Friday, January 19, 2018

On How To Ward-off the Evil Eye

“Evil eyes”

The evil eye is a reality against which we can protect ourselves. Thus, it is our duty to be aware of this fact in order to be able to fight it, Insha-Allah. So we will explain what the evil eye is before addressing the ways in which we can protect ourselves, Insha-Allah.

What is the evil eye? The evil eye is defined as the consequence when the soul arouses a persistent or malicious desire to meet or to see (stare at) a person. So the evil eye takes place when one looks with envy and insistence on a person. The evil eye can even reach a good, even a being or an entity belonging to the mineral, animal or agricultural world. Moreover, the look that one carries with insistence and wonder on a person or a thing has an effect on them. Allah says: “The disbelievers would almost cut you down with their eyes when they hear (you recite) the Reminder (i.e. the Quran).” (Al-Qalam, 68: 52).

A Quranic verse can have many connotations and for our present subject, it also affirms that it can mean the evil eye. The disbelievers wished to touch the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) with the evil eye, and besides our beloved prophet (pbuh) has left us an enriching inheritance by warning us against the evil eye and the evil of the evil one (i.e., Satan the accursed one).

According to a Hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas (ra), the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “The evil eye is a truth, if there is one thing that precedes predestination, it would be the evil eye ...” (Muslim, Ahmad & Tirmidhi).

It is very important to emphasize the importance of protection against the evil eye. We know that this reality is dangerous for us because the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) used to seek divine protection from the evil eye. Indeed, Abu Said (ra) reported, “The Prophet (pbuh) used to ask for protection from the evil eye of the human being.” (Tirmidhi). This proves to us that the evil eye is a reality that represents an evil for us and from which we must preserve ourselves.

The 10 ways to protect yourselves from such harm are:

1.   The first way is to take refuge with Allah and ask for His protection against the evil of the envious. In Surah Al-Falaq (Chapter 113), we find the request for protection against the evil of the envious. Indeed, Allah says: “Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn, from the evil of that which He created; from the mischief of Darkness as it overspreads; and from the evil of those who spit on the knots, (i.e., perform malignant witchcraft). And from the evil of the envious when he envies. The last evil against which we can seek the protection of Allah is evil linked to the evil eye. It is up to us to implore divine protection against such evil!

2.      The second means of protecting oneself from the evil eye is: The piety towards Allah, whose orders he enforces, and who avoids forbidden things. Thus our Lord has revealed: “But if you are steadfast and pious (i.e. righteous and having the fear of Allah in you), their scheme will not harm you at all.” (Al-Imran 3: 121) It is up to us to be pious in order to be protected by our Creator, Insha-Allah.

3.      The third way to benefit from His protection is to have patience and endurance when faced with the one who wants to touch us by the evil eye. We must not fight the enemy so that Allah protects us. Indeed, Allah says, “And whoever has retaliated with the like of that which he was made to suffer, and then has again been wronged, Allah will surely help him.” (Al-Hajj 22: 61). Do not respond to evil with evil, so that we can be protected by our Protector.

4.      The fourth way to gain divine protection is to rely totally on Allah. Trust in our Creator will preserve us from this evil. As Allah says, “And whoever puts his trust in Allah, He [Allah] is sufficient for him.” (At-Talaq 65: 4). Our trust in Allah protects us from the harm that can reach us, including the evil eye.

5.      The fifth way to protect oneself from the evil eye is: the act of stripping the heart of thoughts and concern related to the envious person. So we can chase the evil of the envious by not paying attention to him. Our soul will be soothed and we will not be touched by the envious and his envy.

6.      The sixth means that can be put to work against the evil eye is to pave our way to our Lord. Our soul must be filled with the love of Allah and be repentant to Him. The evil eye being one of the works of Satan to reach/ harm the believer, therefore we must return to Allah so that His (Allah's) enemy and his (Satan's) allies do not harm us. Allah reports the words of Satan as thus: “Says [Satan]: “By Your Might! I will surely mislead them all, except, among them, Your chosen servants.” (Sad 38: 83-84). Allah says, “Surely, upon My servants you shall have no authority.” (Al-Hijr 15: 43). If we want to be protected by the Creator and be counted among His servants, we must absolutely abandon ourselves (or surrender ourselves) to Him.

7.      The seventh way to avoid the evil eye is to repent of the sins we have committed. Allah says: “All misfortune that befalls you is due to what your hands have wrought.” (At-Tur 52: 22). Thus, if the evil eye reaches us, this evil is due to our sins. Let us repent of our sins to receive divine protection from the evil eye, Insha-Allah!

8.      The eighth way is to be beneficent and to give (donations/ charity etc.) as much as possible. These good works will ward off the evil eye from us, Insha-Allah. The doer of good is protected through the goodness of his gifts/ donations. It is up to us to show kindness and beneficence to protect ourselves.

9.      The ninth means is the most difficult to accomplish, namely, to respond to evil with good. This requires great piety and absolute trust in Allah. Only the one who enjoys an important place with Allah will be able to implement this means. Allah says: “Goodness and evil cannot be equal. Repel (evil) by what is better; and now the one with whom you had an animosity becomes such a warm (intimate/ close) friend. But (this privilege) is given only to those who endure and it is given only to the possessor of an infinite grace. And if ever the Devil incites you (to do otherwise), then seek refuge with Allah; it is He, truly the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.” (Fussilat 41: 35-37). Thus, repelling evil with good is a privilege of our creator to ward off the evil eye. This capacity is not granted to all and it is very difficult to acquire it. May Allah give us the capacity to acquire it!

10. Finally, the last means encompasses all the preceded means: it is Tawhid (or pure monotheism). It is Allah who destines everything and every element/ event exist/ happen by His sole permission. Only He can remove the evil eye or other evil from His servants. Indeed, He says: “And if Allah should afflict you with harm, then there is none to remove it but He; and if He intends good to you there is none to repel His grace.” (Yunus, 10: 108). Monotheism (Tawhid) is the greatest fortress of Allah. Whoever enters it is safe. Surely one who fears Allah will be feared by all. Whoever does not fear Allah will be afraid of everything.

May Allah forgive us our sins and allow us to pave our way to Him. May He grant us patience and endurance in the trials that touch us, and protect us from the evil of the envious when he envies. He alone is our salvation, He alone is our hope, and He alone is our true friend during the trials of life. In Him we place our trust and it is to Him our return. Insha-Allah, Ameen.


And before I end my sermon, since the beginning of this new year, there has been lots of calamities happening in Mauritius: accidents - whereby on the first of January itself two young Muslims lost their lives in a car accident, and there have been murders, and from the first day itself heavy rainfall till this day (today) and we witnessed even a (dangerous) cyclone since few days ago and which went away yesterday (and when all Cyclone warning classes were removed - we reached till Cyclone Warning Class 3 (out of 4)), and this cyclone brought lots of rain and lots of devastation (flooding houses etc.).

Everywhere in the world there are being changes in the seasons and the atmosphere itself is changing. May Allah save humanity from all kinds of calamities, and may Allah protect the Ummah (Community) of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) against the attacks of the non-believers, and may Allah have mercy on all those who help the cause of the Muslims and humanity, be him a Muslim or a non-Muslim. We are all humans, and on the basis of humanity, it is for us to help our fellow human beings (like ourselves) in all possible ways, Insha-Allah.

May Allah bless us all, and that together, hand in hand we all work to bring about peace in the world and establish truth and justice as our Creator (Allah) wishes. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

 ---- Friday Sermon of 19 January 2018 (01 Jamad'ul Awwal 1439 AH) delivered by Muhyi-ud-Din Al Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.