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The Divine Khilafat and Nubuwwat

In his Friday Sermon of September 13, 2013 the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) of Mauritius, delivered from the Reunion Island, continued the theme of spiritual guidance in an age of material corruption and religious deviations. The establishment of the system of Divine Khilafat to safeguard the Sahih Al Islam in every age is directly linked to the blessings of Nubuwwat-e-Muhammadiyya. As the physical embodiment of such lofty blessings on the Ummah, it is incumbent upon all Muslims to recognize, accept and obey and help the Khalifatullah of their age. Instead of the administrative assemblies of the faithful seeking to control and regulate, define and delimit the freedoms and space of the Khalifatullah, it would be in their spiritual interest to await and follow the Divine instructions descending through him.

Read the Extracts from the Friday Sermon:  

“Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by what the hands of people have earned so He may let them taste part of (the consequence of) what they have done that perhaps they will return (to righteousness).” (30: 42).

My dear brothers and sisters of the Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam Réunion (Reunion Island) and dear guests, I am here among you by the grace of God today for Jummah and the beginning of the Jalsa Salana Réunion and thereby I wish you all, and our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world, Assalamualaikoum Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuhu (peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all).

This is a great grace that Allah keeps giving sign of His constant presence to His Chosen Caliph, His Khalifatullah whether in times of trial, but also in times of contentment and I am pleased to be here at Saint-Benoît for the opening of your Jalsa Salana.

As the subject of the Friday Sermon today I chose to continue on the subject divinely elected Caliph, about which I gave you since a few days, all details on the arrival of a Khalifatullah on earth.

Therefore, considering the verse of the Holy Quran that I recited at the beginning of my sermon, if in the light of this verse, Allah, in His quality of ‘Rahman’ may decide to raise prophets among the people, if and when the world is plunged into corruption and spiritual darkness, in order to bring the lost sheep to the fold, so it is quite possible for Him to create a Khalifatullah in the mantle of the Nabuwwat of the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) to give a new breath to Islam and humanity as a whole.

If prophethood (Nabuwwat) may be granted to the people, without any merit of their own, and just because of the Rahmaniyat (grace) of Allah, then in the case of the Khalifatullah (who is attached to the Nabuwwat of the Seal of the Prophets) he is dependent on the Rahmaniyat and Rahimiyat (mercy) of Allah, as he is not only sent for the peoples of the earth (especially with the universality of Islam), regardless of their religions to bring them back to the oneness of God, but he is also granted to people who believe (in Allah) and who do good works, as described and promised in Surah Al-Nur (24: 56).

The Khalifatullah is a huge favour from Allah, and for the world and for the Ummah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and it is only Allah who chooses His Khalifa. It should be noted, as it is revealed in Surah Al-Nur (24: 56) as mentioned earlier, it is Allah (swt) alone who chooses and establishes His Khalifa. A Khalifatullah acts independent, not depending from any person and he is supported by Allah (swt). Allah (swt) helps and supports His Khalifatullah throughout his ministry just as He does for His prophets. A Khalifatullah is independent of any pressure group and other lobbies. His authority, the Khalifatullah draws it from the favour and help of Almighty. A Khalifatullah is the leader of believers who is not afraid of people. He knows he is accountable only to Allah, in line with the divine words contained in the verse of Surah Al -Nur (24: 56) “They worship Me and do not associate anything with Me.”

It goes without saying, therefore, that any community which beneficiate from the blessing of the Khalifatullah will be absolutely free from financial and logistical support, equipment, and other political, whether a lobby, a cartel or any other form of temporal power, for the simple reason that any pressure group that would support the Khalifa would therefore have the upper hand on him.

A Khalifatullah has no need for such support because Allah’s help and the voluntary contribution of ordinary people who are imbued with the fear of Allah is enough to ensure his success. The Holy Quran cautioned Muslims against ingratitude and rebellion with the arrival of a Khalifatullah. Why this warning? Probably to stop at the start itself, be it in the smallest of detail all evil attempts to challenge the supreme authority of a Khalifatullah.

In the same thread, it is not difficult to conclude that one of the essential conditions to the proper functioning of a Khalifatullah wants that the issue of his term of office does not arise. We do not have the right to request a Khalifatullah to withdraw or discontinue, no institution within the Ummah would have the power to revoke a Khalifatullah, no organization or meeting, not even special consultative meetings known as the Majlis-e-Shura or the “Central Committee” would have the right to define the area of ​​freedom enjoyed by the Khalifatullah or impair the supreme authority of the office of the Khalifatullah.

Although the Khalifatullah is advisable to call and consult the enlarged assembly bringing together the various competences within the Ummah, he is not bound to accept the opinion of this assembly, despite what the majority may be, for a Khalifatullah is accountable to Allah (swt) only for all his decisions. Indeed, the Quran is quite explicit about this: “Allah (swt) has promised those who believe and do righteous deeds, that He will certainly make them successors in the earth, as He made successors from among those who were before them, and that He will establish certainly in exchange, after their fear, safety and peace. “They worship Me and do not associate anything with Me.” Then whoever is ungrateful after that will be among the rebels.” (Al-Nur 24: 56).

The Khalifatullah exists in a specific context, linked with the prophethood (Nabuwwat) of the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) to ensure the continuation of his work, his mission, and, true to His promise in the verse (24 : 56), Allah (swt) has raised His Khalifatullah amongst you at the beginning of this century. So it’s up to you to see if you will accept a divine Caliph.

I end here (for now), Laa-Ikraaha Fid-Diin. There is no compulsion in religion. It is for you to reflect and recognize the truth and to stand firm in the truth, but I cannot force you to recognize the Khalifatullah because to every human his work and our final account is with Allah. Insha-Allah.

May Allah give you the Tawfiq to hold fast to His Khalifatullah who is present among you in this century. Remember that your life on earth is limited and Allah chose this age where you live to show the presence of His Khalifa. So the advice I give you is, do not waste precious time in doubts and hesitations. Turn to Allah with faith and come forward towards the Khalifatullah because your salvation is in recognizing, accepting and following the instructions of the Khalifatullah of this century, in perfect obedience because this moment, this blessing is very limited. May Allah guide you in your decisions and direct your steps towards acceptance of the Khalifatullah of your time. Insha-Allah, Ameen.

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