Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nasir Ahmad Sultani and the Intoxication of Death

Where angels fear to tread, troublesome Satans rush in. It is often the intoxication of death that drives them blindly to the wilful suspension of spiritual logic and the consequent attempted subversion of the Divine Plan, leaving a trail of Signs and proofs in favour of the truth and veracity of the chosen Messenger of Allah.

As we have reported, the Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim Sahib recently rendered a word of advice and warning to the Mujaddid claimant Nasir Ahmad Sultani of Pakistan. [This advice/warning is available here: ]. In the aftermath of this advice by the Khalifatullah, Sultani Sahib rushed to describe Hadhrat Sahib a “liar” (God Forbid). In his Friday Sermon of December 16, 2011, Hadhrat Sahib responded to the comments of Sultani Sahib.

Calling the bluff of Nasir Ahmad Sultani’s pretence that he is the chosen one of this era, the Khalifatullah in the speech invites him to a Mubahila Duel.  The recent Mubahila Challenge issued by Hadhrat Khalifatullah, though primarily addressed to Abdul Ghaffar Janbah Sahib of Germany, is for all those who consider him a liar. Nasir Ahmad Sultani has now a golden opportunity to walk his glib talk: come to the Court of Allah and officially sign and date the document; come in the Court of Allah, accept this Challenge of Mubahila”, exhorts the Khalifatullah.

Read the extracts from the Friday Sermon:

“Nasir Ahmad Sultani has labelled me a liar officially on his blog on 26 November 2011.

I feel honoured by the word he used to label this humble one: “liar”. If we read the Holy Quran, is there a chapter therein or a verse wherein is mentioned that the Zalims, those who do not believe in the Messenger of Allah have welcomed a Prophet or a Caliph of Allah with open arms on red velvet carpets? If Nasir Ahmad Sultani can show me even one verse in the Holy Quran whereby when a prophet of Allah comes, they (the wrongdoers) have accepted him and said he is a truthful man? There is no Messenger of Allah who has come on earth that they have not labelled him a liar, madman, sorcerer etc.

Nasir Ahmad Sultani thinks that before Almighty Allah raises His Khalifatullah of this era, He (Allah) has, God forbid, to ask Nasir Ahmad Sultani permission: “Can I (Allah) please raise Munir Ahmad Azim as My Caliph (Oh Nasir Ahmad Sultani)?” Let me tell Nasir Ahmad Sultani that “innal fazla bi-yadillah : yutiihi mayy-yashaaa’ : wallaahu waasi-un Aliim” (All favour is found in the hand of Allah. He gives His favour to whomsoever He wants. Allah has control over all things and He is All-Knowing.) 

To refresh the memory of Nasir Ahmad Sultani, whereby Almighty Allah Himself has said that how many prophets had to battle with great scholars in religion! They (the prophets) did not lose courage because of the difficulties which they had to face, for the cause of Allah. The Zalims labelled them liars but this had no effect upon them. They did not weakened and they did not recede (and did not admit defeat). In the end, it is Allah and His prophet who were victorious and those who treated the Messenger of Allah as a liar, it was them who went towards their own destructions. In this epoch also, Almighty Allah shall deal with the liars and Insha-Allah, the world shall witness who is liar between me and Nasir Ahmad Sultani.

Therefore, I tell Nasir Ahmad Sultani, do not be jealous that Almighty Allah has raised from among you His Khalifatullah. Allah does not like the arrogant and traitors. Nasir Ahmad Sultani is pretending that he is purer than anyone else and that there cannot be a second like him (in purity). This is pure arrogance Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran: “Alam tara ilallaziina yuzakkuuna anfusahum ? Balil-laahu yuzakkii mayy-yashaaa-u wa laa yuzlamuuna fatiila.” (Do you consider the case of those who say that they are pure? But it is Allah who renders pure whom He wants. And He does no one the least injustice.)

Nasir Ahmad Sultani, bear in mind that the one who work for a fault or a sin and after that sends the blame on an innocent, he shall no doubt carry (upon himself) a false accusation and a sin. You and your community have rejected me and the Jamaat of Allah, even if it is the truth. Therefore, ever since 21 November 2011, I already prepared a Mubahila Challenge Document which I have signed, and I did not only invited Janbah Sahib to come forward and sign (and I am still waiting that he puts on his signature and make the world as a whole know that he has accepted this Mubahila in a language that the world understands) but also for all those who consider me a liar (this document is on the internet: (from page 64-68)).

Therefore Nasir Ahmad Sultani, you are not satisfied with Almighty Allah’s choice when He raised me as Khalifatullah (Caliph of Allah) and you do not accept that Allah has made me Nabi’ullah, and you are taking yourself as a very superior; therefore come forward and sign the form of Mubahila also (from page 64-68). The major part of this Mubahila concerns to Janbah Sahib, but as you Nasir Ahmad Sultani considers me a liar, therefore come to the Court of Allah and officially sign and date the document; come in the Court of Allah, accept this Challenge of Mubahila

(by the way, this week you sent me an email whereby you said “Challenge Accepted” but you have to sign and date the document and put on the seal of your Jamaat). I have already signed and put on my name; therefore you also put on your signature (and I wait for Janbah Sahib also to do the same). It is verily my Allah Who is the Best of Judges.

Therefore I tell you, my duty is not to take charge your affairs. Bear in mind that each Divine message comes for a limited time. Soon, very soon you and your community shall know the truth. It is Allah Who shall be Judge on the day where horns shall be blown. It is Allah who knows all secrets, and all that is visible and it is Allah who is the Possessor of all wisdom and all knowledge. “Inna hudallaahi huwal-hudaa” Guidance of Allah is the true guidance.

But, as Allah taught me about these people (Revelation):

But they wonder that there has come to them a Warner from among themselves, and these people say, “This is an amazing thing.” Verily they denied the truth when it came to them, so they are in a confused condition. And the intoxication of death shall certainly bring forth the truth; that is specifically what they are trying to avoid (that is, death). And Allah says: Wa innaz-zaalimiina lahum azaabun aliim Verily, the wrongdoers shall have a painful chastisement. (Insha-Allah)

O my enemies, if you see me as the biggest liar, so why do you not come into the spiritual battlefield that has Allah as the Supreme Judge over your heart and my heart, over your lies and my truth? You consider me a liar, don’t you? So to finish “the great liar” come in this duel of prayer to see the destruction of the one whom you consider a liar. I may be a liar in your eyes but not in the eyes of my Creator, my beloved Allah (Glory to Him).

The troublemakers will see to what destination they shall be headed if they continue to have doubts and to challenge the decision through the divine appearance in this century of Munir Ahmad Azim, humble servant and Caliph of God.

O Allah, O You who dressed me in the mantle of Khalifatullah, the Chosen of Allah in this era, keep standing between me and my opponents. They want to extinguish the light of Your truth with their mouths, but You are the Ultimate Protector of your Khalifatullah Munir Ahmad Azim. Tiny dust as I am, but You have raised me to the Pleiades. You've revealed Yourself to me, and I have opened like a flower in spring to the sunshine of Your love and mercy.

O Lord, guide the sincere souls who are genuinely in search of truth, and make them see that Your grace is imprinted in my soul. O Allah, from the depths of the earth You saved me, raising me to a status befitting Your beloved. O my Beloved, transform the doubting hearts into hearts holders of absolute certainty (Yaqeen). For without certainty they will not have access to Your light, and the truthfulness of your humble Muhyi-ud-Din Khalifatullah. O God, may Your will be done, and in heaven and on earth. Amiin, Summa Amiin, Ya Rabbal Aalamiin.

“We verily know what they say grieve you. But really they do not believe that you are lying, but it is the revelations of Allah, (which) the unjust reject.” (Divine Revelation ~ November 25, 2011)

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