Monday, May 24, 2021

The Quest for 'Ummat-e-Wahida'

The time period of a Khalifatullah or a Divinely-inspired messenger is a vital phase in the spiritual and political spheres of his community. For instance, when Jesus (as) appeared among the Israelites, the spiritual (and political) expectation of the times was that he would establish the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth. Likewise, when the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) preached Islam in Arabia, it eventually resulted in the establishment of a just and humane political order in the land as well. Indeed, the Islamic Aqeedah  contains within it the design and seeds of an equitable social order that will truly liberate humans from the chains and shackles that confine them to the clutches of Taghut and other satanic elements.

In this era of a Khalifatullah, political and material conditions of our societies clearly point to a world in decadence, disarray and anarchy, with much violence and bloodshed and unconscionable inequalities and rampant corruption. While capitalist social orders swear by civic freedom and liberties, and secular laws passed in people's assemblies are ostensibly for providing justice and welfare to the people, corruption and decadence have permeated every fiber of nations. Despite claims of being democracies that value freedom and liberties of people, the reality on the ground is such that much injustice and exploitation of the vulnerable take place on an everyday basis, ravaging our pretentious claims of being civilized peoples. All of these call for a just social and political order that protects the vulnerable from the 'slavery' of the 'free' (the rich and the influential).

In the reconstruction of the deeply-flawed and anarchical world order in our times, Islamic values can shine a light in ensuring freedom from slavery and other inhuman exploitation. Against this backdrop of the quest for a just world order, in his Friday Sermon of 21 May 2021~ 08 Shawwal 1442 AH Imam- Jamaat Ul Sahih Al Islam International Hazrat Khalifatullah Munir A. Azim (aba) of Mauritius spoke about role of Islamic Aqeedah in reimaging the world order and in the creation of another world. 

Read the Friday Sermon Below: 


Invitation to Islam & Aqeedah Islamiah 

Islamic political doctrine is a political idea, more precisely the basis of political thought among Muslims. The Aqeedah Islamiah which represents the certainty on the teachings and pillars of Islam, especially with the advent of a Representative of Allah as the greatest teacher, reformer and ruler of his time, guides the mind and the intelligence of the Muslim and therefore, it represents for the Muslim Ummah the “intellectual leadership”, a leadership chosen by Allah (swt) and sent down by His Holy Spirit [Ruh’il Quddus] and which defines and formulates the point of view concerning life. All laws emanating from this “Aqeedah” are thus a system, ideology or religion with the state as an integral part - for Islam in itself is the essence of life, the code of life governing all individuals, and all the governments which apply it in their daily lives, and this with the fear of Allah [the Taqwa] and an absolute confidence and belief in the oneness of God [the Tawheed]. Islam is not only the governance of the spiritual world but also that of the material world, bringing reconciliation and a balance between the two in the daily life of this world and all its inhabitants. So with the advent of a Messenger of God who comes with the Holy Spirit to define the behaviour of man and that of the good governance of this world - including all countries and states - Islam breathes good individual, moral, social, and state health by casting a gentle but fair look at life or with regard to legal reference. Islam is therefore the best guardian for the proper functioning of world society as a whole, including its people, its governments and all systems approved by Allah, the One God. 

In the Holy Quran Allah (swt) said: “Have you not seen those who pretend to have believed in what has been revealed to you and what has been revealed before you? They desire to seek the Taghut [Rebel, all Falsehood, and all that is not God] as Judge, although they were commanded not to obey him. And Satan seeks to lead them far astray.” (An-Nisa, 4: 61)


However today, Muslims live under a system that emanates from the Capitalist doctrine. This doctrine is also a political idea, and it is the basis of political thought in the West. The reason we live under a Capitalist system is because the West has succeeded in presenting Democracy in the form of Shura [Consultation], civil liberties through “Freedom” and in fabricating pragmatic or realistic concepts regarding politics. Result: Muslims are confused. Muslims confuse Shura with Democracy, Liberty with Civil Liberties, and could not differentiate between politics as the art of the possible and the “other politics” as the art of all that is impossible. 

Each of us knows that Democracy is a system based on representativeness, where the people choose their representatives, who through a majority establish the constitution and other bills. This is due to their claim that sovereignty belongs to the people. While on the other hand, it is clear that the Shura is an Islamic concept and it has nothing to do with [people’s] legislation because sovereignty belongs only to the Shariah. 

Let’s all see what freedom and civil liberties are. Freedom in Islam means not to be the slave of another human being. So, inviting to freedom means an invitation to free oneself from slavery.

As long as there is generally no such thing as slavery today, then there is no need to invite to freedom. In saying this, I am not denying that there are indeed other forms of slavery that are rotting our society, such as the sale of children, women and even men for horrible ends, such as prostitution, robbery, forced begging, sale of organs, etc. But, speaking holistically [as a whole], these forms of slavery are exceptions while most of humanity does enjoy freedom. 

Also, “civil liberties” as they exist in Western society, are not Islamic in any regard whatsoever concerning:


1)     Freedom of Belief

2)     Freedom of Expression [We are presently witnessing what is happening in      Mauritius on the subject of Freedom of Expression].

3)     Freedom of Ownership, and

4)     Personal Freedom.


Freedom in Islam means not to be the slave of another human being. So, inviting to freedom means an invitation to free oneself from slavery in all its forms. As far as politics is concerned, the West sees it as the art of the possible and that means for them to cling to reality and the status quo [i.e. of what they can perceive of this world only]. Anything that does not exist in reality is considered an illusion.


Politicians in the Muslim world have been infected with these Western views, and they have never worked to change such a status quo. They are not even trying to change the situation they find themselves in, except only through the same status quo and the same already existing political formula! Even when they call for liberation from imperialism [What do we understand by this? What do we understand by imperialism? It is the political strategy of a country to preserve or extend its dominion on the other nations or territories] all they want is to get rid of the military occupation and move closer to democracy even if the other forms of imperialism are still present.  

But, when we define politics as the art of possibility, it involves the inclusion of things that may not seem practical or seem impossible to some people, when in reality they are not. This definition applies to the current situation as well as any other situation one might think of. Examples:


1)    The Domestic Politics of the West: Social Evils and Solutions.

2)   The Muslim world: Disputes over borders. The Islamic solution already exists, that is, no borders. This solution could be rejected on the pretext that it is unrealistic!

3)   If a head of state makes a serious mistake and someone warns the people about it, people will say it is unrealistic. Rather, they will seek another solution within the same political framework, when the correct solution would be to remove the Head of State.

4)   If a Head of State proposes something, the people will not challenge it, even if it is incorrect. Rather, the people will try to adjust to the new situation. The people will never try to question the validity of the idea that has been presented.


Today the Muslim world is suffering because Muslims have abandoned the real politics advocated by Islam. Islam is in itself the solution to all changing situations and problems and it exists by itself because it is God Who is its Master, and His Messenger-Representative is the executor of His wishes or commands, so that the world maintains a healthy balance and does not fall into evil and corruption. 

So we must work to change the situation. Arise and Create a New World! There is only one God, and this God cannot bear to see His creatures worshiping other creatures or creations of their own imagination and turning His back on Him. He is the Creator, filled with love, mercy and empathy. Islam is all about submission to this one God and to live and feel peace and to spread that peace all over the world so that the divine essence is reflected in everyone. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) established Islam and suppressed Shirk even though Islam was not a reality at that time. The Holy Prophet (pbuh) even changed the evil society into a society of righteousness, by inviting towards this One God and by cultivating an infinite fear and love for Him, to practice “The Real Politics.” 

Unfortunately, unless Muslims awaken [from their long sleep], the current political order will continue and they/ we [Muslims] will gradually be excluded! So the call for “Freedom” and “The Liberation of Man” is a deceptive call. It is a call that fools the masses and misleads them because the situation hardly changes and this false invitation robs people of the real meaning of Liberation/ Liberty. 

What will save the world, and set it free, is the invitation to Islam and the spread of the Aqeedah Islamiah as a unique and distinct doctrine, far from the concept of Capitalism (which is responsible for the suffering of people all over the world). 

May Allah awaken the conscience of Muslims and enable us to unite as one body – whereby there is no hatred, no difference of opinion/ dispute; we forget all because we all have to return to our Rab one day. The entire Ummah, all the Muslims should unite together as one body in order to bring the Ummat-e-Wahida [one community of believers] back to Tawheed, Insha-Allah Ta’ala Al-Aziz. Thus, our politics will be consolidated in Islam, to achieve our ultimate, final goal, i.e. Allah, our Creator, and to bring peace of conscience and righteousness in ourselves and all over the world, Insha-Allah Ta’ala Al-Aziz. 

This is coming, Insha-Allah; “This is coming very soon, very very soon and Allah has already revealed to me about this and we have to Arise and Create a New World” because with the politics which are being implemented around the world, they are talking about Freedom of people and Freedom from slavery but this is absolutely false. And you are witnessing around the world what is happening! About how the Muslims are not united. The other people/ nations/ the people of the other religions have spotted the weakness of the Muslims in that which we are not united.  There is no unity among us. And thus, they seek to trample upon [us], Muslims. It is most unfortunate/ sad when one sees missiles, and bombs are being launched to destroy great buildings, and along the way, many people are dying, blood is oozing from everywhere [and spreading]. 

Do not forget what I told you before! Allah revealed to me that there shall be rivers of bloods, wars, and that it would not be far for the people to have their thoughts, philosophy and all their talks concentrated on the virus Covid-19 which is spreading like fire and causing destruction – it has risen and taken the world as a whole like a tsunami. On the other hand, bear in mind that it is not far that even along the Covid-19 you shall see another war – a third world war. It is very near. And besides this third world war, there shall also be strife, wars based on racial discrimination. I had said many more things. Do not think that there shall not be earthquakes and floods which shall wreck havoc. All these will lead millions and millions of people towards death and return to their Lord.


Therefore, O Muslims, strive till your last breath – I have made this appeal so many times – to live in peace and to be united and to forget all our differences of opinions, to remove all our hatred and jealousy like Allah has revealed/ placed in the Holy Quran. We should unite and bring people in the world – not with violence. It is with peace that you shall bring the other people to Islam; Islam meaning peace and submission [to Allah]. 

Are you aware how the other people shall fear you [us]? It is when you implement/ practice Islam – and establish and inculcate that peace and complete submission to God [in you and everywhere around you]. So, may Allah help each one of us to understand this Friday Sermon which I have done today! It is food for thought for all of you – to ponder over the system of Aqeedah Islamiah, Shariah, Shuras and to ponder over spirituality and also upon the laws which the politicians bring forward to their own advantage to fool the masses. That is why, in this new century, this is the revelation which has come and which is very very important. I shall come again on this subject in my other Friday Sermon - to explain in more details on these words of the revelation: Arise and Create a New World. This shall come by implementing the messages or revelations that Allah shall send down. Insha-Allah Ta’ala Al-Aziz. 

May Allah help us to understand [all this/ this sermon] and enable us to be and stay united. Insha-Allah.