you should strive towards perfection, to reap the pleasure of Allah. The efforts you shall make in this way shall never be in vain, Insha-Allah.

It was narrated from Mu’aadh ibn Jabal that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) took his hand and said: “O Mu’aadh, by Allah I love you, by Allah I love you.” Then he said, “I advise you, O Mu’aadh, do not fail following every prayer to say: “O Allah help me to remember You, thank You and worship You properly.” (Abu Dawud, An-Nasai).

Always remember Allah and Allah shall remember you. Be grateful to Allah for all favours, and even for the woes in your lives and Allah shall remove all your difficulties in a wonderful way. Be grateful despite the hurdles in your path and Allah shall Himself remove all obstacles and show you the path of success in an extraordinary way. Be sincere and devoted to Allah and His Khalifatullah and the cause of Allah. Be true Muslims in every way. This is my advice to you all so that you may keep on enjoying the favours of Allah upon you. You can never count His favours upon you, and if you listen to my humble advices, you shall go far in spirituality.

Remember, not only your body needs food, but your souls also need food, and the food of the souls is Ibaadat (worship). Remember, if the angels are beings of light and never feel tired to worship Allah, therefore, you should also bear in mind that the soul also is of the essence of Allah and connected to Allah and it needs that connection with Allah to thrive, to live and prosper. This special prosperity is only gained through that special attachment, and this is what I wish for all of my sincere disciples and followers. Be for Allah and Allah shall be for you. Do not be lazy in your acts of worship. Be true to Allah in every aspect of the word. Insha-Allah, you shall go from success to success. This is my duah for you.

May Allah bless you all and make the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and all true believers of Allah, of Islam, Sahih al Islam prosper and grow in all corners of the world. Ameen, Summa Ameen.

---Friday Sermon of 21 December 2018~ 13 Rabi’ul Aakhir 1440 AH delivered by Imam- Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam International Hadhrat Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.