Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Youth 'Fashion' & Muslim Parents


Many of our elders these days have approached me to share their testimonials about our male and female Muslim youths. Despite the hard trials, boycott and persecution upon me and the members of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, but as the Caliph of Allah, I do not have the right to remain passive and fear them, and thereby letting our youths (boys and girls) go astray. 

By the grace of Allah, come what may, I do not have fear of creatures in me, and Allah (swt) has sent me to accomplish a mission and I shall do it despite the palavers and persecutions of the so-called great defenders of Islam. When they have relinquished, abandoned the works which they were supposed to do, Allah has raised His Caliph (Khalifatullah) with a Jamaat to do the noble work which our beloved prophet (pbuh) did. Try as you may, but you shall not be able to extinguish the light of Allah, and let me tell you that Allah (swt) shall continue to perfect His light. Allah (swt) does not need the permission of anybody. When He has to raise His Chosen Servant, He raises him without being accountable to anyone. As for you (our opponents) wait for the consequences (of your acts) before Allah (swt).

Coming back to the subject on the Muslim Youths: Thus, what we see these days, it is sad to say that our youths are going completely astray. And it is sad to see also see Muslim girls in all corners of the streets with non-Muslim boys, and flirting as if they are Bollywood and Hollywood actresses and actors. What is worst is that the image (and honour) of Islam is being trampled by them, for in addition to all these, they also display themselves with beer cans. Where are those so-called Mullahs, those great defenders? Are they blind? Do they not see which route these youths have taken?

As for you, parents – I am not judging you (but) – are you talking with your kids these days? Instead of losing time in vain things and talks, for example, watching vain TV serials or talking about vain things (palavers) with the neighbours, instead of all these, talk with your children like parents should so as to know what is going on in their everyday lives. 

The corruption of the Mullahs

Do not count on the so-called Mullahs and so-called great defenders of Islam, for instead of love, they are creating hatred in the hearts of Muslims against us, and they are judging the faith of people to decree who is an infidel (Kafir) and believer (Muslim). Moreover, they are vociferating all kinds of falsehoods on the pulpits, and now their vocation is to create hatred in the heart of Muslims against us and to create havoc. Apart from these, they do not know any other work! They fear that religion which goes by the name of Islam, a religion which Allah has perfected and wherein He has sent His greatest prophet (pbuh) with the Holy Quran, a complete book in which there is no doubt whosoever. It is these people who have trampled the true teachings of Islam and brought in many innovations. They have closed the doors of the coming of prophets and revelations. They invent all sorts of things to deviate thousands and thousands of Muslims, whereby the latter come to believe in their lies.

We all know that Hazrat Jibreel (as) is the Angel of Revelation and that it is him who brings the divine revelations when Allah (swt) raises His Messenger. Now, when these so-called Mullahs have closed the doors of revelations and prophets, they have rendered Hazrat Jibreel (as) jobless; according to them he no more has the duty of giving revelations. Instead now, they are saying that Hazrat Jibreel (as) is the Angel of Death and takes the souls of people. As if Hazrat Jibreel (as) is jobless and they have found a job for him to do; by taking the lives of people! Uh-oh! In which baseness they have fallen into? 

Had Allah (swt) not raised this humble servant as well as with a Jamaat, the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam, what would have happened to the Ummah of Nabi Kareem (pbuh)? Allah already informed/ prophesised (to) His Messenger (pbuh) about those kinds of so-called Mullahs and told him also in which category of people He has placed them. And nowadays, we are witnessing the accomplishment of these prophecies with our own eyes. If you don’t see this, then you are truly blind and this shall be indeed grievous.

Youth 'Fashion' & Muslim Parents

Thus, coming back to the subject on the Muslim Youths, it is sad to see that Muslim girls are not covering them properly, in the Islamic way. Those who go to colleges, universities and the job world dress themselves in shameful non-islamic clothes and they behave themselves like non-Muslims also.

Whenever when one enters an office for a certain work, be it in the public and private sector, one does not know who among all these workers are Muslims and non-Muslims. There is no difference between the two. Therefore, the parents, especially the mother must monitor how her daughter is dressing herself and if that daughter is married, then the husband must monitor in which way his wife is clothing herself. If you, husband do not monitor in which way your wife is dressing up, especially in public and amidst her co-workers where there are men and women mix together in the workplace, then this is not good at all!

It is sad to see certain Muslim parents and husbands also who target only the worldly achievements (duniya) for their children and wives respectively. College girls, in their tender youths are dressing up all wrong! One must see what kinds of uniforms (the length of those uniforms) they are wearing! Does that mother not see in which way her daughter is clothed when she goes to school/ college? Those kinds of parents turn a blind eye to it, preferring to see only the worldly targets they have for their kids, seeing only their academic achievements, and forget to educate them and making them advance in spirituality. So long as their kids are making progress in the academic field, they are happy! 

Parental Duties in Islam

Bear in mind, that Deen (Islam) education is also very important. It is indeed more precious before our Rab. You must prepare your children/ youths in such a way so that they do not become a SHAME for you neither through their deeds nor through their ugly behaviour, and thus prevent them from displaying an ugly picture of the teachings of Islam.

Bear in mind that each of us has to account for all our deeds before Allah (swt) on the Day of Judgment. Each of you must take his or her responsibility as a parent vis-à-vis his/ her kids/ youths. These youths think that they have the power to do all that they want. They are not even conscious of their deeds, and do not ponder over the consequences of their acts. They are so hard-headed in whatever they do that they do not realise in which kinds of problems they are getting themselves into. When they shall realise their mistakes, it shall be too late for them. 

If one analyses the deeds of the Muslim girls whereby they are letting themselves be overtaken by the image projected by the others (and imitating them), therefore each parent and each responsible party of their respective Jamaat must feel ashamed and seek solutions, working together hand in hand to remove those Muslims girls and boys from the wrong path.

Role of Tarbiyyat in Changing Perceptions

This verily touches each one of us. We need to make great efforts and prayers (duahs) to stop our youths from imitating the others in all their way of living, for we know that the others (non-Muslims) are only concerned with this temporal life only. Thus, we must not let our youths take these people as models. This demands a good Tarbiyyat (spiritual education) to be done with them, and the time and opportunity must be found to give Tarbiyyat classes to our youths (girls and boys). And they should be motivated to attend those Tarbiyyat classes. It is necessary to make them understand that it is the Holy Prophet (pbuh) whom we should take as model, and we need to follow his footsteps and it is our duty also to help the others.

If the youths are going astray nowadays, parents also have played a major part in that. Nowadays, after inspecting Madrassas, then among all those towns and villages, it is sad to see that the majority of those Madrassas have only few students. Parents are not interested in sending their wards to the Madrassa to learn our religion, as if religious education has no value on the surface of this temporal world!

I again tell you, both are important, be it academic or Islamic. Recall that it is now roughly 5 months since the coming of the month of Ramadan (we are now in the month of Safar of the next year). The presence in our mosques (for all Jamaats) has returned back to where it was prior to Ramadan. When we make a survey of the mosques, we find them nearly empty. It has ceased to be like it was during the month of Ramadan. We cannot afford to make good deeds only during the month of Ramadan, and abandon the performance of those good deeds after Ramadan.

Thus, parents are letting their children exceed all limits. You, parents are today running behind money but tomorrow this money won’t be able to buy your children’s future; it shall be too late. The accomplishment of (all the acts of) Ibaadah (Worship) is not reserved for only the month of Ramadan. You need to continue to follow the path of Allah the Almighty even after Ramadan. It is therein that there is prosperity and cure for you for all problems that can touch you in your everyday lives.

Nowadays, we see young Muslim girls/ ladies (I am not targeting all of them, for there are those who are attached to Islamic teachings and practices) imitating the fashion sense of the non-Muslims, and in this midst of imitation, they have lost their own identity as Muslims and have drifted far away from true Islamic practice. This entire situation need to be changed, Insha-Allah.

May Allah (swt) forgive us all for our sins. Allah (swt) is truly the Great Forgiver. Ameen! Summa Ameen.

---Friday Sermon of 27 November 2015 ~(14 Safar 1437 Hijri) delivered by HADHRAT MUHYI-UD-DIN AL-KHALIFATULLAH Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.