Sunday, November 1, 2015

Khalifatullah's visit to the Comoros

Visit to the Comoros and Reunion Islands
By the grace of Allah, and through His divine instructions, I had to go to the Comoros and Reunion Island last week. My presence was required there where our brothers and sisters were waiting since 2013. 

There were important works to do and thus I had to go and by the grace of Allah, there manifested “Laa Ghaliba Illallah” – it is Allah who came out victorious in all aspects of the works done there. And it is really difficult for me to explain how those (spiritual) fruits have been reaped from above which was quite unexpected. Despite the many obstacles all went really well. 

Like I told you in the past, with the advent of a Messenger of Allah, don’t expect that you shall have everything easily. Like Allah (swt) says in the Holy Qur'an:  “Do the people think that they will be left to say, ‘We believe’ and they will not be tried?”  – Allah shall verily try you in all ways possible, through your wealth, children, your own person etc. to see whether you have true faith (Iman) when you said you have believed in Allah and in His Messenger.

Therefore, despite all the obstacles which the destructors have tried to do to restrict our progress – to uproot all flourishing plants that we have planted to stop their growth and so that they don’t reap fruits – by the grace of Allah, Allah did not let them succeed in their plan. They wanted to uproot all those plants to plant them in their own land, as if it is them who sown the seeds, but Allah did not want that the hard worker’s works to go in vain. According to the Divine plan, the hard worker had to reap the fruits of his own labour. Therefore, never become like the gardener who leaves out all wild plants and eliminates the good ones.

By the grace of Allah, after much effort we became highly successful in the Comoros, and last week itself after a warm welcome from our brothers and sisters there, I had the opportunity to deliver my Friday Sermon in the great mosque (in one of the villages). Insha-Allah, our members (of the Jamaat) shall get more details on our website.

With this great success of ours, which came to be with the mighty help of Allah and His angels, we were boosted up to do our works and our enemies were knocked-out. If now the latter plans to hold to the rope of the boxing-ring to get back in, they will be strangled with that same rope. Try to understand this parable. If you want to do efforts, then do it for yourselves. Do not try to mingle in our works or to create difficulties for us. Allah has verily said in the Holy Quran: “For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.” Allah does not like this.

On the contrary, the more these kinds of people have tried to humiliate me or create problems for us, the more their plan backfired. Ponder over these words: The more you hit on a ball, the higher it soars! This gave me more and more opportunities for other people, from other villages to come to know and meet me, and integrate the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. Alhamdulillah. Allahu Akbar.

“Nul n’est proph├Ęte en son pays” (No prophet is prophet in his own country).  Those who turned on their backs to the divine signs and manifestation, they have now been deprived of these divine blessings. Allah (swt) has taken back those favours from them. Indeed the fruits of all efforts made are being borne in several directions (countries) just like a plant whose branches spread in different directions. Do not become like the one who plants a tree but who cannot reap any fruit for the fruits have grown on the different branches found in his neighbours’ land. The others get to enjoy the fruits while he (the planter) is deprived of it. And thus, to prevent the others from enjoying those fruits, (with a petty mind) he goes and cuts down all those branches. 

But in the field of spirituality (religion), Allah enables the message to reach the four corners of the world (despite the evil intent and effort of man), for like Allah has promised: If you have turned on your backs, then Allah shall make other hearts (better people/nations) to be attracted to the message and who shall devote themselves in the cause of Allah and work tirelessly for Him.”  

This is also a warning to all members (of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam) also that you must be conscientious in the works that you are doing for the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam. If you do not do your works well, then you must fear lest Allah removes this favour from you because there are other nations/people waiting anxiously to do the work of religion and these nations have the appropriate knowledge how to do those works. Indeed, they are waiting eagerly to receive those works. So, the works of religion is increasing by the grace of Allah and so is our Jamaat expanding in the world. Insha-Allah.

Like I said in the past, it is not for nothing that Hazrat Bilal (ra)’s blood has been shed (on sand and pointed rocks) for the cause of Islam. He was an African and indeed during the Last Days the final victory of Islam shall start with Africa (and then spread to other countries). And in all successes in our works, it is indeed Allah who is the Victorious One in all matters – Laa Ghaliba Illallah.

During the course of his sermon on his visit to the Comoros, the Khalifatullah Hazrat Munir (atba) further expounded on the Jamaat projects which shall begin shortly, especially in the first village he set foot back in 2013, and Insha-Allah, our Mosque shall be built there. And he informed the congregation that high personalities also (both in the secular and spiritual field) have integrated the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam and accepted the Khalifatullah of this era. And a first Jalsa Salana was also organised there. Alhamdolillah.

-From the initial remarks made as a prelude to the Friday Sermon of October 30, 2015 delivered by the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Saheb (atba) of Mauritius.