Sunday, January 1, 2017

Satanic Impulses in Our 'Celebrations'

Last Friday Sermon of the Year 2016

Today, for the last Friday Sermon of the year 2016, like usual, it is my duty to make people, especially the Muslims, become conscious of the excesses and innovations which breezes through their lives, and thus making them imitate the non-Muslims and participate in unislamic practices.

For New Year festivities, there is a fashion trending to organise all sorts of programmes in hotels and other places which have been transformed for the occasion. These End of Year programmes, including those broadcasted on TV, attract a lot of people. On TV, there are lots of channels which advertise to attract subscriptions, offering deals so that you may opt to subscribe with them during the last month of the year as well as the first month of the New Year. TV Channels also propose all kinds of activities like theatre, discotheques, singing and dancing competitions in several languages with attractive prizes. Many people come forward to participate. Moreover, there are all sorts of games of chance. It is a shame to see that so-called Islamic concerts are organised and for the End of Year and New Year posters are put everywhere for premieres of new films in cinema halls. People do not hesitate to lose time in long queues in order to buy those tickets for them as well as their spouses and children.

Twisted Thinking  among the Muslims

It is most unfortunate that many women are interested in all these distractions, especially Muslim women and girls, who have been barred from Friday Sermons and congregational prayers in the mosques, as well as Eid prayers after a month of fasting and as well as those of the Eid of Sacrifice (Eid-ul-Fitr & Eid-ul-Adha). They are denied the right to listen to sermons which are very important for a believer, male and female. Today's so-called Mullahs see all these as haraam (illicit) for the women and girls, and they have closed the door leading to Allah for them, and now those Muslim women and girls are holding fast to the door leading to Satan, whereby Satan makes everything seem beautiful for them so as to separate them from Allah and His Messenger (pbuh). So, according to these Mullahs, the door of the mosques are haraam (illicit) for the ladies, but now are all these satanic attractions which they have hold fast to halaal (licit) for them? Where will that door lead them? To Paradise or Hell?

Islam is a religion which gives much honour to the ladies. Islam teaches us to protect them and also ordains them to remain in Pardah. Therefore, it is completely against the teachings of Islam for Muslim ladies to organise Islamic activities and invite the national TV and even national and private radios to retransmit those videos and programmes on TV whereby they become a spectacle for the non-mahram. The ladies have the right to organise Islamic activities among themselves, and they need not invite men in the Islamic programmes which they organise. The Islamic programmes which you do is only to seek the pleasure of Allah (swt), and not a show which encourage women and girls to come without Pardah and thus attracting the illicit and perverse eyes of the non-mahrams on them. This is not Islam. We must take great precaution if we really want our deeds to be of benefit to us in the hereafter.

During islamic celebrations and/or programmes, we advise Muslim women not to forget to dress themselves in a proper manner for that is really important! A Muslim woman does not have the right to dress in a way where her hair, ears, stomach or other parts of her body are visible. This is forbidden in Islam and especially in the End of Year and New Year celebrations, there are Muslims who participate in grand festivities along with family, at home, or at the seaside with all sorts of menus - barbecues etc. Those who are wealthy enough to afford festivities in hotels shall do so. Let me be clear on this: Going to hotels with family is not a sin in itself, but now the trend and the dimension of going to hotels and spending lots of money for the End of Year and New Year celebrations has become the "it" thing. This has become like a tradition, and this is not good. But going to hotels etc. is not a sin (except when it involves unislamic happenings like dances, music etc. which are associated with hotel life).

Many sectors of the working population shall have holidays so as to celebrate the New Year and there shall be many festivities, including Hollywood and Bollywood concerts which are organised which involve singing and dancing. It is most unfortunate that Muslim men and women let themselves be tricked into these kinds of practices. They prefer to copy other cultures and religions than to follow the teachings of Islam. They prefer trampling their own teachings to give preference to the cultures of others. They do lots of publicities so as to invite others in their so-called Islamic concerts. There was a year, if I am not mistaken, some 3 years back where there was a so-called Islamic concert with title: Belly-Dancing.

Islam does not permit singing concerts in Arabic (Arab culture, which may not be islamic at all) which are associated with music. It is absolutely haraam (illicit). Being born as an Arab does not mean that one is Muslim. A non-Arab Muslim who makes efforts to know the Arabic language in order to read Salat and Quran is much better than an Arab who despite knowing Arabic yet does not heed the Quran and Sunnah, and all other Islamic teachings. If the person organising the concert hails from an Arab country, this does not mean that the concert is permissible. Even if the person is saying/ singing words of praises, this does not mean that the concert is permissible, even if the person says otherwise. This is because he is associating music and dancing with all this, and especially when it is not spiritual advancement which is promoted, but only amusement and satanic entertainment.

Devotional Poetry versus Wild Entertainment

Islam authorizes Nazams, Qaseedas, Naat (singing poems/ words of praises) in any language to praise Allah and His Messenger (pbuh) with lots of respect, but without music and dancing which resemble those entertainment of the West (European Countries etc.). I make an appeal to all Muslims, national and international not to participate in these so-called Islamic concerts and do not mark your presence in these kinds of places. I call out to the organisers of these events to take their responsibility towards Allah and His Messenger (pbuh), because you are propagating something which is haraam (illicit) in the name of Islam. Organising spiritual programmes and converting them into concerts must be stopped! Spiritual programmes should only be for the pleasure of Allah and where haraam (illicit) things are not associated with them (i.e., these programmes). It is then that you shall see progress. There should be no exaggeration and going beyond limits in that kind of so-called demonstration of love for Allah and His Messenger (pbuh), for while proclaiming love for Allah and His Messenger (pbuh), these kinds of people associate illicit things in the name of Allah and His Messenger (pbuh), be it in form of music, singing and dancing on the dance floor! Beware!!!

Become responsible beings; take the advice and permission of those who are really attached to the teachings and commandments of Allah and of His Messenger (pbuh). Do not organise illicit festivities to avoid deviation from the course of the Shariah (Islamic Laws). Those so-called Islamic concerts cannot promote the praises of Allah as well as respect for Allah and His Messenger (pbuh). These events/ concerts are not a solution for the new generation to purify and plunge themselves in the love of Allah and that of His Messenger (pbuh).

Therefore, think well before organising such programmes, for bear in mind that you shall have to account for all this before Allah, especially concerning the proper respect which you owe to the beloved of Allah (pbuh) and Allah Himself. It is Allah who gives honour; do not seek honour from creatures of Allah by trampling the Islamic precepts/ principles and teachings. Do not forgo your own true teachings which exist since the creation of this universe for the sake of other cultures. No!

Lose of Values lead to the Fall of Nations

Allah (swt) has sent messengers to their peoples. They came with clear signs, but those nations preferred their own material comfort instead of accepting Allah (swt) and His Messengers. And despite all efforts deployed by the messengers to give the divine messages, these people, through their sheer arrogance did not accept the messages which they received and they belied (denounced) the messengers and they even went as far as to say: "Have you come among us to make us abandon that which our ancestors used to follow?" For those ignorant people, they believe that the messengers of Allah seek honour and grandeur in the country (i.e. this materialistic world). It is then that they (these people) say: "Wa maa nahnu laku-maa bi-muminiin !" - We do not believe in you.

Like Allah (swt) says in the Holy Quran, it is because of their own (evil) deeds and behaviour that We set seals upon the hearts of those who exceed all limits. They prefer attaching themselves to things which shall deviate them from the right path and which attract the wrath of Allah upon them. They prefer these indecent amusements, all those evils which grow like wild weeds in all corners of this temporal life. Read Surah At-Tauba and see what Allah (swt) says:

For these kinds of evil people, be them men and women, they are comrades to one another. They ordain that which is forbidden and they hinder that which is permissible, and their hands are tied, i.e. they do not like to spend in the way of Allah. They prefer to spend their wealth in vain things which do not reap any blessings, any barakat in their money (or wealth in general), in their homes, in their families, in their health. They forget Allah and they give preference to their own passion, their own desires, exultation and Allah also therefore altogether forget them. Thus, when Allah forgets them (i.e. do not care for them and puts them away from His remembrance), then definitely, they are no more on the right path. They take the wrong path and they are satisfied to tread on that path. Allah (swt) says: "Wa la ana humullah, Wa la hum azaa bum Muqiim » - Upon them is the curse of Allah, and an enduring punishment.

Allah (swt) furthermore says in the Quran:

"Have they not travelled through the land and observed how was the end of those before them? They were more numerous than themselves and greater in strength and in impression on the land, but they were not availed by what they used to earn." (Ghafir 40: 83).

Allah says: Have you (O people) not travel through the land and see how the nations who lived before you, who were greater in strength than you and who had more wealth and children than you (were finished)? You have gotten your share (of punishment) like the people before you received. And like them, you also went further in your deviation. Such kinds of people, their work on earth and the life to come is rendered void, and it is them the losers.

So, O Muslims, you need to learn to preserve your honour and dignity and you must not associate yourselves with (unislamic) End of Year activities. These are activities inspired by the Satan. Understand and heed my message well, for these kinds of activities attract the wrath of Allah, and I pray that we, Muslims separate ourselves completely from such activities. Ameen.

----Friday Sermon of 30 December 2016(29 Rabi’ul Awwal 1438 AH) delivered by Khalifatullah  Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.