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A ‘Severe Warning’ to Mr. Moussa Taujoo

In his Friday Sermon of October 28, 2011 the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib took note of the nefarious activities of the Ahmadiyya leadership in Mauritius which is hell-bent on deviating common Ahmadi people. With their administrative control over the every day lives of common Ahmadis, the leadership is virtually enslaving common Ahmadis.

They seek to restrict and prevent common Ahmadis from recognizing the Divine Manifestation and worse still, to fill their hearts with hatred against and contempt for, God’s Chosen Messenger of the era. As is perhaps to be expected in times like these, all of these Un-Islamic activities are being done and sought to be legitimized  in the name of protecting the sanctity of ‘Khilafat’ and ‘Ahmadiyyat’! Hadhrat Khalifatullah (atba) has now specifically warned the leaders among them- including the Ahmadiyya Amir of Mauritius- to desist from their evil ways and deeds or be ready to face their moment of reckoning which shall approach "soon, very soon". 

Read the Extracts from the Sermon:

Moussa Taujoo and Ganee, along with Amine are taking themselves as great protectors and defenders of Khilafat and Ahmadiyya. They have rejected that which they cannot grip from Allah’s knowledge, despite not receiving its explanation. Likewise, there were people before them who acted arrogantly, and refused to accept the truth and see how Allah Almighty has led them to their destruction.

You, Moussa, you are following only your imagination so as to acquire honour. You forgot the humiliation you got in 1988 when the late Caliph Tahir Sahib came; you listened so much to the talks of Hussein. Where is Hussein now and where are you? You were ousted (from your seat) – bear in mind that your satanic imagination which is making you apply boycott on us and not bidding us salaam cannot become greater (stronger) than the truth in any way. Allah knows what you are doing. Allah Almighty says in the Quran: Inna sharraddaa-waaabbi indallaahis summul-bukmullaziina laa yaqiiluun.In the eyes of Allah, the worst animals are those who make the deaf and dumb, who do not use their reasoning (intellect).

O Moussa, fear that calamity which shall befall you and those around you, who are doing harm, and bear in mind that Allah Almighty is very severe in inflicting punishment. Ponder over the fact that those who reject the signs of Allah, Allah Almighty shall let them go astray and ultimate destruction little by little, in such a way that they do not realise (what is happening to them).

Bear all that in mind; make your plans, make your plots but Allah’s plan is solid, and the one whom Allah leads astray, nobody can guide him, and Allah let these kind of people mingle in their extravagances and arrogance. Do you think that the plan of Allah Almighty shall not reach you and your Mullahs? Only people like you think that you can avoid Allah’s plan. For each wrongdoer, harm-doer there is an appointed time. When your appointed time shall come, you would not be able to postpone it for even one more hour.

Allah Almighty makes the hearts of unbelievers incline in that direction and in taking pleasure in promoting boycott, and eating the flesh of your brothers with appetite, not bidding salaam, input hatred in the heart of people and restricting them from inviting us for functions. You are thirsty of temporal honour and power and you are following your own imagination and are continuing in inventing lies and falsehoods. Only Allah Almighty knows who are those who have gone astray (leaving His path behind) and it is He who knows best who are those who follow the right path.

Like I said so many times in the past, upon the Daras-Us-Salaam Mosque there is the exposition of the great slogan “Love for All, Hatred for None”, inputted only for the eyes of people. You must now remove it and put instead: “Hatred for All, Love for None”. That which you put at the top of the Mosque does not reflect at all in your deeds. In your hearts there is no “Love for All, Hatred for None”. This motto is mostly to deceive the eyes of people. Allah has shown us their true faces, and that in their heart there is not (what they proclaim), no “love for all, hatred for none”, but instead there is an illness in their hearts and Allah has made the filth in their hearts become filthier. 

I thus give a severe warning to this so-called Amir of the Ahmadiyya Association of Mauritius, Mr. Moussa Taujoo for all his evil deeds which he is doing whereby he is inciting the Ahmadis to become violent towards us. There is a lot of things which he is keeping secret, which he is keeping from the Ahmadis. Many times Allah made me understand that Moussa is a black slipper (2001-2002). He did not get enough of his dose of humiliation (he wants more!) After his degradation and humiliation from ICAC, he did not learn any lesson from these humiliations.

Therefore, continue in mocking Allah, His Messenger and His signs; verily soon you shall know (bear the consequences). This time, you shall have no face to show in society for your degradation shall be extreme! You want to do competition with your predecessor in evildoings. Soon, very soon you shall taste the consequences of your evil deeds. Your hatred and all things which you are hiding from the Ahmadis shall become manifest.

“Wa lakum amalu-kum ! Antum-barii-uuna mimmaaa ‘a-malu
 wa ana bariii-um-mimmaa tamaluun“

“For me are my deeds, and for you, your deeds.
  You have no concern with what I do,
  And I have no relation with what you do”.

For an update on the fulfillment of this warning, click here. 

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