Saturday, January 27, 2018

'The Days of Noah are Coming...!'

A Difficult Time in Mauritius

We never punish (a people) until we have sent a messenger. (Al-Isra, 17: 16).

My brothers and sisters, reflect well. 

From the beginning of this year 2018, Mauritius is going through a difficult situation. When you think that from the first day of the New Year (01 January 2018) a great accident happened where two brothers died, and then the next day an ex-husband killed his ex-wife with a revolver (when she came to visit her child in the home of the ex-husband) and then killed himself.

Since the 1st of January, the rain has not stopped falling; heavy downpours except on Sunday 07 January 2018. At the beginning of the school activities for the new year, on 08 January 2018, heavy rainfall continued to flood, destroying the agricultural fields (fruits and vegetables) and amenities of thousands of houses and cars. Then a dangerous cyclone, named Berguita, came to make matters worse since Tuesday 16 January until 18 January 2018 and for the first time in Mauritius (after many years) more than five thousand people, men, women and children have gone to seek refuge in the shelter centers, leaving their homes and all their furniture, food and other amenities, taking only their own persons and their family members to shelter from the cyclone. Social workers and even the government only distributed biscuits and bottled water to support all those people.

After the passage of Berguita, vegetables and fruits have almost disappeared from the shelves of the markets and for the fruits and vegetables remaining, prices have skyrocketed and it has become very difficult for the Mauritian nation given the rise in prices at all levels. These torrential rains, lightning and cyclone Berguita caused quite a lot of damage nationwide, blocking drains/ canals, flooding the streets and destroying cars too. Afterwards we saw a lull in the density of the rains in some parts of the country, but in other regions the rain did not cease to cause misfortunes.

The situation became alarming when on Wednesday and Thursday, 24 & 25 January respectively, the notice/ warning of heavy rain forces the government and the organizations concerned to close schools, universities and even some workplaces. The panic was felt here in Mauritius with the rising waters and the continual torrential rain. Given the situation, the Ministry of Health advised people to boil water before drinking to stay healthy and avoid diseases such as gastroenteritis and other health problems. Despite the precautions many have also caught conjunctivitis.

It is impossible for me to list all the problems that Mauritius is facing because our little island is consecutively going through trials.

Calamities on the Sinful and Trials for the Truthful

All of these problems arise when people and government turn a deaf ear to the warnings of the Messenger of Allah. But there is a very big difference between these calamities and the calamities that fall upon truthful people. So, there is a huge difference between people who are dear to God and those who disobey Him and commit sins.

The patience given to truthful people makes these calamities and difficulties a source of sweetness for them. They rejoice because these calamities/ difficulties drive them towards spiritual progress. These trials lead them to their spiritual ascension. They are like a ladder for them (to climb to the higher points of spirituality).

He who does not go through such hardships and difficulties will never progress. On the other hand, for the sinner, the calamities and trials that are the result of his own bad deeds, are real calamities that bring a sense of indignation that makes life unbearable for him. Such a person prefers death, instead of continuing to live. But of course, he does not know that death will not put an end to such a calamitous situation. For him, these conditions prevail in the other world too.
In short, according to the law of nature concerning these calamities, those of them that are the result of his own bad conduct and that the prophets have to face, by warning them (i.e. the sinner/ disobedient one) as these warnings are intended to grant them spiritual advancement/ progress/ upliftment.

The ignorant ones who do not understand the secret of this phenomenon, instead of taking advantage of it and bringing about a transformation in their lives, by turning exclusively to the one true God and associating no one with Him, they prefer to turn a deaf ear to it and continue in their ignorance. How serious is the disease that is ignorance! He who is touched by it begins to compare incomparable things. To compare the trials suffered by the prophets with those of ordinary people is a great disappointment.

You should remember that the trials of Allah's prophets and other elects of Allah are only a mark of love, because through these trials God gives them the highest rank in the spiritual realm.

But when the perpetrators are confronted with such trials, the latter have in view the destruction of these people. 

Humanity in Danger

Many times, God the Almighty has given me the revelation to warn all mankind that such destruction shall happen as it has never been witnessed since the creation of man. The losses will be such that blood will flow freely/ abundantly. Even animals and birds will not be spared. Most homes will be knocked down as if they had never been inhabited. Other afflictions, of various forms, will appear on earth as in heaven, and sensible people will recognize that these are indeed extraordinary. Humanity will be deeply troubled and will wonder what will happen to it. Many will be saved; but many others will be annihilated.

The days are near, even they are at the threshold where the world will witness the scenes of the Day of Judgement. Apart from earthquakes, other terrifying afflictions will become manifest, some from the sky, and some from the earth. 

I asked my dear disciple Fazil Jamal of Delhi (India) to make a compilation (a record) of all these calamities - around the world - since I received this divine message. This is to have an assessment/ a summary/ an idea of the situation at the global level. Alhamdulillah he does a very good job.

The Blinding Race Has Consequences

So, all of this will happen because man has stopped worshiping the true God, all his attention being focused on the mundane world, worldly favours. It is only the divine favours which have become invisible to the people (for they are blinded by this world).

If I had not come in this century, these afflictions would have been delayed a little, but my coming has made the plans of an angry God become clear after a long time, like He has said, “We never punish (a people) until we have sent a messenger.” (Al-Isra 17:16).

Those who repent will be safe; and for those who fear God before an affliction reaches them, divine mercy will be granted them. Do you believe that you will be safe from any kind of calamities on your own? Certainly not. Do not think that the powerful countries, or other countries that are average or poor or even the islands will be spared! I fear that even harsher afflictions are in store for you.

O all of you, you are not safe. No country in the world will be spared, even you who live on the islands. No divinity of your imagination can help you.

I see with the eye of my Lord (Allah) many terrifying things that will seize this world. The one God had been silent for a while, but now the time has come, with my arrival, a divinely predestined advent as the humble servant of God and as a Warner to put you all - all humanity - on guard against the calamities that will overwhelm you if you do not return to the exclusive worship of the One God, Allah (swt). God the Almighty will certainly show you a terrifying face. Let him who has an ear hear that the time is not far when the divine wrath will catch the guilty.

I tried to gather everyone under the shelter of God. I told you to forget our difference, to be humble, not to argue in vain and for little nothings. I told you, no war between us, make peace. And to those in conflict, I told you to take patience and restore peace even if you are right, to live as brothers and sisters of the same father and mother. Do not be arrogant or boastful. 

A Message to Followers

Speaking of this, I take this opportunity to pass on a message to all my disciples/ followers around the world, never torment the messenger of Allah, do not let His messenger's heart become heavy with sorrow and sadness - when he sees that you disagree with each other and where there is no peace and no obedience for Allah and His Messenger/ Khalifatullah. Beware of the terrifying punishment of Allah!

Listen to me then, for your own salvation, in this world and in the eternal kingdom of God; turn to the One God and ask for forgiveness for all your sins and failings. When the messenger is pleased with you, Allah (swt) will certainly be pleased with you, and He will also tell the angels to love you because you love and obey His chosen messenger. Insha-Allah.

O humanity, the decrees of God will be inevitably executed, and you will see the coming days as the days of Noah. But God is slow in getting angry: He gives you plenty of time to repent. So repent so that divine mercy may be bestowed to you. He who abandons God is a worm and not a man and he who does not fear Allah is a corpse, not a living being.

May Allah guide you on the right path and enlighten your hearts and minds so that you may understand this sermon thoroughly and act on these counsels without delay, and all of you together, you turn to The One True God and ask for His forgiveness and help in all matters that concern yourselves, be it worldly and spiritual. Keep faith and trust in Allah and confide yourselves in Him, for He is the only one Who is your best Confidant and Protector. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

---Friday Sermon of 26 January 2018 (08 Jamad'ul Awwal 1439 AH) delivered by Hadhrat Muhyi-ud-Din Al-Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.