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Politics of 'Jihad' and 'Victimhood' in Paris

The killings in Paris

Before coming on the subject matter of my sermon today, I shall talk a little on what has transpired in France, Paris last Friday, 13 November 2015. Friday the 13th is believed by many, including the French people as a very inauspicious day. This superstition was reinforced with the killings which happened there (last Friday) and which made lots of victims. It was really a sad event, especially for the victims of these attacks. 

But unfortunately, I must stress also the fact that the Government of France, with all their arrogance won’t budge from their stand, especially concerning the giving of armaments to the people of Syria with the intention of capsizing the regime of Bashar Al-Assad, and also to reinforce their plans for the killings of the Muslims among themselves, thus weakening Islam further.

The Politics of 'Jihad'

It is true also that the type (and execution) of the Jihad which the so-called Muslims are putting into practice is completely unislamic. The attacks which they are perpetrating are not justifiable attacks as they are killing their own selves, committing suicide and having suicide as intention so as to kill innocent people. 

The French Government with all their racist thoughts on Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and Muslims are truly culprits but this does not mean that Muslims in return commit such extreme deeds as to project a deplorable image of Islam, whereby they put the very identity of Islam in danger for even our (innocent) Muslim brothers and sisters in France, for then the government there shall become all the more suspicious and intolerant towards them.

Like I once said in my Friday Sermon of 01 November 2013, as long as Muslims shall not be united under the Caliph whom Allah has raised for them, as long as Islam shall not be united with one same goal, then adverse forces shall always try to trample Islam all the more. And thus, if there is no coordination, no discipline in the mission of Islam, a mission promoting peace and submission of all people of the earth to Allah (swt), the Creator, therefore the Muslims shall continue to suffer.

It is true also that each time our Muslim brothers and sisters are being oppressed and trampled in wars, be it at the hands of the Israelites and the other so-called “superpowers” or even at the hands of their own brothers from the same religion as them (Islam), especially concerning the innocent people, the victims, our heart without doubt feels the pain. 

The armed Jihad is no plaything. The extremists who interpret Islam according to their own thoughts are only humiliating Islam more, and the hatred of the others towards Islam are increasing; and thus they get more and more reasons to wage war against Islam, against the doctrines of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) and they depict Islam as a religion of terror. 

Western Destruction of Muslim lands and lives

They forget what they have done with our brothers and sisters from the Islamic countries where they have sent armies over armies to harm our innocent brothers and sisters, and these people have even said with their own mouth that they are furnishing armaments, and thus they also are lighting the fire of war where this can become very ugly in the future. Each country, government takes itself as a superpower and therefore forgets that there is a Creator which is above it. These kinds of people and governments think that the license to judge and kill is found in their hands.

There are countries (like America) that are doing nuclear tests. Each of them are making provisions to protect their own territory (and it is not far that there shall be a third world war like I already told you in the past), but in all these plans and strategies, it is inevitably the innocents who are bearing the brunt of it all; those victims, those innocents, be them Muslims and non-Muslims who are pro peace, and who do not want the world to be immersed in a merciless war. But the worst is that it is the dignity of Islam and that of our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) who is suffering the most.

May Allah awaken the conscience of the Muslims worldwide, to make them realise that we must be UNITED and reflect the true beauty of Islam for, if not, we shall continue to remain trampled by countries whose hatred for Islam are increasing day by day. 

They forget the sufferings that Muslims had to underwent at their hands (whereby thousands and thousands have died and for which no national mourning was decreed), and when something happen to them suddenly, where they get some victims, this upsets them very much. 

It is inevitably the heads of states who are doing provocations and it is the innocent people who are bearing the brunt. Beware, I am not saying that I encourage or approve what those extremists Muslims have done – their acts are completely against Islam – but what I am saying is that, taking into consideration the victims, the governments of anti-Islam countries are realising that they must unite whereas the Muslims are still furthering the breach which there is among them, whereby they are fighting each other, for example, the Sunni Muslims are fighting against the Shiites, the Sunnis are killings the Ahmadis etc.

When the Muslims shall be united, this shall make the strength of Islam, and it is Allah Himself who shall put His blessings in it and enable us to be victorious like He promised us. Insha-Allah.

----Extracts from the Friday Sermon of 20 November 2015 ~(07 Safar 1437 Hijri), delivered by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius. 


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