Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vilification of Holy Prophet: Prophecy on the Culprits

Today, in the garb of freedom of speech and expression, press freedom and European liberty, the common faith of the Muslims and the sacred symbols of Islamic spiritualism are under attack in Europe. The ‘creative spirit’ of ‘libertarian’ (and ‘liberated’) individuals does not seem to respect any notions of limits. Nor do they recognize any restraints whatsoever. In the name of opposing radical Islamic elements, the European Press is targeting the founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet (sa), hurting and bruising the spiritual sensibility of millions and millions of common Muslims everywhere, leading to protests and even violence and police clashes and demonstrations. When a society stretches liberty on its head and encourages anarchical voyage of the mind, it invites certain, negative consequences in its wake. That is why in most civilized societies, notions of reasonable restraints and proportionality are part of the judicial tests to preserve the social order in tact. Confusing individual freedom to express oneself with the liberty to abuse the faith and feelings of others is a sure way to invite social trouble and communal disharmony.

With the gradual ascendance of Muslim populations in western Europe with an upsurge of immigrants from North Africa and also the other regions of Europe where the genocidal killing of Muslims have taken place in the last decades, historic prejudices and jaundiced perceptions on Islam and on the common Muslims, are increasingly regaining currency among Europeans, in a social and political milieu where radical elements among the youth resort to terror as a political strategy to take on despicable, imperial regimes that oppress and destroy Muslim lives and lands. In a society and culture where nothing remains as sacred and spiritual, the hatred against ordinary Muslims transforms itself into the satirical raping of Islam's holiest symbols and the abuse and vilification of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) on a daily basis in newspapers. 

The recent explosion of hatred against Muslim immigrants in Europe and especially, the eruption of more disgusting cartoons on the Holy person of Hazrat Muhammad (sa) in Denmark, Sweden “Nerikes Allehanda” (at the end of August) and France “Charlie Hebdo” (November 2011) must be seen in this backdrop . While the Swedish newspaper pictured the Holy Prophet of Islam as a dog (God Forbid!), the French magazine has depicted “a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad on the cover as “guest editor”. 

In the aftermath of the first cartoons made on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) in Denmark (Jyllands-Posten) [Inset: Kurt Westergaard – Danish cartoonist who pictured the Holy Prophet having bombs on his head], Khalifatullah Hadhrat Munir Ahmad Azim (atba) of Mauritius had sent a warning letter to the Prime Minister of of DenmarkMr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, calling his attention to the dangerous trends in his society. Reminding the people concerned that all are children of Adam, Hadhrat Khalifatullah (atba) pointedly asked them:  “If one brother is hurting another, do you call that “civilized, democratization, liberty, freedom of expression” to sadistically rape the pure religion of Islam and going beyond the limits of morality and ethics?” 

The Khalifatullah (atba) advised them to “repent for your actions and asks God forgiveness and stand before the Islamic World and apologize sincerely towards your Islamic brothers because you have hurt us in the most atrocious ways”. He further WARNED: What is really needed is that you must fear the great calamity, destruction and divine punishment; a severe punishment, which comes from God Almighty, if, you do not repent. If you continue to tarnish the pure reputation of the Holy Prophet of God, God Himself will deal with you. God Almighty has said in Chapter 21 “The Prophets” of the Holy Quran:And how many a township that acted wrongfully have We utterly destroyed, and raised up after it another people!’  So reflect well on this verse of the Holy Quran before it is too late”.

Instead of benefiting from the wisdom of the message, the Caricaturists are parading their crime before the world more and more. In a Divinely-inspired message on December 07, 2011 Hadhrat Khalifatullah (atba) reiterates his warnings and passed on this message[t]he consequences of these people shall be grievous after what they have done. Allah Almighty shall seize them for the way they depicted His beloved Messenger (sa). “These wretched ones shall burn in the greatest of fires, and they shall neither die nor live. Divine malediction shall pursue them in this world till they meet their final destruction.”

The previous warnings (to Danish culprits) can be found in section “Letters” on the Official Website and can be read here and here