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Qur’an Burning: ‘Terry Jones, You shall be reduced to Dust’

On 30 August 2010, the Messenger of Allah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib (atba) issued an absolutely clear warning to anti-Islam hate monger Mr. Terry Jones of USA: retain your sanity and desist from burning the sacred book of Muslims, the Book of Allah, the Holy Qur’an! In the warning message, the Khalifatullah stated:

“… but there are always a party of them who act like snakes in the grass! The concrete proof of it is you at the Dove World Outreach Centre and specially a certain Mr. Terry Jones, and also the creator/s of the website!) So, all the Quran, Islam and Muhammad haters, bear in mind that according to the law of God, to each person his religion. Thus, do not impede on the sacred honour of Muslims by burning God’s Holy Book, for if you think that its place is the fire, then how would you feel when the day comes and God decrees your eternal resting-place the fire of Hell. Indeed what a worst resting-place that would be.

But before the fire of Hell touches you, then, bear in mind that your punishment will commence in this very temporal life itself. Do not challenge God by burning His Book, or else you will be reduced to dust in no time at all!

If you are not convinced about that which I have warned you, if you dare, try burning a Quran (as from now on – after this warning), then it would be too late for you to say: O had I not challenged God and His Messenger, had I not burnt the Sacred Book of God!”This is the warning which I, the Messenger of God of this era give you before it is too late for you…”

In the aftermath of the warning of Hadhrat Khalifatullah (atba), the Pastor is known to have “prayed” and seen a sign from God to stop the Quran Burning - this is evident from the various News reports on the internet and on the newspapers worldwide. For instance,

“We will definitely not burn the Quran, no,” he said. “Not today, not ever,” he said when pressed about whether his planned demonstration might happen at a later date. He explained that it would not happen even if the Islamic centre is built near ground zero.” (Updated: 11 September 2010 ~ MSNBC

(He said): …”We feel that God is telling us to stop…” (12 September 2010 ~

Yet, Pastor Terry Jones defied the warning issued by the Khalifatullah (atba) and “burnt a Quran” (instead of the initial 200 copies). On March 20, 2011 an assistant pastor of the Dove World Outreach Centre burned a single copy of the Qur’an inside the church after a mock “trial” attended by about two dozen people at which the church's senior pastor, Terry Jones, served as “judge.”

Reports of the Quran burning also incited violence in northern Afghanistan in which scores of innocent people were killed.

In a Divinely-inspired message on December 07, 2011 Hadhrat Khalifatullah has taken serious note of the anti-Islam activities of Pastor Terry Jones and his cohorts and issued a clear warning to one and all.  And he has confirmed that the consequences of these people would be grievous, not only for Pastor Terry Jones, but also for the one to have actually burnt the copy of the Quran, and the assistance and all those who had followed in the instructions of the Pastor since July 2010 and burnt the Quran at their level because of the campaign of the Pastor who had labelled Islam as of the devil”! (Allah shall seize him for all his EVILS, for he had defied Allah and His Messenger!)

The Khalifatullah said:

After having warned him, that he must not burn the Holy Quran because his situation shall be grievous, thereafter, he persisted in his arrogance as if he has not heard this severe warning. Now I make him know that his punishment shall be infinitely grievous and also for all his associates who have participated in this evil/satanic act. As from today, his days are counted for him and his comrades in crime!”


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